“Sia Boat” organizes a battle at Petch Yindee Stage on Ratchadamnoen Stage. Chain will win Petchniran.

Chatpetch Kiatthongyot (Won points from Petch Phuthon, Sanitphan District at Ratn.) Boxing, kicking, punching, punching, punching knees and elbows, violent, live form, will win Petchpayak Sitjomyuth (lost by Sky Nui Si Mum Muang at Rangsit). Boxing, kicking and punching. The fist stabbed the knee, wrestled violently, but the friction was secondary to the last 107 … Read more

Roberto Leal pulls the tongue of Pablo Díaz who reveals what the ‘Pasapalabra’ boat has been spent on

Pablo Diaz came back in style to’Pass word’. The canary went to the Antena 3 contest to participate in the ‘Duel of Champions’, a special league in which some of the most charismatic contestants of the format participate. Yesterday, the violinist displayed the best version of him to beat Cesar Garrido in ‘El Rosco’ and … Read more

This is an adventurer’s dream!A “moving exploration base” equipped with a Daihatsu Atrai-based boat | ENGINE | Cars, watches, fashion, men’s lifestyle media

Daihatsu exhibited the Atrai Wild Ranger at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023. The concept is a “moving exploration base”. It is a show model that is conscious of hard outdoor use. Even obstacles are hesitant Based on the light commercial van “Atrai”, the upper part of the body is green, and the lower part is … Read more

Aurimas Valujavičius, sailing across the Atlantic, showed what his evenings on a boat look like Life

“Hello, friends, good evening from the boat,” A. Valujavičius greets in the video he shared on his YouTube channel. “Earplugs help – here are the standard sounds of every night,” says A. Valujavičius, smiling as the devices beep. – It’s about half past eleven now, I’ll have dinner, hot rice pudding for her. I am … Read more

Italy’s new law makes it more difficult to rescue boat migrants by aid organizations

EPA NOS News•Tuesday, 7:22 PM Helen D’Haens correspondent Italy Helen D’Haens correspondent Italy In the twilight, in a hard downpour, the silhouette of the Geo Barents looms. The rescue ship of the aid organization Doctors Without Borders has sailed for five days since it picked up a group of migrants who had left Libya in … Read more

“Speed ​​Boat Sailing Notes” please Ty Lue don’t ice him anymore!Terance Mann – Terance Mann – MVP to end six-game losing streak – NBA – Basketball

Even though Kawhi Leonard’s game gradually stabilized and his firepower recovered, the running-in problem of the Los Angeles Clippers has not been alleviated. The season reached the halfway point and suffered a six-game losing streak. Not only were they reversed several times in the fourth quarter, but even all members of the team were healthy … Read more

The wonder of nature: a gray whale gives birth in front of a boat full of tourists

“As the boat slowly approached the animal, our crew noticed that it was behaving in a peculiar way. The passengers and crew saw something orange and red in the water that they thought might be seaweed. Instead, a newborn baby has risen to the surface”. Thus begins the story of those who have witnessed a … Read more

Trial against 24 aid workers who helped boat people start on Lesvos | Abroad

10 jan 2023 om 08:39 On the Greek island of Lesbos, the trial of 24 aid workers who have helped boat people starts on Tuesday. Among the suspects is also 75-year-old Dutchman Pieter Wittenberg. They are charged with human smuggling, forgery and espionage, among other things. The aid workers have been charged because they helped … Read more

The fishing boat “Klævtind” sank off Andøy – NRK Nordland

– It was horrible to see the boat go down. But at the same time, we are terribly grateful that everyone was relatively safe. It could have gone much worse. Glenn-Thomas Madsen has returned home after a dramatic morning outside Bleik in Andøy. He is skipper on board “Klævtind”. Together with the five others on … Read more