The volume of the revenues of the e-commerce market in Saudi Arabia is 8 billion dollars in 2021

E-commerce expert Mahmoud bin Muhammad Fajal revealed that e-commerce has dominated the global market, and has become a solid base for the economies of countries and the financial leadership of individuals and private companies, and based on the Saudi focus on the global market, and effective investment in it.

Soon you will be able to edit messages already sent on WhatsApp – Marketing 4 Ecommerce

WhatsApp is working on the beta version of a new feature, editing messages once they have been sent. This will prevent people from having to delete messages and then rewrite them. Through his Twitter account, the specialized medium WABetaInfo has been in charge of advancing the news of the new function of the platform. Likewise, … Read more

Nomad, the startup that seeks to eliminate e-commerce intermediaries

En 2021, in the midst of a pandemic, Tomás Sahli, CEO of Singular Hotels, witnessed how the hotel sector was strongly affected by sanitary restrictions. He attempted to sell vacuum-packed frozen meals, however he was limited by the distribution center location. Thus, the 35-year-old commercial engineer and director of the National Chamber of Commerce prepared … Read more

Observers Expect E-commerce to Facilitate Local MSMEs Go Global Amid Export Barriers

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Local MSMEs in Indonesia have very promising export potential. However, unfortunately this potential is still hampered due to various factors. Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Sri Mulyani Indrawati When he was a speaker at the event ‘500K New Exporters Stimulates SME Exports’ last April, he mentioned five main obstacles that … Read more

E-commerce survey: The fresh food and beverage segment grew the most in Lithuania

Although the pandemic led to a rapid increase in total e. the growth of the commercial segment, with the twice-growing category of fresh food and beverages rising to the top, was revealed by a study conducted last year. According to the respondents, this was due to the fact that during the quarantine they managed to … Read more

Jumia’s revenue says a lot about African e-commerce

Jumia, the pan-African e-commerce company (and the only continent-based technology company listed on the NYSE), has released its first quarter financial results. The company’s results included steady growth but deviations in some areas from Jumia’s previous quarter. Compared to the first quarter of 2021, Jumia recorded double-digit growth in orders, gross merchandise value (GMV) and … Read more

E-commerce: Amazon sues 4 companies for fake reviews

Zoe Kleinman Technology Editor – BBC May 6 2022 picture released, Getty Images E-commerce giant Amazon is suing four companies, accusing it of intentionally flooding its shopping platform with fake reviews. Data for three of those four companies indicate that they have approximately 350,000 references to Amazon products. Review companies act as an informal intermediary … Read more

E-commerce regulation created controversy – Dünya Gazetesi

Canan SAKARYA / Selenay YAĞCI The regulation, which envisages changes in the e-Commerce Legislation of the Ministry of Commerce, created a debate in the sector. The e-commerce regulation, which the Ministry of Commerce has been working on for a long time and announced as protecting the consumer and preventing unfair competition in e-marketplaces, has been … Read more

Online merchant banking business adjustment: Gradually suspend Alipay cash withdrawal from April 21- E-commerce- Payment / Fintech

April 18 news, a few days ago,MYbank issued the “Announcement on Business Adjustment and Welfare Fund Upgrade Related to MYBank Class II Accounts”.The announcement said,From April 21, 2022, MYbank will gradually suspend the business related to Alipay cash withdrawal or transfer to MYBank Class II accounts.At the same time, the type II account of MYbank … Read more