Coughing and Cold Healed, Apparently MAN Students Who Participated in Positive Face-to-Face Learning from Covid-19 Page all – Head of Administration of Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) Tegal City, Central Java, Siti Umi Hani said, while participating in teaching and learning activities (KBM), schoolgirl those who are positive for Covid-19 do not complain of pain. In fact, continued Umi, it was once taken swab on Wednesday (2/9/2020) at the Bandung Community Health … Read more

After Found in Jakarta and Surabaya, Now D614G Mutations Are Also Found in Yogyakarta and Central Java

PR BEKASI – Apart from being on Jakarta and Surabaya, D614G mutation in the SARS-CoV-2 virus which is believed to have ten times higher infectious power was also detected in Yogyakarta and Central Java. Quoted from RRI, Wednesday, September 2, 2020, in Indonesia, 9 out of 24 isolates published in GISAID have been reported … Read more

Mudflow Reaches Dozens of Meters, This is a Video of the Eruption at Kesongo Blora. Page all – The seconds when the mud crater erupted in Area Kesongo, Blora, Central Java, had panicked residents in the village of Gabusan, Thursday (27/8/2020). The tremors from the eruption were intense. In fact, according to the Village Head of Gabusan Parsidi, the mudflow was accompanied by a deafening boom. According to him, the first … Read more

New Facts on the Murder of One Family in Sukoharjo, the Perpetrator of the Exactly Kill the Victim Due to the Debt Bill

SUKOHARJO, – Case murder one family in Slemben Hamlet, Duwet Village, Baki District, Regency Sukoharjo, Central Java, uncover new facts. The HT perpetrators (41) knowingly killed a family on Wednesday (19/8/2020) in the early hours of the morning when the debt bill was due. “The motive (of the perpetrator) was due to a debt … Read more

Climber of Mount Lawu from Wonogiri dies, evacuation of bodies takes 8 hours – A climber named Angga (27) was reported to have died while climbing at Mount Lawu, Sunday (23/8/2020). Evacuation of the remains of Wonoharjo Village, District / Regency Wonogiri this took about 8 hours. Member of the Giri Lawu Association (PGL) Dwi Bandono said that the basecamp officer for the Mount Lawu climbing route … Read more

Killed by the victim’s neighbor, 1 family was found dead in his house!

KOMPAS.TV – A family of four people was found dead in his house, Duwet Village, Sukoharjo, Central Java. The police arrested the perpetrator who was the victim’s neighbor. The suspect with the initials HT was arrested three hours after the police conducted the crime scene investigation. The motive for the murder was motivated by debt … Read more

Cassation Rejected by Supreme Court, Comedian Nurul Qomar Sent to Prison Page all

BREBES, – The District Attorney Brebes executing comedians Nurul Qomar to the Class IIB Brebes Prison, Wednesday (19/8/2020). The convict in the case of falsifying the pass certificate (SKL) must serve a sentence after the cassation filed by a lawyer is rejected at the Supreme Court (MA) level. Head of Section for Pidum of … Read more

Seconds of Ojol Driver Killed by a Kijang Who Wants to Salip Avanza, Victim Bounced 20 Meters Yard all – A traffic accident involving a Honda Beat motorbike with a Kijang LGX K 8657 CC car driving a Dicky occurred on the highway Wonogiri-Sukoharjo precisely in Kalikatir, Gemantar Village, Wonogiri District, Wonogiri Regency, Central Java, Sunday (2/8/82020). As a result, a motorbike driver named Edi Setiawan (31), a resident of Youcar Village, Selogiri … Read more

Intiland Starts to Offer Batang Page Industrial Zone all

JAKARTA, – PT Intiland Development Tbk (DILD) will start offering land industrial areas in the Regency, Batang, Central Java, in Semester II-2020. The project is currently under construction of road infrastructure, and other supporting infrastructure. Director of Capital Management and Investment Archied Noto Pradono explained, the introduction of industrial estate projects in Batang, along … Read more