Dacia has shown its vision of the largest SUV: what does the 4.6 m long Bigster remind you of?

15 min. GAZAS journalists are often invited to take a look around the creative laboratories of producers. In them, the developers usually speak in sleek phrases and emphasize that we only see the concept before our eyes. It also sets strict deadlines for when information about a new model can be published in general. Dacia … Read more

The new Dacia model won’t even have doors. It’s not a joke, it’s literally bald

Flat tires, removable battery and sleeping bags on the seats. This concept is thought out to the last detail in order to make your life in nature more pleasant! When Dacia began to write its modern history in 2004 and the Dacia 1300/1310 models, built on the basis of the prehistoric Renault 12, were finally … Read more

Dacia is facing big changes

We got to know firsthand the ambitious plans of the Romanian car manufacturer, the first step of which is to renew its image. There is no need to fear, the good price-value ratio and the pursuit of the essence will remain, but the design of the models, the equipment of the dealerships and the selection … Read more

Dacia wants to be a leader in affordable mobility – Car

Twenty months after the presentation of Renaulution, the corporate strategic plan that sets the course for each of the Renault Group’s brands, Dacia’s managers say they are ready to move forward and start a new chapter in its history, which includes a radical change in interactions. of the brand with customers. Symbolically, this new chapter … Read more

Dacia Manifesto: an extravagant prototype – Car

More similar to a small ‘rover’ of the Martian expeditions than, properly, with a traditional all-terrain, the Manifesto prototype is, according to the brand, a testing platform for ideas and a vehicle that is connected to nature, friend. environment, and packed with innovations, some of which will also be available on cars in the Dacia … Read more

Test: Dacia Jogger LPG – good price, low consumption, ‘endless’ range! – Car tests – Auto

Photo: Pravda, Martin Domček Dacia Jogger TCe 100 ECO-G (2022) The wheelbase of the Jogger significantly surpasses even the Octavia. The Jogger is an extremely interesting car for exactly the reasons we state in the title of this test. It has a good price, low consumption and, thanks to the combination of petrol and LPG, … Read more

If the SCT is lifted, what will be the prices of new cars in 2022? Toyota Corolla, Fiat Egea, Renault Clio, Renault Megane, Volkwagen Polo, Dacia Duster, i20 how much? Here are the prices of new vehicles without SCT…

The used car market has been lively days lately. Prices are going crazy. After the prices took flight, the government authorities decided that new updates should be made by taking the issue. With new updates to be made SCT now it’s history. With the abolition of the SCT, a significant decrease in prices is expected. … Read more

Dacia Jogger received another residential modification, this time from Spain

The affordable family MPV is presented in another simple residential modification that shortens the wait for a factory conversion. Dacia officially confirmed some time ago that it is working on a residential version of its popular Jogger model. But before the official presentation and market launch, those interested in the “sleeper” modification of the available … Read more