Apple’s iPhone 13 pre-order setup process sends “Pre-order expired” messages to some users, but it’s probably just a problem [Update: Fixed]

Update: As of 5:30 AM PST, the “pre-order expired” issue appears to have been resolved for many Apple customers. Some Apple customers who have been through pre-approval steps buy a new one iPhone 13 on the Apple website or apple store application see the message “Your iPhone pre-order has expired “when checking your order status … Read more

Tesla was asking him $ 22,500 to change a battery. An independent workshop fixed it for $ 5,000

The electric car battery It is the heart of that car. It’s like the engine in a gasoline car. It is the most expensive element and the one that makes the difference with respect to rival brands and models. And when it fails out of warranty and needs to be replaced, the bill can be … Read more

A breakdown of $ 22,500 in a Tesla battery is fixed for 5,000 in an external workshop – Trivia – Hybrids and Electrical

The battery is the most expensive item in a electric car and hence, one of the most feared breakdowns in this type of vehicle. To that is added another factor: when there is a relatively serious problem with them, official technical services tend to replace the entire battery, resulting in a bill that would scare … Read more

Osiptel: 79% of users report having problems with the fixed internet

How satisfied are public telecommunications services in Peru? The answer is not so encouraging when it comes to fixed internet which, due to the effect of the pandemic, has become the service most demanded by Peruvians. 67% of users have indicated that they are moderately or not very satisfied with this service nationwide. This is … Read more

The Cabinet has given the green light to “Million Houses Phase 2” with a fixed interest rate of 1.99% for 4 years.

GH Bank reveals that the Cabinet has given the green light for the project “Million Houses Phase 2”, total credit line 20,000 million baht, fixed interest for the first 4 years, 1.99% per year, lending to buy houses with a purchase-sale price of not more than 1,200,000 baht, both new houses – second-hand houses – … Read more

Respawn says Apex Legends will be fixed by clicking

Apex LegendsThe developers will fix “click bombing”, a form of player movement primarily used by PC gamers that allows them to make tight turns to escape counterattack or mount less counterattack from mobile opponents. Respawn Entertainment Tuesday to babble This method will be eliminated with the next patch. After much study and discussion, we decided … Read more

Fixed income from Al-Ahly Bank for pensioners.. Platinum password

canpensionersStarting to create a project of their own, enabling them to achieve a monthly income that helps them with personal needs, and in the same framework provides Ahli Bank Al-Masry has issued several savings certificates, which achieve a fixed monthly income. National Bank of Egypt saving certificates for pensioners: Platinum Certificate: The minimum value of … Read more

Telecom has greatly increased speeds and changed fixed internet programs (+ offer overview)

Telekom today announced in a press release about the new Magio Internet offer, which brings new programs, higher speeds on the optics, a new guaranteed speed on the metallic connection and also a higher transmission speed. He has prepared up to 4 different connection packages for optics. From August 26, Telekom will include the OptikNET … Read more

China announced the termination of the transmission of COVID-19

China defeats another coronavirus outbreak Prior to this, a surge in internal morbidity among residents of the PRC was recorded on July 20. The increase in the number of cases is associated with the delta strain. In China, for the first time since July, all new cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in arrivals … Read more

Juventus, seven decisive days for Cristiano Ronaldo: the price has been fixed

The last days of the transfer market will be decisive for whether or not Cristiano Ronaldo stays at Juventus. Meanwhile, the Bianconeri set the price of the Portuguese Seven days until the final transfer market gong, seven days in which, second the Corriere dello Sport, Jorge Mendes will attempt to place Cristiano Ronaldo, awakening the … Read more