Villarejo had a false ID in the eighties despite being outside the Police: lawyer José Javier Hidalgo

The exceptionality in which José Manuel Villarejo’s police career developed for four decades lasted during his decade on leave of absence, between 1983 and 1993. He has had access to an unpublished document: the identity card that the Ministry of the Interior issued to Villarejo in July 1984 with a false name and profession … Read more

The story of Linda Lovelace, star of “Deep Throat” who became a false icon of feminism

Linda Lovelace’s parable is one of the most fascinating in the film industry. For many, she was the most important porn actress of the 20th century, the woman who glamorized a shadowy and often sordid industry. And at the same time destroyed her in an intricate charade of female sexual liberation with the film that … Read more

The implementation of the Blue Code in CDMX COVID hospitals is false: Health

The implementation of the Blue Code in CDMX COVID hospitals is false: Salud REUTERS / Carlos Jasso / File photoRumors indicated that a supposed Blue code It was implemented in the COVID hospitals of Mexico City due to the high demand for beds for critically ill patients who require intubation or a bed with a … Read more

Renowned doctor organized a party with celebrities in Puerto Colombia and announced it on a false site to mislead the authorities

The journalist Polo Díaz Granados made the complaint through his Twitter account. On the night of this Friday, January 8, while the inhabitants of the municipality of Puerto Colombia had to abide by the dry law and the curfew imposed by the Government of the Atlantic, the renowned plastic surgeon Marcos Petro would have starred … Read more

True or false? The debate on six conclusions of the first weeks of the NBA 2020-2021 season | Argentina

1h ago Golden State Warriors Will Stephen Curry be the top scorer of the course? Will Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid part ways despite a good start for the Philadelphia 76ers? Will Paul George be one of the finalists for MVP? Russell Westbrook’s lace at Washington Wizards not ideal? A particular analysis of the actuality … Read more

False declaration of a claim and insurance: forfeiture of guarantee

→ A clear clause and no equivocal in accordance with L. 112-4 of the Insurance Code Moreover, theArticle L. 112-4 of the Insurance Code comes to frame the debates of opposability. Even if contractually provided for, the clause providing for the forfeiture must still be enforceable against the insured, either written clearly and unequivocally. Article … Read more

01.Set (V) for true (F) for false, according to the text. a. () To reverse mortgage

Complete the sentence with the correct option. “The mother …” (She) a) I like the novel b) We like the novel c) The novel likes them d) … They like the novel e) They like the novel The verbs in imperatives that appear in the kitten’s speech are expressing A) request or request B) invitation … Read more

Macron says Brexit is the product of “many lies and false promises” in his New Year’s Eve message

He noted that, despite the decision to leave the European Union, the UK will remain an ally of his country. French President Emmanuel Macron noted in his New Year’s Eve message that once outside the EU, the UK will remain an ally and friend of his country, but said that Brexit was the product of … Read more

The Nation / DNCP denies the purchase of drugs to cancer patients: “Enough of false promises”

Almost 4 months after the entry of COVID-19 into our country and the application of the quarantine for this disease, for which the Ministry of Health took all the praise and applause both locally and internationally, since to date it is one of the countries with the least deaths from coronavirus, patients with other types … Read more

Malware distributed via Amazon gift card emails | Lifestyle

Although there are many techniques and methods used for the distribution of viruses and malware, the truth is that one of the most used for a long time are the emails. In this way, hackers can easily reach thousands or millions of people easily and quickly. Cybercriminals can infect us with specially crafted viruses or … Read more