the finds inside them bear witness to the terrible fate of the people who lived there

The excavations, during which human remains were discovered, buried among hundreds of animal bones scattered around, took place at an ancient cult site called mustatil, located in the desert and used for ritual rites 7,000 years ago. The human remains found in the structure, named after an Arabic word meaning “rectangle,” belong to a male … Read more

IMF spokesperson: Banking tensions signal end of bear market

Morgan Stanley strategist Michael Wilson says the stress in the banking system is showing what is likely to be a painful and “aggressive” start to the end of the bear market in US stocks. “With the Federal Reserve and/or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) taking measures to support bank deposits, many equity investors are … Read more

Giuliana Rengifo finds out LIVE that her ‘bear’ cheated on her: “He had formalized me, he seems low to me” | Giuliana Rengifo | Love and Fire | John Silva | Ampay | News | SHOWS

Giuliana Rengifo attended the programlove and fire‘ and found out, live and direct, that her partner cheated on her with another woman. The images, released this Thursday, March 16, showed Jhon Silva having fun with his new conquest. MIRA: Giuliana Rengifo breaks LIVE due to huaicos: “Many shows have been postponed” “I am surprised to … Read more

The Russian scientists who found the mummified bear in the Siberian glaciers were forced to admit the unpleasant truth

Initially, it was believed that the bear mummy discovered in 2020 is an extinct cave bear that could have lived at least 22 thousand years ago. years. However, a new necropsy has revealed that it is actually a brown bear that lived 3,500 years ago. A perfectly preserved mummy of a bear found in the … Read more

Rejected a bid from Ligue 1 for the “grizzly bear” – now he is ready for the OBOS league

Stensrud has signed a loan agreement with OBOS club Bryne for the rest of the season. It confirms both Bryne and Odd on their websites. The OBOS league Kåre Ingebrigtsen signs Rosenborg player 03/01/2023 AT 1:42 PM Rejected bid from Ligue 1 Spissen has also extended the agreement with the ski club until the summer … Read more

I am unable to bear this life

Is there a scene worse than a father leaving his family and committing suicide because he feels unable to provide her with a decent life? Moussa was disgusted with life in Lebanon, and thousands like him, so he dared what many did not dare, putting an end to his life, weeping and screaming from the … Read more

Welcome ‘Spring Bear’ as a wallpaper! – S-OIL Official Blog : S-OIL STORY

this moon ship Download ‘Wallpaper of the Month’! We help you to decorate your phone with a mobile wallpaper that suits the time. The weather is still cold, but these days I feel that spring has come when I see the warm sunlight. The buds sprouting from the ground suddenly stick out their heads, and … Read more

German LNG terminal construction costs to more than triple, taxpayers to bear

Construction costs for Germany’s liquefied natural gas import terminals will rise from an estimated €9.8 billion. These costs will be borne by the taxpayers, as the government participates in their construction. Costs have already risen more than threefold compared to initial estimates. Ensuring energy security can become quite expensive. This is now felt by Germany, … Read more