The Czech Republic hoped for a fairytale legacy, then came the blow. The woman lost more than a million

A woman from the Vyškov region recently paid for her credibility and vision in a fairytale heritage. She came across a fraudster on the Internet, who gradually lured over a million crowns from her. The case is already being investigated by the police. South Moravian criminal investigators are currently dealing with another case of fraud … Read more

FIFA blow to Hungary over spectators’ rage: spectators without spectators and fine | Sports

The World Cup qualifiers between Hungary and England in Budapest recorded racist behavior by fans on September 2nd. Not only that, the fans threw things into the square, burned fireworks, blocked the stairs. Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham were the main obstacles for the English. The Hungarian Football Federation will have to pay 184 thousand. … Read more

Blow for Zenit’s ambitions: the loudest summer purchase suffered a serious injury | Euroleague

The 30-year-old defender, who was supposed to take the place of Kevin Pangos at the Peter Club, was injured in the VTB League Super Cup match against CSKA Moscow. Zenit reported that Napier suffered a ligament injury. “Shabazz Napier underwent tests that showed severe trauma to his right ankle ligaments. On the positive side, I … Read more

Rachkov received a blow to the waist, see why PHOTO

“Rachkov’s Forbidden Show” began with a spectacular circus performance, and the show turned into a real circus arena called “Cirque de Rachkey”. Rachkov is back on a white horse and has yet to show what he is capable of. Producer Judy Halvadjian hinted at this the day before the start, and his words that there … Read more

Daniel Frantzen was on the ground when Camille Tonnoir gave him the final blow

Seven stab wounds of incredible violence! Camille Tonnoir did not give Daniel Frantzen a chance when he struck him to death on December 11, 2018, in the small social center on rue du Manège. ***** ** *** ******* *** ** ****** ** ****** ** ******** ********* ** ******* ******** ******** * ******* **** ****** *** … Read more

In an friendly match – an unfriendly blow: the Bosnian knocked out an opponent in the elbow

Juventut basketball player S. Birgander did not meet for a minute – at the very beginning of the match, Janan Musa, who had recovered the ball with the help of his elbows, decided to escape from the rivalry, but the Bosnian did not do so without losses. The talented defender went to the Juventut club … Read more

Apple / Epic Games trial: hard blow for the apple giant

A US judge on Friday rendered a major decision in the battle between Apple and Epic Games, the publisher of the video game Fortnite, determined to force the tech giant to facilitate competition on its App Store (app stores), at the heart of a hundreds of billions of dollars economy. But this decision does not … Read more

Leksand’s double blow – concussions stop the duo in the SHL premiere

Leksand has won its first four matches in the CHL and is already ready for the playoffs with two matches left to play in the group stage. But in last weekend’s away match against Czech Trinec, both Oskar Lang and the new acquisition Max Veronneau each suffered a concussion, which means that they can not … Read more

No vax, searches and suspects. Shock chat: “Let’s blow up the TV trucks”

Rome, 9 September 2021 – Offensive of the police against the excesses of the galaxy no vax. I am 8 search warrants carried out by the police against as many no vax under investigation for aggravated instigation to commit a crime. The searches – conducted by the Digos and the Milan Postal Police in collaboration … Read more

Blitz against no-vax. They wrote in chat: «Tritolo on Parliament with a drone. Let’s blow up the TV trucks “

From the early hours of today, the State Police has been carrying out home and computer searches against members of the no vax world who, through a Telegram group, have shown violent intent to be carried out on the occasion of public demonstrations. The investigations, coordinated by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office which delegated the … Read more