【Microsoft Build】AI enters the Microsoft Store and introduces artificial intelligence to generate review summaries- ezone.hk – Tech Focus – Computer

× <!– –> [Microsoft Build]AI enters the Microsoft Store and introduces artificial intelligence to generate review summaries | Su Jiahua | 27-05-2023 16:08 | | <!—-> This year’s Microsoft Build developer conference brought a lot of exciting news! In addition to the eye-catching Copilot AI assistant and the integration of Bing search into ChatGPT and … Read more

Pokémon GO Plus+ will debut in July, you can catch Pokemon without holding your phone- ezone.hk – Games Anime- Mobile Game Guide

× <!– –> Pokémon GO Plus+ will debut in July, you can catch Pokemon without holding your phone | Huang Junxiang | 26-05-2023 18:32 | | <!—-> Although the craze for the elf-catching game “Pokémon GO” has subsided, I believe that everyone still sees Friends playing on the street from time to time, and the … Read more

Findings of Syphilis Cases in DIY Increase, Only Few Get Treatment

Jakarta – Responding to the trend of increasing cases, the Special Region of Yogyakarta Health Service is intensifying services for syphilis or lion king patients. His party ensured that now every Puskesmas can serve people with syphilis. “Actually, for syphilis, we can check everything for HIV. All health centers can carry out tests and can … Read more

Sony Launches PS5 Access Controller Designed For Gamers With Disabilities- ezone.hk – Game Anime- Esports Games

× <!– –> Sony unveils PS5 Access controller for gamers with disabilities | Huang Junxiang | 21-05-2023 10:00 | | <!—-> In recent years, the technology industry has attached great importance to “barrier-free”, using different software and hardware packages to help users with disabilities. For people with limited mobility, playing games at home may be … Read more

The Girisubo Gunungkidul Police Chief is Officially Shifted to the DIY Regional Police

TRIBUNJOGJA.COM, GUNUNGKIDUL – AKP Isnaini was officially transferred from his position as the Girisubo Police Chief, Gunungkidul. The handover process (sertijab) took place behind closed doors on Thursday (18/05/2023). Head of Public Relations of the Gunungkidul Police, Iptu Suranto said that there were 3 officials who had shifted positions. One of them is AKP Isnaini. … Read more

Citroen AMI; a digital 3D DIY kit | FormulaPassion – Auto World

Make the little Citroen AMI more attractive and eye-catching? Now yes, thanks to the new 3D digital kit created by Chestnut Milan, historic Milanese body shop. An Aston Martin-inspired tuning that the company itself defines as “light“, and which thanks to the total painting of the exterior in the established colors has provided for the … Read more

Residents of Gunungkidul Shot to Death, Kapolda DIY Says First Brigadier MK Has Been Detained

YOGYAKARTA, KOMPAS.com– The Regional Police Chief of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) Inspector General Pol Suwondo Nainggolan confirmed the legal case against First Brigadier MK (27) whose gun exploded causing Aldi Aprianto (19) to die while watching dangdut at Padukuhan Wuni, Nglindur Village, Girisubo, Gunungkidul. Sunday (14/5/2023) evening. “Yes, it was released yesterday that … Read more

There is no biggest but bigger? The screen size of the iPhone 16 Pro Max is rumored to be as large as 6.9 inches – ezone.hk – Tech Focus – iPhone

Since the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has launched a large-screen iPhone every year, and the screen size is getting bigger and bigger. Of course, there is no such thing as the largest screen size, only bigger. It is related to the rumor that the screen size of the iPhone 16 Pro Max launched next year … Read more

DIY Prosecutor’s Office Calls Village Treasury Land Misuse “By Design”

YOGYAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The High Court (Kejati) for the Special Region of Yogyakarta stated that (DIY) the misuse of village treasury land (TKD) was carried out according to a plan or by design. Previously, it was known that a housing developer on village land was arrested by the DIY Prosecutor’s Office. The Head of the … Read more

iVRy decrypts Sony PS VR2 to realize direct connection to PC without PS5 – ezone.hk – Internet Life- Internet Hot Talk

In recent years, VR technology has continued to develop, and game manufacturers have launched VR game products. Among them, Sony’s PS VR2 clearly stated that it must be connected to PS5 to play. However, the latest news came out that the iVRy project successfully cracked PS VR2, and it is possible to directly connect to … Read more