RNA building block discovered on asteroid Ryugu

The discovery supports the idea that important building blocks for life are created in space and may have been deposited on Earth by space rocks. During an analysis of material from asteroid Ryugu, scientists came across uracil, among other things. A special discovery. Uracil is a building block of ribonucleic acid, better known as RNA: … Read more

Asteroid fragments contain one of the components of RNA necessary for the appearance of life

This discovery provides grist for the mill of the theory, called “panspermia”, according to which life on Earth was “seeded” from space. Could an asteroid have brought life to Earth? Japanese scientists have discovered uracil, one of the components of RNA, in a 10 milligram sample present on the asteroid Ryugu, according to their study … Read more

RNA components found in asteroid dust – Naked Science

A few years ago, the Japanese probe Hayabusa-2 collected some material from the surface of the near-Earth asteroid (162173) Ryugu, and in 2020 a sealed capsule with valuable samples was delivered to Earth. Since then, scientists have continued to carefully examine their composition, finding here both water and a variety of organic substances, including amines, … Read more

RNA compound and vitamin B3 found in samples from Ryugu, a near-Earth asteroid

(CNN) — Researchers from Japan’s Hayabusa2 mission found organic molecules in samples collected from the near-Earth asteroid Ryugu. “When the researchers analyzed the samples, collected from two different locations on the asteroid, they found uracil, one of the building blocks of RNA, as well as vitamin B3 or niacin (a key cofactor for metabolism in … Read more

Closer to discovering the origin of human life? Vitamin B3 found on an asteroid

21/03/2023 Samples brought back from the Ryugu asteroid to Earth continue to reveal its composition. Now scientists have found vitamin B3 and uracil, which is one of the building blocks needed to make RNA. The Japanese Hayabusa2 mission collected dust and gas samples at two locations on Ryugu and returned them to Earth in December … Read more

Is it true that the Asteroid 2023 DW will hit Earth in 2046? Here’s the Explanation

The asteroid is expected to hit Earth in 2046. (NASA via Live Science) Bobo.id – Previously, NASA predicted that a 50-meter asteroid named 2023 DW would have the opportunity to hit Earth in 2046. Yep! The news of the newly discovered asteroid was uploaded by NASA’s Office of Planetary Defense Coordination. Reported from Scientific AmericanAsteroid … Read more

The asteroid that could destroy Valentine’s Day – in 23 years

Very few asteroids are considered to pose an actual threat to our planet. But according to experts, there is a small risk that the newly discovered asteroid “2023 DW” will strike, which could happen on Valentine’s Day in 2046 at the earliest. The Guardian reports. Scientists believe that the asteroid has a diameter of about … Read more

What are the Sizes of the Largest and Smallest Asteroids in the Solar System? This Says Astronomers

Asteroid Apophis. ©2019 NASA Reporter: Hari Ariyanti Merdeka.com – The asteroid caused the extinction of the dinosaurs millions of years ago, when a giant space rock hit Earth. But not all asteroids are Earth destroyers. Asteroids come in a variety of sizes, some small and some very large. So, what are the largest and smallest … Read more