First time traveling to Singapore by electric car on a 4,100 km route with the BMW iX3.

Bangkok. With the trend of electric vehicles growing exponentially today. and become one of the megatrends of the world including in Thailand, where there is a growing demand for electric cars. But there are still concerns about the network of charging stations. Using chargers and applications Facilities while waiting for charging and many other limitations … Read more

Why are Russians getting rid of their BMWs, Mercedes and Lexus en masse?

According to “Avtovzgliad”, such cars make up about 66 percent of ads on advertising portals. Advertisements for economy class cars increased by only 1.6 percent. Such trends have been observed since the beginning of the war against Ukraine, when EU sanctions were imposed on Russia. Since then, the prices of “premium” class cars (up to … Read more

it drives over 200 km/h on the E25, the BMW is modified and would offer 500 horsepower under the hood

Published on 08/11 at 06:22 Par Allison Mazzoccato At the end of July, a man from Liège filmed himself at more than 200 km/h on the E25 near Wandre. If it was dark, however, he shared the road with other motorists. If he is identified and prosecuted, he risks a lot! ******** ************* ********** **** … Read more

TÜV: These are the 10 least reliable cars. Known ‘sinners’ and one surprise – Counseling – Car

Buying a second-hand car is attractive because of the lower purchase price and immediate availability. However, an apparently advantageous offer may not always end up being a good purchase. You have to be especially careful with these models. Matej Mikula 09.08.2022 06:00 Photo: MOT Millions of cars undergo technical inspection in Germany every year, which … Read more

BMW asks not to drive or recharge iX and i4 trams due to fire hazard – Observer

You have free access to all the articles of the Observer for being our subscriber. It was communicated to US consumers by BMW and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the local authority with the road safety portfolio, that should urgently stop driving or recharging their electric BMW iX and i4, with the NHTSA … Read more