Up to 5%.. Fees and commission for cash withdrawals from ATMs for cards (details)

ATM withdrawal fees.. Banks provide their customers with a range of banking services related to ATM transactions Credit card cash withdrawal That is, withdrawing from ATM machines, and in light of the customer’s enjoyment of these services, banks impose a set of conditionsCredit card Known as a “credit card” or a purchase card for withdrawing … Read more

People have found another way to cheat the cash registers

Shoplifting is often very subtle and people are devising increasingly sophisticated methods. They are now deceiving, for example, with discount stickers. This saves only tens of crowns, but causes considerable damage and risks criminal prosecution. The police have already investigated such cases in neighboring Poland, Austria or Great Britain. How did it end up? And … Read more

Three out of four Czechs withdraw cash just to be sure, most often once a month

“According to the survey, most people prefer cashless payments. But they still go to the ATM sometimes, not because they want to, but because sometimes they just have to. In many places, they still need money in physical form and have no other option to pay,” said Jiří Suchý from Air Bank, which conducted the … Read more

Take a Peek at Where Indonesian Snapper Coal Issuers Save Jumbo Cash

Writer: M. Nurhadi Pratomo Rupiah currency and United States dollars at a money changer, Jakarta, Saturday (30/7/2022). Business/Himawan L Nugraha Bisnis.com, JAKARTA — Mark cash and cash equivalents owned by big coal mining issuers have also increased significantly along with the growth in financial performance in 2022. Where will the jumbo funds go? number of … Read more

POS system or cash register – what are the main differences? – Market news

Photo: Unsplash.com/christiannkoepke Leading companies in the retail, catering and other spheres increasingly choose to use POS systems or cash register systems. However, many entrepreneurs are still concerned with the question – how does the POS system differ from a traditional cash register? In short, the cash register only provides sales functions, while POS systems allow … Read more

Writer and polemicist Yann Moix still cash: “I have to work because I don’t sell enough books”

Yann Moix has the art of sneaking in where you least expect him. He furnished the passage from the 2022 to 2023 vintage on… the antenna of Europe 1 where he has been hosting a free antenna since September. ” I don’t sell enough books to live comfortably. I have to work “, admits the … Read more

found with 26,000 euros in cash

In February he had managed to escape a police check but, in his escape, he had lost the magnetic key to a gym. The investigators of the Porta Pia police station thus managed to track him down together with two other accomplices. After an investigation, a 34-year-old Gambian was arrested for drug dealing, together with … Read more

Negreira withdrew up to 20,000 euros a month in cash while collecting from Barcelona

Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira He came to withdraw 20,000 euros per month in cash from his accounts while he collected from FC Barcelona. The investigations of the Prosecutor’s Office have accredited, as EL MUNDO has been able to learn, significant outflows of funds in cash from the bank deposits of the former vice president of … Read more

Former deputy Laurent Louis searched in France

These acts of investigation are carried out on the initiative of the investigating judge appointed by the financial prosecutor’s office of Charleroi. Since 2017, a judicial investigation has indeed been opened against Laurent Louis, suspected of cryptocurrency scam, in particular in the sprawling One Coin file. His computer equipment was seized for examination by investigators. … Read more