English press hunts for ‘hottest prospect’ World Cup, but Gakpo is not tempted

ANP NOS Football•Sunday, 4:41 PM Thierry Boon NOS editor in Qatar Thierry Boon NOS editor in Qatar The first question hits the spot right away. Does Cody Gakpo know about the stories about Manchester United’s interest? “I focus on the World Cup, but it’s nice to hear such rumors,” the protagonist responds calmly. Just before … Read more

The English national team has good news for the Leicester midfielder. Fit to fight the last game of the group stage

England have received good news after it was revealed that Leicester City midfielder James Maddison could return to training with his team-mates. England boss Gareth Southgate has called up James Maddison to his squad for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. He hasn’t touched a single minute of the game as he is recovering from … Read more

Few but good: an English club offers CR7 a good 35 pounds a week…

AFC Crewe, a club in the fourteenth tier of English football and belonging to the Crewe & District Football League, has made a formal proposal to the Portuguese to make him the highest paid of the team… Cristiano Ronaldo has been free since Tuesday, when he reached a “consensual agreement” to leave Manchester United with … Read more

The three most discounted Iberian hams from the English Cut. Last minute!

The Iberian Ham It is obtained from Iberian pigs, as its name indicates, and it is one of the highest quality sausages that we can buy. In Spain it is usually served on special occasions such as Christmas, as it is not very cheap. However, department stores The English Court they sell a fantastic Iberian … Read more

Crusaders are not allowed here. The Cathars expelled the English in the costumes of Christian knights

Some England fans were prevented from entering the stands before the World Cup match due to historical costumes. In the new episode of Sports Social, you will see what kind of reinforcements the Americans are preparing for Qatar. 1:35 Crusaders are not allowed here. The Cathars expelled the English in the costumes of Christian knights … Read more

Maguire Fortifies England like Maldini, “It’s Coming Home” Echoes Again Pages all

KOMPAS.com – Harry Maguire presents a different level of appearance when defending the national team English from World Cup 2022. Singing “football is coming home” echoed again. England made a solid start at the 2022 World Cup by beating Iran 6-2 at the Khalifa International Stadium, Qatar, Monday (21/11/2022). Harry Maguire became one of the … Read more

Video: fans went out for beer and ended up playing with a lion – People – Culture

There are many stories that have surrounded the Qatar World Cup 2022, which just started. However, this is only proof of the great impact that the most anticipated football event of all is generating. It is not a secret to anyone that this World Cup takes place in one of the richest countries in the … Read more

No alcohol in Qatar, the crazy reaction of an English international

Eric Dier, the England central defender, reacted with humor to the decision taken by FIFA to ban the sale of alcohol around the stadiums of the 2022 World Cup. “You can have fun without drinking alcohol” This is an announcement that does not fail to react. On Friday, FIFA announced that the sale of alcohol … Read more

From vaccine to treatment, find out what is made available by SUS to face Covid-19 — English (Brazil)

In the largest vaccination campaign in the country’s history, the Federal Government distributed more than 519 million doses against Covid-19 to all units of the federation. About R$ 35 billion were invested in the purchase of vaccines. From immunization to treatment, the Unified Health System (SUS) provides the necessary actions to face the disease in … Read more

On CDMX, they translate audio from Old Iron into English and it goes viral

They popularize audio of the “Old Iron” in CDMX, but… In English? Photo: Getty Though the CDMX woke up with contingency this November 14the inhabitants put on a good face and thanks to one of them a video where they translate the now world famous audio of “old iron” al English. Do they translate audio … Read more