at the derby also English and Spanish fans. Violent escalation is feared

The Viminale had foreseen it and, punctually, the pre-derby climate was full of tensions. In the pre-race there were scuffles with an injured officer and a frequent throwing of objects at the police. After the match, fortunately, the situation returned to normal with an outflow without major problems from the point of view of public … Read more

Emirates News Agency – Arsenal strengthen their lead in the English Premier League by defeating Crystal Palace

Sunday, March 19, 2023 – 10:26 PM London, March 19, WAM/ Arsenal continued its successive victories in the English Football League championship, by defeating Crystal Palace 4-1 today, Sunday, in the 28th round of the competition.Arsenal strengthened its lead in the competition table, raising its score to 69 points after achieving its sixth consecutive victory … Read more

FC Barcelona | Why was Dembélé watching a game in the stands of a second English?

15/03/2023 On 03/16/2023 at 00:50 CET The Barça forward was caught in the box of the Sunderland field along with a good friend of his He watched the match between Sunderland and Sheffield United of the English Championship live Ousmane Dembele was this past Wednesday, March 15, in the box of the Sunderland stadium to … Read more

Watch.. A Saudi child speaks English and reports on the Formula 1 race in Jeddah

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented a Saudi child presenting an English-language report on the Formula 1 race held in Jeddah. And the child said during a video clip: “Hello everyone, I am Omar, and today I am in Formula 1 here in Jeddah and the 2023 race. Now it is the third race that … Read more

China puts English in the drawer: waste of time and energy for the little ones

Listen to the audio version of the article In China there is a strategic competence that risks ending up in the drawer. We are not talking about teaching the violin or the piano, or even artistic gymnastics or a competitive sport equally important to the country. No. At the center of a possible slowdown is … Read more

Arsenal In Danger! Leaving Mainstay Players in the Crucial Phase of the English League

TRIBUNPALU.COM – Arsenal must get bad news in the crucial phases of the Premier League competition. Arsenal, who are struggling to maintain their top position in the Premier League standings, must lose their flagship player. The player is William Lilina. The 21-year-old defender had to step aside from the Arsenal squad due to an injury. … Read more

Download and watch Kimetsu no yaiba season 3 full movie, with English subtitles Washington life

Download and watch a movie Kimetsu no yaiba season 3 full movie Egybest full translatorcompared to other anime like Black Clover or Naruto ، Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) It has a relatively limited plot while the plot is not one that has been going on for decades, the movie Kimetsu no yaiba season 3 … Read more

British billionaire Alfie Best JR Stop Using Gold after Converting, Wants to Be a Good Muslim

Alfie Best JR, British billionaire admitted that he stopped using gold after becoming a convert. This is in accordance with the teachings of the Islamic religion that he adheres to today. Photo/Instagram @alfie_best LONDON – Alfie Best JR the British billionaire admits to stopping wearing it’s not after being convert . This he did according … Read more

British billionaire Alfie Best JR converts to Islam, shocks fans

Alfie Best JR, British billionaire, declares himself a convert or new convert to Islam. Photo/Lollywood City LONDON – Billionaire English Alfie Best JR surprised his fans after giving himself a hug Islam . Alie Best, whose real name is Alfred William Best, is the most successful businessman from Romanichal. He is also known as a … Read more

US Spy Stabbed in Terrorist Attack in UK

The employees work at the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) which is the center of intelligence activity in the UK. Photo/itn LONDON – The woman who was injured in last week’s knife attack in Gloucestershire was a US intelligence agent seconded to UK surveillance. The Daily Mail reported this on Tuesday (14/3/2023). Last Thursday’s incident, initially … Read more