There is more behind the resignation of the Ukrainian. But who would believe Belarus, Sabalenková wondered

It was one of the big themes of this year’s Indian Wells. Ukrainian tennis player Lesya Curenko withdrew just before her 3rd round battle with Aryna Sabalenkova due to an anxiety attack. According to Belarus, there is more to it and she took a dig at her coach Nikita Vlasov. Curenko justified her end with … Read more

An incredible twist and fifteen-year-old Brenda’s most valuable title. Bohemia ruled in India

Brenda Fruhvirtova triumphed at the tournament in Bangalore, India. The fifteen-year-old Czech sensation lost the first nine games in the final. But she escaped from an almost hopeless situation of 0:6, 0:3 and won her ninth final on the adult ITF circuit. The younger of the Fruhvirt sisters experienced a duel of two different halves … Read more

Australian Open | Djokovic won the Australian Open with a three-centimeter tear in his muscle

The 35-year-old Djokovic was injured before the start of the Australian Open at the tournament in Adelaide. He then secured his twenty-second Grand Slam title, equaling Rafael Nadal’s record, with a final win over Stefanos Tsitsipas of Greece. “There was a lot of speculation around it and the doctors will tell you it was true. … Read more

Index – Sport – The series of treatments Djokovic undertook to play in Melbourne is horrific

The Croatian classic has been working with the 35-year-old world number one since 2019, and according to Djokovic’s hamstring problems, he underwent 77 treatments a day to be able to continue fighting in Australia. All of this means that, if we count sixteen hours of wakefulness per day, the injured body part had to be … Read more

The legendary McEnroe under fire. He allegedly disparaged Czech rising star Lehečka

In Australia, he performed the Grand Slam run of his life all the way to the quarterfinals. The journey of the Czech tennis player Jiří Lehečka was apparently not enough for the American legend John McEnroe. While commenting on the final of the Australian Open for the ESPN station, he could not come up with … Read more

“Alexander Blockx has the total package to make it, but he also knows that the road is still long” | Australian Open

Alexander Blockx taught Learner Tien a lesson in the junior Australian Open final in 3 sets. Tom Devries, sporting director at Tennis Vlaanderen, was also impressed. “He has grown enormously throughout the tournament and in the final he was 100% confident. He was there on the important points.” According to Devries, that is one of … Read more

Australian Open | Krejčíková, Siniaková – Aojamaová, Šibaharaová 6:4, 6:3, Fantasy! Krejčíková and Siniaková dominated the doubles final at the Australian Open

The Czechs had the best possible start to the match when they took the serve of the Japanese Šibaharová. They immediately managed to confirm the break and set a clear direction in which the doubles final was to develop. The central figure on the court at that time was Kateřina Siniaková, who read the game … Read more

The dictator of Belarus congratulated the winner A.Sabalenka with a cup in her hand

After the triumph of the 24-year-old tennis player on Saturday, the authoritarian president of Belarus, Aliaksandr Lukashenka, quickly reacted to the events in Melbourne (Australia). A video was shared on one of the channels of the Telegram platform, in which the Belarusian dictator, together with one of his henchmen, sits at a table laden with … Read more

Australian Open | Absolutely disgusting, criticizes Djokovic’s father. After the scandal, he preferred not to participate in the Australian Open

“Absolutely disgusting. Politics doesn’t belong in sports, they say. These people have no business at tennis tournaments, including Novak Djokovic’s dad, if they are celebrating a genocidal regime,” Ukrainian Olexander Dolhopolov, a former Australian Open quarterfinalist, condemned Djokovic senior’s actions. After the quarter-finals, directly in the tournament area, alongside Serbian fans with war symbols “Z” … Read more

Djokovic meets Tsitsipás in battle for 22nd Grand Slam title and number 1 position | Tennis

27 jan 2023 om 08:05Update: 2 dagen geleden Novak Djokovic reached a Grand Slam final for the 33rd time on Friday without too much effort. The Serbian settled in the semi-final of the Australian Open with the American Tommy Paul. Only co-finalist Stéfanos Tsitsipás can keep him from his 22nd Grand Slam title on Sunday. … Read more