PHP 8.2 is available in beta 2. This version offers null, true and false as standalone types as well as constants in traits

Since August 4, PHP 8.2 beta 2 is available. Beta 3 is expected on August 18 and a series of 6 RCs will begin on August September to end on November 10. PHP 8.2 will be generally available on November 24, 2022. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare for the latest version … Read more

War/Conflicts, Politics | Tankesmie: False accusation about nuclear power plants undermines warnings about the danger of nuclear disaster

Thought smithy Institute for the study of war (ISW) writes that the fake news diverts attention from the very real danger posed by Russia’s alleged militarization of the nuclear power plant. According to the think tank, several media in the West and in Ukraine reported on Monday that the Russian military leader in the area … Read more

filing for prof Procaccianti

No forgery and no procedural fraud: the coroners who carried out the second autopsy on the body of Mario Biondo, the Palermo cameraman found hanged in his home in Madrid on May 30, 2013, Paolo Procaccianti and Dario Daricello, operated correctly and never altered either the results of the report or some findings needed to … Read more

Meeting with the bear in Spormaggiore, the Province confirms: «it was a” false attack “, he had a free dog». And remember the rules – Chronicle

SPORMAGGIORE. Il Faunal Service of the Autonomous Province of Trento confirms the close encounter with a bear accompanied by a cub of which a man who was in the woods of Spormaggiore with your dog (free, but a few meters from the owner). According to what was reconstructed by the testimony of the hiker, after … Read more

They accuse that ex-conventional Constanza Hube distributed documents with false statements about the NC proposal | National

The ex-conventional, Constanza Hube, was accused of delivering a document with false statements about the proposed New Constitution. About the document, her former co-worker, and also her lawyer, Daniel Stingo, pointed out that “he distributes them in the street without shame.” The ex-conventional, Constanza Hube, was accused of sharing a manual whose content has false … Read more

False calls to put the fourth dose of Covid –

It is best to hang up immediately. Health authorities have warned of a new telephone scam in which criminals pose as professionals from the Ministry of Health to make victims believe that they have to make an appointment for the fourth dose of the COVID vaccine. Fraudsters call those affected directly on their mobile phone. … Read more

The Russian occupiers paid the Ukrainians pensions in false rubles

In the Melitopolska region of occupation the Russian administration tried to pay the pensioners money, but half the banknotes turned out to be counterfeit. Rumors of circulating “fakes” have been around for a long time, which was no coincidence. In this way, the invaders tried to discredit the Ukrainian authorities, led by the mayor of … Read more