Usa: Musk posts photo of his bedside table with two guns, controversy – Last Hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, NOVEMBER 28 – There is controversy in the US after the new provocation by Elon Musk, who despite the recent mass shootings, published on Twitter a photo of his bedside table, with two pistols (including a musket, with which Musk then made another tweet: “I’m Elon Musket”, with a pun), and some … Read more

How did an Israeli director stir up controversy with comments about a movie about Kashmir?

November 29, 2022 image copyright KASHMIR FILES photo comment, Critics called the movie mediocre Israel’s envoy to India has apologized for Israeli director Nadav Lapid’s comments about an Indian film about Kashmir. Lapid, Chairman of the Indian International Film Festival Committee, criticized the participation of the film “The Kashmir Files” in the festival, describing the … Read more

A leaked photo from the Serbian locker room stirs controversy at the World Cup. Kosovo demands punishment

A banner insulting Kosovo was caught in the Serbian dressing room ahead of Serbia’s World Cup match in Qatar on Thursday. Representatives of the Football Federation of Kosovo are asking FIFA to punish the Serbs. The Football Federation of Kosovo (FFK) has filed a complaint with FIFA over a banner displayed in the dressing room … Read more

Egyptian or Pakistani.. The World Cup ball ignites controversy over its manufacturer

In addition to the enthusiasm sparked by the fever of the 2022 World Cup matches, football has hosted a debate of another kind outside the stadiums. Between Pakistan and Egypt, a conflict erupted on communication sites over the home of the industry World Cup ballAfter an Egyptian official announced that it was 100% pure Egyptian … Read more

Controversy over Minister Valditara for the sentence on punishments for bullies: “Long live humiliation because it makes you grow”. Then the apologies – The video

After the controversy, the education minister apologized Joseph Vallettara, who in a conference in Milan had substantially exalted “humiliation” to punish bullies with socially useful jobs. “At the moment I have used a certainly inadequate term – said the minister – I confirm the message: learn the humility of apologizing. In that video – he … Read more

World Cup|Canada did not get 12 yards twice, which caused controversy. The law enforcement certificate was suspended for false wave charges (10:05)-20221124-Sports-Instant News

Belgian midfielder Enrique Callasgo committed a handball in the penalty area in the 9th minute of the game. After the ball certificate was reviewed by VAR, Canada was awarded 12 yards. save. However, the Canadian team aggressively attacked and still had the opportunity to gain two more 12-yard yards before the end of the first … Read more

[전국]Stealth patrol car, highway vehicle fire just passed by ‘controversy’

Controversy is brewing after it is known that police officers belonging to the Chungcheongbuk-do Police Agency turned away even after seeing a car on fire on the highway. It was found that a secret patrol car belonging to the 10th district of the Chungcheongbuk-do Police Agency’s Highway Patrol Team passed by ignoring the vehicle fire … Read more

Overtrained players? Controversy in Brazil over the hard training days for Qatar 2022

one of the greats favorites for the World Cup in Qatar 2022the Brazilian team, has been on everyone’s lips in the last few hours due to the hard training sessions that their followers were able to see on social networks. A few days before the ‘verdeamarela’ debut in the FIFA World Cup, from his own … Read more

“More expensive than Lim Young-woong and IU concerts”… Oh Jae-won fan meeting controversy “donation event”

The price of Oh Jae-won’s fan meeting is more expensive than Lim Young-woong’s concert at Gocheok Dome. (Instagram, YES24 capture) Former Doosan Bears player Oh Jae-won, who retired last month, wrote an explanation after controversy over the expensive fan meeting price. On the 20th, Oh Jae-won’s side announced on Instagram about a fan meeting to … Read more