BMW suspension recharges battery when there is bad ground

BMW is creating something new! It is true that the electric vehicle segment has been innovating, but there will certainly still be many things to discover and perfect. In the field of vehicle autonomy, investigations remain focused on batteries, but there may be mechanisms to recharge the battery while vehicles are in motion. BMW is … Read more

BMW XM on the assembly line, eight-valve Vesta and other industry events – Autoreview

Serial production of hybrid crossovers began BMW XM. The release is organized at the company’s plant in South Carolina (USA), the assembly is carried out on the same line with the X5, X6 and X7 soplatform models, although X3 and X4 are also made at this enterprise. The BMW XM will go on sale in … Read more

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Bangkok, December 1, 2022 – Fans of smartphone gamers, iQOO (iQOO), the top-of-the-line smartphone brand under vivo, and fans of world-class racing brands such as BMW M Motorsport are getting ready to meet at the end of the day. New excitement with the combination of strengths of two famous brands in different industries. Recently, it … Read more

What’s next for Tesla, Fisker, Lucid and Rivian in 2023?

Fisker Ocean vor der NYSE In contrast to its competitors, the e-car manufacturer Fisker has so far not relied on its own production, but has its electric cars built to order. (Photo: Reuters) New York The car covers the whole façade of the New York Stock Exchange: It’s the end of November, and founder Henrik … Read more

BMW MINI prepares to launch a special campaign and showcase new cars at the Motor Expo 2022

The BMW booth showcases the M4 Competition M xDrive Coupé (50 Jahre M Edition) available to order in Thailand. Limited to only 5 cars, along with the launch of the BMW Series-3 LCI, the BMW 330e M Sport and the BMW 320d M Sport, unveiled for the first time at the Motor Expo 2022, including … Read more

Keep your cars longer, says the head of sustainability at BMW

It would seem that the car company will want to sell more and more new cars, and the statements of the management will correspond to this. Monika Dernaiová, head of sustainability at the German car manufacturer BMW, says otherwise – according to her, buying new cars all the time is not desirable. “We need to … Read more

Don’t buy new cars and keep the old ones, says BMW official

Sand not buying a new car too often is promoting sustainability. This is what the head of BMW’s sustainability department, Monika Dernai, said at an event in London, England. According to Dernai, the car industry can reduce waste by encouraging consumers to keep their cars and renew them, rather than buying new ones. “We really … Read more

TÜV 2023: These are the most faulty cars regardless of age. You have to be careful with them – Counseling – Car

The latest statistics of German technical inspections confirm the traditional positions of older Dacias, but in addition to them, models of other brands also became among the least reliable cars. Matej Mikula 28.11.2022 06:00 The network of German technical inspection stations known as TÜV annually publishes summary statistics of failure rates of individual models. Although … Read more