The Brussels Region freezes the auction of the Hôtel Métropole

Scheduled for this week, the auction of almost all the furniture of the Hôtel Métropole, on Place De Brouckère in Brussels, had alerted the regional administration in charge of town planning (urban .brussels). After analyzing the goods offered for sale, decided to classify certain elements “presenting a heritage value”. The Brussels Secretary of State … Read more

Not beautiful, but strong: the only TVR Cerbera Speed ​​12 at auction (+ PHOTO)

If someone wants to get a truly unique, one-of-a-kind supercar, then the 840 hp TVR Cerbera Speed ​​12, which, in addition, is approved for public roads, is the right choice. Silverstone Auctions has announced such a car for its May 20 auction, promising to reveal the price upon request. The author of the Cerbera is … Read more

Selling the most expensive watch in the world in an online auction.. that’s the price!

The banking crisis did not affect luxury watch auctions Dubai – Al Published in: March 26, 2023: 09:00 AM GST Last updated: March 26, 2023: 10:04 AM GST A rare Patek Philippe watch has sold for $5.8 million in Hong Kong, the highest price ever paid for a watch at an online auction. For … Read more

Someone paid almost 1.8 million for this 35-year-old Volvo. It was driven by Paul Newman

It’s no secret that Paul Newman was an avid car enthusiast. A native of Cleveland, USA, with Slovak roots, he was not only an actor, director and philanthropist, but also a car racer. His result in the 24 Hours of Le Mans is memorable, when he finished first in class and second overall with a … Read more

BCP sees ships in the online auction of Bacalhôa shares executed on Berardo – Vinho

There was a warning to those interested in bidding for 1.87% of the shares of Bacalhôa Vinhos, which is part of a group mired in legal proceedings: “It is the sole responsibility of interested bidders to analyze and interpret the documentation made available, without prejudice to the steps taken intend to carry out in the … Read more

Investor Miček owes a billion. An auction of paintings is supposed to help him

On the internet portal, the auction of 25 paintings and art photographs from the property of investor Michal Mička, former owner of the companies Kara Trutnov and Pietro Filipi, has started. Mička is insolvent and the court granted him debt relief. Paintings and photographs, the starting price of which ranges from 16,050 crowns to … Read more

A necklace of Queen Fabiola put up for auction: the starting price set at 550,000 euros

This Tuesday morning in Paris, Sotheby’s is auctioning off a necklace which, according to description, still belongs to an important family of European nobility. In fact, the necklace in question belonged to Queen Fabiola. The late Queen of the Belgians was descended from a noble family in Madrid before belonging to the Belgian royal family … Read more

The state is selling a seized eccentric Lambo. The price can be quite low

The three-year-old supercar Lamborghini Huracán Evo is headed to the auction for a rather interesting price. It is sold by the Ministry of the Interior, i.e. its Center for Secured Assets (Cenza). A Huracán with a power of over 600 horses is going to auction for a starting price of 4,984,000 crowns. At the same … Read more

The unique thing with an engine from a fighter still fascinates and scares

The car was created in 1966 as a purely mobile chassis without a body. Paul Jameson, a British designer, enthusiast and also a bit of a dreamer, was responsible for the construction. It was an interesting puzzle at the time – the front axle was provided by the now defunct Wolseley car manufacturer, the rear … Read more