Viral Gunungkidul Elementary School Boy Chats Late Mother, Confesses to Showcase Report Values

Gunungkidul – The post about an elementary school boy sending messages via WhatsApp to his dead mother’s contact went viral on social media. This upload was flooded with comments from thousands of netizens who sympathized with the innocent behavior of the boy named Novan. The upload was tweeted by the Twitter account @takseiman, last Thursday … Read more

Kulon Progo Youth Manages Singapore Servers From Home for Dollars

Jakarta – digital talent Indonesia does not hesitate to compete with foreigners. Take Nurrohman, for example, who manages the Singapore server from his home in Kulon Progo. Nurrohman (33) is a resident of Banyuroto Village, Kapanewon Nanggulan, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY). He is often mistaken for unemployment by his neighbors, because he … Read more

Rob Flood Again! Semarang Harbor Submerged Waist-High This Afternoon

Semarang – Tanjung Emas Port, Semarang, was again inundated by tidal flooding. The tidal flood this time was the worst tidal flood after patching the embankment that had broken some time ago. Monitoring secondsCentral Java at the location Monday (20/6/2022) at 15.40 WIB, it was seen that flooding began to occur about 50 meters from … Read more

Breaking News! Explosion Kills 1 Person and Damages 4 Houses of Randegan Banyumas Residents, Banyumas – One person dies as a result of explosion that occurred in Randegan Village, Kebasen District, Banyumas Regency, Central Java. When contacted from Purwokerto, Banyumas, Tuesday night, Kebasen sub-district head Wahyu Adhi Fibrianto mentioned the name of the deceased Ahmad Gustomi (28), a resident of Grumbul Leler RT 04 RW 01, Randegan Village, … Read more

Battered Battered at HolyWings Jogja, This is Bryan Yoga’s Complete Testimony

Sleman – Hotel and tourism entrepreneur Bryan Yoga Kusuma finally spoke up regarding the alleged beating that happened to him at HolyWings Jogja. Bryan, who is still undergoing treatment at Bethesda Hospital in Yogyakarta, is asking for justice. “I’m Bryan Yoga Kusuma, a victim of a beating at HolyWings Jogjakarta around June 4. I was … Read more

Viral Jogja Student Installs Catheter Apologizes to Wonosari Hospital

Gunungkidul – Aisyiyah University (Unisa) Yogyakarta student who shared her experience of inserting a catheter into a Wonosari Hospital patient and uploading it to social media (medsos) finally apologized. However, starting tomorrow, the student will no longer practice at the hospital. The Managing Director (Director) of Wonosari Hospital Heru Sulistyowati said that his party had … Read more

There are three new things in the PPDB of state high schools in Central Java this year

Semarang – There are three new things in the New Student Admission (PPDB) for the 2022 SMA/SMK level in Central Java today when compared to last year. Namely, the existence of a pre-registration system, the absence of majors in high school, as well as an affirmation route for orphans whose parents died due to COVID-19. … Read more

Klaten Man Dies in Grave, Long Barrel Gun Found Nearby

Klaten – A resident of Jalan Sulawesi, Central Klaten, Klaten, with the initials TY (25) was found dead at the Tegal Binangun Public Cemetery, Bareng, North Klaten District. At the crime scene (TKP) a long-barreled hunting firearm was found. Residents around the crime scene who did not want to be named told the incident where … Read more

Viral Men in Ojol Jackets in Semarang Allegedly Harassed Women, Police Investigate

Jakarta – Video of a man in a motorcycle taxi jacket online (ojol) suspected harassing woman in front of a roadside shop in Semarang is viral on social media. The police are checking. Reported from secondsCentral Java, Saturday (28/5/2022), the video was uploaded to the Twitter account @enn** which shows a video recording of a … Read more

Brief Profile of Acting Regent of Banjarnegara Tri Harso Widirahmanto SH, Official! Inaugurated by the Governor of Central Java, 22 May 2022

BANJARNEGARAKU – Curious about profile Acting Regent of Banjarnegara who was recently appointed by Governor Central Java (Central Java) Pranowo reward. Governor Central Java (Central Java) officially inaugurate Tri Harso Widirahmanto SH as the official (Pj) of the Regent of Banjarnegara, on 22 Mei 2022 night. Appointment Tri Harso Widirahmanto SH as Acting Regent of … Read more