To impose its state crypto, the Central Bank of Nigeria begins to ban cash

loading dystopia – The whistleblower Edward Snowden warned us about the danger of central bank digital currencies (MNBC). Le Nigeria shows us the initial path that central bankers will take to force populations to use their MNBC: eliminate cash. The other step being of course to ban Bitcoin and cryptos decentralized. >> Do you believe … Read more

Chaabi Cash joins forces with an American operator

Chaabi Cash (M2T), the money transfer network of the BCP group, partners with Sendwave, a major international money transfer operator based in Boston, for the reception of money in Morocco mainly from American countries from the North and Europe. This strategic alliance will allow the Moroccan and sub-Saharan diaspora to send fast, secure and free … Read more

Bankitalia’s two torpedoes on fiscal peace and cash. “This will help the undeclared”

Criticisms of the new ceiling for cash, fiscal peace and flat tax. Not even aid against expensive energy is saved, which will have to be “more targeted”. The first institutional rounds of the budget maneuver signed by Giorgia Meloni, estimated by the experts of Palazzo Koch at 39.2 billion euros, come from Bank of Italy … Read more

Matty Cash in Qatar could count on the support of his family. The siblings cheered for him from the stands (PHOTOS)

World Championships for Poland Football have just ended. Despite Sunday’s defeat against France, taking into account the achievements of the white-and-reds at the World Cup so far, the national team did extremely well in the tournament. Poland qualified for the knockout stage for the first time in 36 years, which we can owe above all … Read more

Operators obliged to remove antennas that put communications at risk

National authorities are combing through telecom operators’ network equipment to identify potential breaches in the country’s security. The survey of antennas, components and respective suppliers was requested and Altice, NOS and Vodafone have sent the authorities all the information regarding the security and integrity of the networks serving the Portuguese, found Dinheiro Vivo. If there … Read more

More than 5 pounds… Banks explain the fact that cash withdrawal fees from ATMs increased at the end of December

All banks are waiting for a decision central bank Allow to raise Cash withdrawal fees from ATM machines By the end of December, for more than 5 pounds to non-customers, especially after the high cost of operating this service. Increase in cash withdrawal fees from ATMs The recent increase in ATM cash withdrawal fees More … Read more

Confidence in cash revives after the massive crash of banking applications

Davivienda and Bancolombia they have had recurring massive outages in their systems during payroll days that affect transactions and withdrawals from Colombians. Last Thursday, December 1, was no exception, which has made the discontent among users greater and revived interest in cash. For much of Thursday, the entire Davivienda platform was down, the ATMs did … Read more

Get to know Cash is The King, a New Threat to the Indonesian Economy in 2023

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Bank Indonesia (BI) includes phenomena cash is the king in five things that Indonesia must watch out for next year due to the turmoil economy global. understand, cash is the king This reflects the public belief that cash is more valuable than other investment assets. This phenomenon occurs due to high uncertainty. … Read more