the Brazilian star arrived 3 hours late because he was taking a nap

Published on Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 08:38 There was a crowd this Saturday in front of the Italia Grill restaurant, on the Place de La Hestre, where Ronaldinho, international football star, had chosen to present his wines. After his managerial escapade, the Brazilian was expected in Mons where his passage was also only a … Read more

Brazilian filmmaker Breno Silveira dies during filming

Brazilian director Breno Silveira, a regular at international festivals, died of a heart attack on Saturday while filming his latest film, his production house and local media announced. • Read also: A filmmaker turned delivery man dies in an accident • Read also: The 21 films in competition at the 75th Cannes Film Festival • … Read more

Officially, Tira Persikabo Introduces 2 Brazilian Foreign Players to Substitute Ciro Alves

Tira Persikabo has two new foreign players to enter Liga 1 for the 2022-2023 season, both of them are Renan Sgaria and Gustavo Tocantins. Photo: Zainal Hasan/ INDOSPORT.COM – Tira Persikabo the arrival of two new foreign players to navigate Liga 1 for the 2022-2023 season. The two are Renan Sgaria and Gustavo Tocantins. Both … Read more

The walk has a plan to defeat Teixiera. The Brazilian champion is looking forward to the challenge and praised the Czech fighter

The biggest event for the Czech MMA is approaching and in a month Jiří Procházka will face Glover Teixeira for the title of semi-heavyweight. If he managed to win, he would become the first Czech to win a championship belt in the UFC. But it won’t be easy because Glover Teixeira despite his 42 years, … Read more

Vinicius’ dumpling: the Brazilian celebrates with a controversial gesture and is saved by a teammate (video)

Vinicius is at the heart of a controversy on social networks. In question, a gesture during a celebration on the sidelines of the semi-final of the Champions League against Manchester City. On a video released in recent days, we can see the Madrid group posing for photographers. Vinicius, very enthusiastic, will then extend his left … Read more

Brazilian assistant coach of the national football team: Exxon is very gregarious and good at boosting team morale – yqqlm

2022-05-08 12:58 source:shot china Original title: National Football Assistant Brazil: Exxon is very gregarious and good at boosting team morale Sohu Sports News, on May 8, Beijing time, Irving Wilke, the Brazilian fitness coach of the national football team, was interviewed by the Brazilian media “Global Sports”. Sen. Irving Wilke said: “I’m proud of my … Read more

The Mystery of Rape and Murder Cases That Makes Brazilian Police Confuse – Police Brazil’s federal government said yesterday it was still investigating the alleged rape and death of a 12-year-old Yanomami girl by illegal gold miners, but cast doubt on the veracity of the allegations. Officer police who led the investigation, Daniel Ramos, told reporters interviews with members of the community of Aracaa village in … Read more

In order to save his career, Neymar is determined to win the 2022 World Cup with the Brazilian national team

TWITTER.COM/PARISFANSFR Brazil striker Neymar prepares to face Argentina in the 2021 Copa America final. BOLASPORT.COM – Striker Paris Saint Germain (PSG), Neymar Junior, admits he wants to save his career this year by winning 2022 World Cup. Performa Neymar Junior together Paris Saint Germain the 2021-2022 season is far from satisfactory. At the beginning of … Read more

Rodrygo made him a millionaire! The bettor bet on Real’s victory against the City 15 seconds before the first goal of the Brazilian hero

Source: Milly Barzellai, Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 4.0 Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima was a phenomenon of his time. During the 1998 World Cup in France, he was rightly afraid of all defenses. A video from the training of the French national team, which was preparing for a star Brazilian before the final race, leaked to … Read more

Zelensky has also been indicted by the former Brazilian president seeking to return

“I see the President of Ukraine speak on television, he gets a standing ovation, and all the (European) parliamentarians applaud him,” said LI Lula da Silva, 2003-2010. the former president of Brazil, published an article in Time magazine on Wednesday about his intention to return to the presidency during the election when he rivals far-right … Read more