How was the tragic end of Valeria Pani, the vedette who worked with Cantinflas and who was murdered | The 777 patrol boat | Celebs nnda nnlt | TRENDS

Mario Moreno ‘Cantinflas‘ was one of the most successful actors in Mexican cinema, whose films continue to this day. Although his career was marked by fame, this was not alien to those who worked with him in some films, such is the case of Valeria Pani, a star who was part of the cast of … Read more

Tense, not far from Indonesia, China expels American warships, PLA: US will face the consequences! China and United States of America (AS) was again involved in a tense incident at Sea China South which is not far from Indonesia. Paracel Islands, Sea China South which is not far from Indonesia get tensed over China and United States of America involved in a confrontation on Thursday, January 20, 2022. Tension … Read more

A boat with migrants capsized off the coast of Morocco; 43 people died

Migrant boats on the southern coast of Morocco have killed 43 of them, including three children, the Spanish non-governmental organization (NGO) Caminando Fronteras said on Monday. Ten migrants were rescued in the accident. The survivors called the Moroccan authorities on Sunday morning to rescue them and were able to keep in touch for two hours. … Read more

Now old boat engines are going away – “Invest in a scrapping premium”

Old boat engines that are environmental culprits must be removed. This is stated in a new action program from the Swedish Maritime Administration. It is estimated that around 100,000 old two-stroke engines are found on leisure boats around the country. Many are hardworking faithful servants who have been with us for decades. But the combustion … Read more

Is there a Viking boat under a former apartment building in Ostend?

Project developer Degroote, who wants to build new apartments on the site, plans to involve archaeologists at an early stage. “The remains would be under the foundation of an underground cellar. The moment that foundation is excavated, archaeologists will be able to be there. Gradually, the earth will be excavated so that archaeologists can see … Read more

Yahaira Plasencia TikTok paid her debt: young woman claims that sauce boat has already deposited for “exchange” of jeans Allison Horna farándula | VIRAL

PAID DEBT. Yaharia Plasencia was involved in a scandal after TikTok an entrepreneur will accuse her of not advertising a jeans brand, after the sauce boat received two garments, for the so-called “exchange” that is commonly used on social networks such as Instagram. ALSO READ: Ethel Pozo on Melissa Paredes: “I don’t go to her … Read more

A push boat accidentally hits the Arches bridge in Liège (photos)

Posted on Monday, January 10, 2022 at 12:15 p.m. Through L.S. Late Monday morning, an empty barge sailing on the Meuse struck the Pont des Arches in Liège. River traffic had to be temporarily interrupted. On Monday, a push boat hit the Pont des Arches in Liège. The machine, stuck across the river, disrupted river … Read more

Liège: a barge and its pusher boat stuck under a bridge over the Meuse

Maritime traffic under the Arches bridge in Liège was interrupted Monday morning after a push boat struck a pillar. The boatman made a false maneuver when passing under the bridge. Stuck by a pillar, the boat got stuck and the barge it was pushing ended up diagonally. The navigation police went to the scene. Around … Read more

Tourists on a boat trip hit by a boulder – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

In addition to the confirmed deaths, at least three people are missing, Reuters reports. The accident happened on Saturday in the state of Minas Gerais, in southeastern Brazil. Tourists had taken the trip out on Lake Furnas in smaller motorboats. The lake, located about 420 kilometers north of São Paulo, with its steep mountain sides … Read more