Star + presents “Free Pass”, promotion for the public to enjoy its content free of charge | celebs | nndc | CELEBRITIES

Star+ bring Christmas forward and from Friday, December 10 and Sunday, December 12, all new subscriptions to the platform that access directly through, will be able to enjoy, free of charge and without limitations during this period, all its content. More information They present the first preview of “December 2001”, a political thriller about … Read more

ArcheAge, the December reboot is accompanied by new and varied content

The gamer community de ArcheAge has the December reboot before them, so they will be able to delve into a myriad of surprises that Kakao games has incorporated. The new and long-awaited premiere of ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained came to an end on December 3. Something that has caught our attention is that this new … Read more

Photo: The discovery of an 800-year-old mummy with a bound body in Peru

Archaeologist Pieter Van Dalen Luna (L) shows a mummy body estimated to be between 800 and 1,200 years old excavated at the pre-Inca archaeological site of Cajamarquilla, Peru, Tuesday (30/11/2021). Researchers from the National University of San Marcos found the preserved body of a young man between the ages of 25 and 30, tied with … Read more

Icarus, the new survival game from the creator of DayZ, presents its launch content on PC

It will arrive this week and will have a 64 square kilometer map to explore. In June 2020 we met Icarus, the new project from the creator of DayZ inviting players to endure the wild alien wilderness of the planet that gives the adventure its name, while exploring their surroundings, harvesting, crafting and hunting to … Read more

“The Last Battle: Infinite” shows the content of the campaign in the release trailer-Halo Infinite-Gamereactor

There is actually only one week left before the launch of the “Last War: Infinite” campaign mode, and all parties have announced (Including us) Are all well received, and the expectations of players seem to be increasing day by day-the multiplayer mode launched last month is very good, and it may be one of the … Read more

“Yunxiang Biography” is based on what novel is adapted from the original novel and a brief description of the story content?

“The Legend of Yunxiang” today released the full lineup of stills, with a fine service and a full sense of the story. After seeing the full lineup of stills, who can not say a thing about the ultimate son, I am looking forward to Chen Xiao and Mao Xiaotong’s “Yunxiang”! So what novel is “Yunxiang … Read more

Group “Hands Up!” released NFT on the Binance marketplace :: RBC.Crypto

NFT , Nov 25, 15:45 0 The collection of non-fungible tokens includes the rights to an exclusive unreleased track by Sergei Zhukov and a certificate that allows him to be banned from performing the song “Student” for life. Frontman of the group “Hands Up!” Sergey Zhukov in collaboration with Warner Music Russia music label and … Read more

Great cooperation with exclusive content

Spotify continues to expand its service and has now unceremoniously announced in his blog a far-reaching cooperation with Netflix. This mainly applies to soundtracks and podcasts that are part of the video streaming provider and exclusive content should also make it to Spotify. This content is then offered in an area built for Netflix in … Read more

Steam players are extremely acclaimed, and the new content added to the official version of “Gunfire Rebirth” is here | 4Gamers

After “Slay the spire” (Slay the spire) came out, Roguelike genre works have sprung up, but among the many works, there are very few works that can win the hearts of players. Gunfire Reborn, a shooting battle with Roguelike elements, is a work affirmed by the majority of players. “Gunfire Rebirth” has finally released its … Read more

Microsoft’s Xbox 20th Anniversary Online Museum opens dead red light, acquires Nintendo’s plan, black history is all included #Xbox 360 (168945)

The Xbox online museum is built in HTML5 format, and you can use the mouse and keyboard to shuttle around the museum to browse the history of Xbox series consoles. In addition to operating in the third person, the player can also adjust the perspective to the first person. As for the language, only English, … Read more