Residents Help Susi Air Pilots and Passengers After the Plane Crash, Victims Evacuated to Mimika – Aircraft Susie Water PK-BVM carrying seven crew and passengers crashed in Duma, Paniai Regency, PapuaThursday (23/6/2022). The community around the crash site plays an important role in helping to save passengers and crew. Also read: Susi Air Plane Accident, Pilots and Passengers Safely Evacuated to Timika News of the disappearance of Susi Air … Read more

The erosion of bitcoin and other digital currencies: 70% lost in six months. The Swiss Consob: “Similarities with the crash of ’29”

Resumes the progressive weakening of bitcoin and other digital currencies. Again in sync with the stock markets. Perhaps even more problematic than the dips themselves. In recent years, bitcoin has tried to establish itself as an alternative investment to lists, a form of alleged diversification. In fact, this assumption is proving to be inconsistent. The … Read more

Crash around the new Sparta coach! Danish Priske is demanding twelve million

A report appeared in the Belgian media, but it is also of interest to Czech fans. The new coach of the Sparta football Brian Priske sued his former employer Royal Antwerp, who allegedly owes him 12.3 million crowns. Priske already unofficially knew a few days before the last playoff match against Union (0: 1) that … Read more

Cryptocurrency crash leads to mass sale of graphics cards for mining

Life is not easy for those who currently invest in the cryptocurrency market. Digital currencies have suffered heavy drops in their valuation, which becomes a significant concern for all fans of this segment. The consequences are starting to be noticed because, according to the latest information, the fall in the value of cryptocurrencies is leading … Read more

The charred body in the motorcycle crash in Rome is by Massimo Bochicchio. In 60 days, the results of the autopsy on his body

Il test of Dna has dispelled all doubts: it is of Massimo Bochicchio the charred body in the accident that took place on Sunday long via Salariaa Roma. The prosecutor of the capital had ordered the examination to confirm that the victim of the crash in motion was just the broker accused of cheating for … Read more

NASA introduces a free web game “Game: Super Planet Crash” to learn to simulate the operation of celestial bodies through games

Set up by NASA, the website “Astronomy Picture of the Day”, which regularly puts up a featured astronomical map every day, shared the free web game “Game: Super Planet Crash” on June 19. By simulating a planetary system, Allows players to add stars anywhere near the stars in different celestial panels, and get points based … Read more

The famous Oscar director who defeated Brokeback Mountain was arrested for sexual assault | Entertainment | CTWANT

Paul Haggis. (Photo / Dazhi / Associated Press) Canadian director Paul Haggis once beat Ang Lee’s “Brokeback Mountain” with “Crash” and won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing 3 prizes. Unexpectedly, Paul Haggis was detained on the 19th for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in Italy. According to the … Read more

Tragic crash in a motorcycle, the commander of the Carabinieri of Fiorano dies

A dramatic accident cost the life of a motorcyclist today afternoon, who was traveling along the Provincial 486, in the industrial area of ​​Castellarano (RE). The centaur collided with a car near via Benedetto Croce. It happened around 2.30pm. Unfortunately, the intervention of 118 was in vain for the motorcyclist, who died instantly. The victim … Read more

Collision in flight, then the crash: two paratroopers died

A day of celebration ended in mourning. Yesterday, 18 June, at the Campovolo in Reggio Emilia, at an event sponsored by the Aeroclub of Pisa, two paratroopers died falling to the ground, due to a problem during the launch. The announcement is made by the local Bfu Drop Zone training center, as told by … Read more