Alejandra Guzmán would be involved in a new controversy

Alejandra Guzmán would be involved in a new controversy, since she allegedly relapsed into old addictions, which led her to lose control and star in an unpleasant scene in a hotel in Cancun, Quintana Roo. After her participation in the filming of The Game of Keys 2, the singer would take three days of partying … Read more

The massive distribution of vaccines in Mexico starts with the controversy of inequality between states | Society

Health personnel receive the dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, this Wednesday at the Health Hospital in the city of Cuernavaca in the state of Morelos (Mexico).Tony Rivera / EFE The massive vaccination campaign against covid-19 has started in Mexico with controversy. With the help of the Army, the Government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador … Read more

Boris Johnson, at the center of the controversy over a ‘getaway’ by bicycle in full confinement

UK Johnson expands the vaccination network to reach the goal of 15 million: pharmacies, outpatient clinics … Pandemic The United Kingdom once again exceeds a thousand daily deaths from Covid-19 for the first time since April The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, made a escape of 11 kilometers by bicycle on Sunday, in full confinement, … Read more

Ryanair is considering ending several of its operations in the United Kingdom due to the controversy after Brexit

The final ‘Brexit’ agreement reached just a few days ago between the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) has meant a major change within the context of some of the main European airlines. This is the case with the Irish low-cut airline, Ryanair, which values ​​the option to stop operating some of its frequencies … Read more

Trump’s expulsion from Twitter sparks controversy | U.S

A controversy broke out in the United States after Twitter’s decision to permanently cancel President Donald Trump’s account, citing risks of “further incitement to violence” after the deadly insurrection in the federal Capitol on Wednesday Shannon McGregor, an associate professor of journalism and media at the University of North Carolina, said the move allows Twitter … Read more

Julio Shebelut returns to Panamanian television without grudges

Like that warrior of a thousand battles, the sportscaster Julio Shebelut raises his forehead and looks to the horizon to face the new challenges that life and his professional career put on Panamanian television. Recovered from old wounds, left by the battles of the past, Shebelut takes her microphone and prepares to write a new … Read more

In Senegal, controversy over the introduction of a sexual and reproductive education program in schools

Senegalese high school students during a bac test. Credit: DR Senegalese teachers’ unions denounced, at the end of December, an attempt to introduce modules of sexual education and reproductive health into school curricula for children from the age of 5. This information provoked the outrage of religious families and Islamic associations, forcing the head of … Read more

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry start 2021 with new controversy

2021 began with a new controversy involving the Maghan Markle and Prince Harry. The couple began the year by sharing a letter on the site of their foundation, however the publication and photos released did not please the British palace, especially Charles of England. Through Archewell, the official page of the foundation of the Duke … Read more

Extradited to the United States? London justice decides Assange’s fate

More news from International Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, hopes to know if the British justice finally decides to extradite him to the United States, which demands him to try him for espionage and could sentence him to up to 175 years in prison. In a case that its defenders denounce as key to … Read more

Rohit sparked a storm of controversy by eating ‘beef’!

A fan named Navaldeep Singh posted a video of five Indian cricketers eating at a restaurant in Melbourne on social media. In the video, Rohit Sharma, Shubhaman Gill and five other cricketers from the Sydney Test team are in trouble. Don’t break protocol. In addition, the new debate is added! They face a controversy in … Read more