Banco Fresco, the first store in Lombardy

CREAM (April 28, 2021) – Banco Fresco, a sales point dedicated to fruit and vegetable products, but also cheeses and dairy products, fishmongers, butchers, bakeries, groceries and delicatessens, opened its doors this morning. That of Crema is the first in Lombardy and is located at the intersection between via Milano and viale Europa. An area … Read more

Stock Market Recommendations: Today’s Buy from Banco Bpm to Unicredit

Equita judges buy: Banco Bpm with target price of 2,50 euro (CEO Castagna reiterated the messages of recent months on the M&A issue, underlining the importance for the Italian economy of a third national player alternative to the two main banking groups and thus implicitly expressing a preference towards a possible aggregation with Bper), Cerved … Read more

registration requests drag on at Banco de Portugal

Regulation on the registration of virtual asset managers was published yesterday by the institution led by Mário Centeno. © LUSA April 24, 2021 • 07:22 It is the mirror of a country still with its back turned to the world of cryptocurrencies. This is the view of the president of APBC-Portuguese Association of Blockchain and … Read more

The federal government this year is left with no remnants of Banco de México.

“Derived from the applications described to the results of the 2020 financial year, in compliance with the provisions of the Bank of Mexico Law, it was not possible to allocate resources to the asset revaluation reserve, nor was it a remnant of operation,” Banxico reported. The remnants are resources that come from the positive balance … Read more

Banco de Venezuela launches its new mobile application

Photo: courtesy The Bank of Venezuela reported through its official channels the launch of an application for mobile devices called ‘BDVdigital’, which is still in an initial phase where it is only compatible with Android devices. In this initial phase, the application allows making transfers, inquiries, PagoClave people and businesses, recharging the operators Digitel, Movilnet, … Read more

Novo Banco: Luís Filipe Vieira among the big debtors to be heard this month – Benfica

Luís Filipe Vieira, Nuno Vasconcellos or Bernardo Moniz da Maia are some of the names that the Novo Banco inquiry commission should hear in the last week of this month, leading to a series of hearings with the bank’s major debtors. “In the last week of April, the big debtors of Novo Banco will begin … Read more

After capital injection, Banco del Bienestar receives S&P rating

After announcing a recent injection of capital from the federal government to Banco del Bienestar for 5,000 million pesos, the rating agency Standard & Poor’s confirmed the ratings of this entity “mxAAA” and “mxA-1 +” with a stable outlook, which are the highest in the national scale. Also, the qualifier it modified its capital and … Read more

Notebooks from Banco Nación: how to access the high-end computer purchase program in 24 installments without interest

The equipment, with i5, i7, or similar processors, may be purchased with Nativa Mastercard and Nativa Visa credit cards. The Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA) launched a campaign to purchase notebooks and PCs in 24 interest-free installments, with the aim of expanding the scope of technological tools for students and IT professionals, the entity … Read more

Novo Banco did not follow warning to sue large debtors for “harmful management” | Banking

A largest portfolio of problematic assets ever in Portugal it was sold with some credits in which “huge losses” were recorded for Novo Banco, with cases of alleged “harmful management” by the large debtors involved, suspected of practices of “intentional subtraction of assets” and “flagrant business bad faith” ”. The management of Novo Banco was … Read more