Piqué’s girlfriend was hospitalized after a panic attack

The young woman gave in to media pressure after Shakira’s new song and fell after suffering a panic attack. Clara Chía, Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend, was hospitalized in Barcelona after suffering a panic attack, according to sources close to the couple. “She had to be treated in the emergency room at the Quirón hospital in Barcelona … Read more

100 dead in Pakistan attack, rescue operation completed

EPA NOS News•Tuesday, 2:48 PM At least 100 people have been killed in yesterday’s major bomb attack, according to the latest reports from Pakistan. The rescue operation at the blown-up mosque in the city of Peshawar has now been completed. It is unclear if anyone alive was pulled from the rubble. However, according to officials, … Read more

After the bloody attack… Azerbaijan warns its citizens against traveling to Iran

31 – January – 2023 Embassy of Azerbaijan in Iran Azerbaijan warned, on Tuesday, its citizens not to travel to Iran after the deadly attack on the embassy in Tehran, last Friday. “Due to the unstable situation in Iran and the terrorist attack on the diplomatic mission of our country, citizens of the Republic of … Read more

Iran threatens: any US military attack will spark a war

The Iranian permanent mission to the United Nations confirmed today, Tuesday, that any US military action against Iran will lead to a large-scale conflict with consequences for the entire Middle East region. The mission told Newsweek: “From Iran’s point of view, Washington’s taking the military option at any level means the United States entering the … Read more

Putin’s ‘extraordinary’ missile attack threat, according to Boris Johnson

James Landale e William McLennan BBC News January 30, 2023 Credit, Getty Images photo caption, Johnson said Putin adopted a ‘very relaxed tone’ and an ‘air of detachment’ during the call Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to hit him with a missile during an “extraordinary” phone call shortly … Read more

March attack in Iran… the full story of an “unprecedented strike”

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The attack took place on the industrial complex in IsfahanAccording to official Iranian data, on Saturday evening, specifically at 23:30 local time (about 20:00 GMT). Unusually.. Iranian lack of secrecy The official and semi-official Iranian media dealt with the attack with great caution, as it only published the statement issued … Read more

My hero imitates Georgina.. An attack on Yasmine Sabry after her last appearance on Instagram

The artist was exposed Yasmine Sabryto a severe attack on social media, after her recent appearance, which made many accuse her of imitating Argentine model Georgina Rodriguez. Where “Yasmine” published, through her official account on the “Instagram” photo and video sharing site, two new photos, one of which appeared holding a large teddy bear, and … Read more

US scientists suggested: Nobody is used to the taste, but it almost zeroes the risk of heart attack!

Speaking about the research, Lorena Pacheco, a research assistant in the Harvard TH nutrition department, who is the author of the study, said that the avocado serving that should be eaten is defined as “half an avocado weighing about 80 grams.” Cheryl Anderson, chair of the American Heart Association’s Council on Epidemiology and Prevention, said: … Read more

Adani Group, the allegations of fraud become a diplomatic case: “India under attack” – Corriere.it

If you attack me, you attack India. This is the backbone of the defensive line chosen by theAdani Group, the Indian conglomerate ended up in a stock market storm after the New York company Hindenburg Research accused her of “manipulation of securities (of her companies, ed) and accounting fraud”. The group controlled by Gautam Adani, … Read more