ANALYSIS: Debt-ridden Greece and Italy in trouble. However, the ECB will not allow their bankruptcy

Economies around the world have experienced a series of somersaults in recent years. The previous long-term growth was first curtailed by the coronavirus pandemic – large-scale lockdowns forced governments to provide massive debt relief. However, this led to inflation, the rapid growth of which is fully evident this year. In addition, the war in Ukraine … Read more

Austrian economist: ECB may have to accept a moderate recession

European the central bank may have to settle for moderate recessionto reduce price pressure if he sees signs that inflation expectations are growing, said a member of the Austrian Governing Council Robert Holzmann. “We hope it won’t be necessary,” Holzmann told Austrian public broadcaster ORF on Sunday evening. Related articles We counted whose prices increased … Read more

What the ECB rate hike will change for mortgage borrowers

The rise in interest rates will also contribute to a certain slowdown in activity terovesalainen – DECRYPTION – For the first time in 11 years, the European Central Bank has decided to raise its main interest rate by 0.5%. Bad news for borrowers even if the situation has already been widely anticipated by banks. … Read more

The ECB has raised its key rates for the first time in more than 10 years: what consequences for your money?

There are several key rates, but to put it simply, in one way or another, they correspond to what banks like ING, BNP Paribas Fortis or Belfius have to pay when they borrow money from the Central Bank European. The mission of the ECB is to manage the euro and ensure price stability. It can … Read more

The ECB allowed M. Jason to purchase Medicinas Bank

Medical Bank building in Vilnius. photo of Vladimir Ivanovs (V). Businessman Marius Jakulis Jason will be able to indirectly acquire 100% of Medicinas bankas shares through the company AAA capital and take sole control of it, the European Central Bank has decided. This was reported on Monday evening during the Baltic Stock Exchange. Medicinos bankas … Read more

With the new anti-spread shield, the ECB reintroduces the Troika

The European Central Bank (ECB) presented the new anti-spread shield, the Transmission Protection Instrument (TPI), with the aim of supporting its monetary policy and reducing the difference between the yields of national government bonds – BTP to ten years in Italy – and the German counterparts, the so-called bund. It is, in effect, a government … Read more

Austrian Central Bank chief: ECB can hit recession sooner to control prices

Robert Holzmann, Governor of the Austrian Central Bank. Photo by Leonhard Foeger (Reuters / Scanpix). The European Central Bank (ECB) may accept a small recession to control price pressures, according to Robert Holzmann, head of the Austrian central bank and member of the ECB’s Governing Council. The ECB can maintain such a position if it … Read more

Unlock the global food crisis “Russia-Ukraine” signed grain export agreement I TNN making hours I 25-07-65

Follow-up factors 1. Unlock the global food crisis “Russia-Ukraine” signed an agreement on grain exports. 2. Manufacturing sector in the Eurozone contracted heavily. Drop to lowest in 25 months 3. WHO declares “smallpox monkey” a global public health emergency #Russia #Ukraine #grains #eurozone #WHO #smallpox #public health ‘ can be found on TNN Money Hours … Read more

ECB may have to accept a mild recession

Austrian Central Bank Governor Robert Holzmann said: European Central Bank (ECB) may have to accept a mild recession to stem inflationary pressures. Holzman added that the decision to tighten monetary policy at the central bank meeting next September will depend on developments in the economic outlook. That will determine whether the next step is another … Read more