The “Tik Tok” controversy: a national security issue or a violation of freedom of expression?

American warnings of Chinese espionage…and the company is asking for evidence Saturday – 3 Ramadan 1444 A.H. – March 25, 2023 A.D. Issue Number [16188] Washington: Rana Apter A heated session lasted more than 5 hours during which the CEO of “TikTok”, Xu Weizhou, sat in front of angry lawmakers, and strived to dispel their … Read more

Cándido Fabré attacks Otaola and La Diosa during a concert in Camagüey

The controversial Cuban singer Candido Fabre lashed out Alexander Otaola y The goddess during a concert that he gave on Tuesday night in the Montecarlo neighborhood, in the city of Camaguey. “They want to put an end to Cuba, they want to overthrow the revolution, but here no one fucking surrenders…”said the musician before referring … Read more

“I am afraid of envy.” An Egyptian actress hides her marriage from the media and raises controversy

The Egyptian actress, “Jouri Bakr”, revealed the reason for her concealment of her marriage from the media, and her refusal to attend the press cameras at the wedding ceremony of the businessman, noting that she is very afraid of envy. And she continued, in statements reported by the media: “The marriage took place suddenly.” And … Read more

Elon Musk Sparked Controversy After Expressing Opinions About Latte

Jakarta – Elon Musk often gives controversial opinions. This time the latte lover is the target. This is what the world’s billionaire said about adults who like lattes. There are many coffee lovers in the world, but not a few people who like only black coffee. Many of them prefer coffee mixed with milk. One … Read more

Yahaira Plasencia after controversy by saying that she is the only Peruvian making salsa: “My answer was good” (VIDEO) | entertainment-celebs-peru-america today-janet barboza-ethel well-brunella horna | SHOWS

Yahaira Plasencia she decided to respond to the criticism after her interview at ‘Premios Lo Nuestro’ where she declared that ‘she is the only Peruvian doing salsa’. LOOK AT THIS: Leslie Shaw on the controversy of Yahaira Plasencia: “If you don’t know how to express yourself, it’s better not to say anything” (VIDEO) In the … Read more

Controversy over swearing by home shopping performers…”This too shall pass”

Not long ago, the fact that the host of Hyundai Home Shopping broadcasting, Jeong Yoon-jung, swearing during a live broadcast became known to the public through various media, starting with ZDNet Korea, and became a big controversy. It was even known that it was aired while eating gimbap and toast at Lotte Home Shopping, which … Read more

The ball rose before touching it. The way Cristiano Ronaldo hit his goal against Abha raises controversy (video)

Cristiano Ronaldo ) The way Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of the Saudi club Al-Nasr, took the direct free kick and scored a wonderful goal from it against his team against his counterpart, Abha, in the framework of the Saudi League matches, raised confusion and controversy among the fans. And the pioneers of social networking sites … Read more

“Children passed off as children by gays”. And the controversy breaks out

The Democratic Party “crucifies” Fabio Rampelli. And Nichi Vendola uncomfortable “Herod” to buckle it to the right. The clash over the children of gay couples sends the radical left into a rage. The vice president of the Chamber is the new target of the opposition after his unhappy exit during the program In Onda on … Read more

Al-Azhar settles its opinion on the controversy of the “House of the Abrahamic Family” project

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Islamic Research Academy of Al-Azhar in Egypt, on Saturday, expressed its opinion about what is being raised about the “Abrahamic Family House” project, which is an edifice that combines the three main monotheistic religions, that is, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. In a statement published on the official website … Read more

Angham raises controversy with what she wore, and the audience accuses her of encouraging pedophilia

The Egyptian singer Angham was subjected to many criticisms after appearing at the rehearsals for her concert “Night of the Voice of Egypt” wearing a Balenciaga Yemen shirt, despite the fact that this brand was subjected to extensive campaigns because of its exploitation of children to promote sexual products, which many considered support for pedophilia, … Read more