Putin’s right hand in war: Russia “particularly slows” the pace of attack in Ukraine

“A ceasefire is being declared and humanitarian corridors are being set up to evacuate people from the surrounding settlements,” Shuigu said at a meeting of defense ministers on Tuesday. True, the facts from the battlefield speak differently. Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. Here, Peter Andriushchenko, … Read more

Summary of 90th Day of Russia’s Attack on Ukraine, Putin Eyes Long Conflict, Changed Russia’s Military Age Limit All

KYIV, KOMPAS.com – Russian attack on Ukraine entered the 90th day on Tuesday (25/5/2022). It’s counted since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s invasion of Ukraine which he described as a special military operation on 24 February. On Russo-Ukrainian war yesterday, there were still some new things that happened to “color” the dispute between the … Read more

To eliminate Putin, a terrorist attack could be held in Russia – Ukraine’s reserve general

He said a terrorist attack could be staged to neutralize Russia’s leader, UNIAN said. “Are there any preconditions for such an attack in the future? I think it is, because most of Putin’s environment understands that he has gone so far that there are no prospects for not only Putin but for Russia as a … Read more

‘Jakarta Mystery’ Motorcycle Gang Attacks Residents, Confiscates Giant Sickle

Jakarta – The case of the attack on residents in Johar Baru, Central Jakarta, by motorcycle gang ‘Jakarta Mystery’ revealed by the police. The police have arrested the perpetrator who acts as the TikTok admin of the motorcycle gang. “The suspect NR (21) is a male, whose role is as admin of the Jakarta Mystery … Read more

Caterpillar Pests Attack Ciamis Scaffolding, Residents Are Restless

Ciamis News, (harapanrakyat.com), – The cempaka tree next to the Cileungsir Village football field, Rancah District, Ciamis Regency, West Java was attacked by caterpillar pests. The caterpillar pest attack is increasingly rampant, making residents restless. Worried about the effects of itching. Eva Nurlela, a civil servant who works in Rancah sub-district, said that caterpillar attacks … Read more

Young Russian lieutenant films life in a tank, until rocket attack ends his report

A young Russian soldier has a unique perspective on wartime life with his smartphone — © YouTube Young Lieutenant Yuri Shalayev (24) gave a rare glimpse into a wartime Russian tank via his smartphone. A rocket ends his live coverage. tg Monday, May 23, 2022 at 11:27 PM His images are used for the documentary … Read more

Can Attack Toddlers and Babies, Here Are 4 Symptoms of the Singapore Flu that Must Be Recorded

Parapuan.co – For Kawan Puan who have children under five years old and babies should be careful with infectious diseases singapore flu. This Singapore flu in the medical world has the term hand foot mouth disease (HFMD) or hand foot and mouth disease (PTKM). Knowing that this disease can attack children and infants, parents must … Read more

Shocking scenes in Russia! The young goalkeeper attacked the referee, the former KHL player laughs

During the children’s tournament in Kurganov, there were scenes that you probably won’t see at the ongoing hockey championship. Artěmij Akšumov, a 10-year-old goalkeeper of the second team of the children’s hockey school in Ekaterinburg, attacked two referees during the match. About five minutes before the end of the third period, in the already decided … Read more

The Islamic State is preparing a jihad in Central Asia. He is also gathering forces to attack the West

You can also listen to the analysis in audio version. What you will read in the analysis The Islamic State has not cleared the battlefields, it remains active mainly in Afghanistan, but also in Syria or Iraq. Islamists do not hide their ambitions, the forces are now concentrating on Central Asia, where they have already … Read more