The Indian Jawa has a new version of the 42 model. It impresses with its color combination

Indian Jawa has expanded its offer with a new version of the 42 model. The motorcycle is called the Jawa 42 Sports Stripe Cosmic Carbon and it tries to attract attention mainly with an interesting combination of colors. It is dominated by grey-green, complemented by matte black parts. On the fuel tank and the rear … Read more

The color of the auspicious shirt 2566 enhances the luck of love for all 7 birthdays

The color of the auspicious shirt in 2023 that will help enhance the love of people for all 7 days. What color clothes should I wear? Let’s see your luck and choose the color of clothes to enhance your luck. Saimu like us, the first thing that comes to mind besideshoroscopeis toenhance your lucktooauspicious shirt … Read more

Laser-based light reflection puzzle game ‘Color Grid’ released for Nintendo Switch

Hybrid Squad announced on the 26th that it will officially release the game ‘Color Grid’ for Nintendo Switch as a digital download. ‘Color Grid’ is a puzzle game that uses the characteristics of reflection when shooting light to solve it. The problem can be solved by moving or combining an object such as glass (mirror) … Read more

You can also grow mushrooms at home. The lemon mushroom has a beautiful yellow color and amazing effects

So here it is! I started growing mushrooms at home! How did I do with the lemon mushrooms? Let’s just say that every beginning is difficult, but I don’t lose faith and you can look forward to the next parts of growing mushrooms in an apartment or house! 00:00 introduction to mushroom cultivation00:40 first steps … Read more

London’s Soho paints the walls with a special color. It is to prevent men from urinating in the street

When men with full bladders want to relieve themselves on a freshly painted wall, the wall immediately repels the liquid. “It’s very effective,” local councilor Aicha Less told AFP, demonstrating the effects of the paint by spraying a wall with water from a bottle. There are four hundred bars, restaurants and theaters in the Soho … Read more

It depends on the make and color of the car. The survey revealed which drivers are the smartest. OVERVIEW

A survey from Great Britain came up with interesting results. The experts focused on the connection between the driver’s intelligence and his car. They discovered that Škoda owners are the smartest. Experts from Great Britain questioned whether the driver’s car is somehow related to his intelligence. That’s why the portal Scrap Car Comparison conducted a … Read more

How to Detect High Cholesterol: Lift Your Feet and See the Color of Your Skin

Left high cholesterol can cause discoloration of the skin of the feet. <!– Array ( [0] => gaya-hidup [1] => info-sehat ) –> REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — High cholesterol can trigger various health problems, including peripheral arterial disease or peripheral artery disease (PAD). One sign of PAD is a change in skin color on the feet. … Read more

Ksina Kate impresses in a very fashionable dress. This color really brightens up the face!

It seems that despite the media storm that the autobiography caused ksicia harry’egorest families continues to function normally. Or at least they keep the appearance of unshakable and still fulfill their duties in public space. Recently, Duchess Kate visited Foxcubs Nursery, a state-of-the-art educational facility in Luton, and the issue of the development of the … Read more

Rowan Atkinson is selling a Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo II, rare color and low mileage

The famous actor bought the car in May 2021, but has not even driven 3,000 kilometers. But he gave the car perfect care. Rowan Atkinson is primarily a famous actor and comedian, but at the same time he is also an occasional racer and an enthusiastic car collector. One of the cars in his collection … Read more