Fixed shot on Africa | The union event

Lausanne will vibrate to the images and rhythms of Africa through the 16th edition of the Festival de Cinémas dedicated to it Strong comeback of the Festival Cinémas d’Afrique* in Lausanne after a thwarted period due to the health crisis. For this 16e edition, the event, which will take place from August 17 to 21, … Read more

News from the battlefield: Ukrainian command fixed the problem in Donbass

Note: The following overview does not claim to be complete. It is undoubtedly lagging behind the actual development of events and will certainly be inaccurate in some respects. A number of claims by the warring parties can only be confirmed with a delay, if at all. Sources are linked by clicking in the text. The … Read more

Is it better to choose a fixed or variable contract for its energy consumption? The difference can reach 3,870 euros!

Published on 08/09 at 04:00 Par Benoit Jacquemart The difference in annual bill between fixed contracts and variable contracts can reach 3,870 euros for a typical Walloon household. Good to know if you need to renew or modify your supply contract. ** **** ***** ******* ** ******* ** ********** ************ **** *** ********* ****** ***** … Read more

Should we get rid of the fixed monthly amount for energy? This is the result of the statement of the day

A small majority (54 percent) of the participants agree with the statement of the day. They believe that we no longer have to pay a fixed monthly amount for energy, as we now do, but that we should pay for what we have actually used. “Being fairer to the consumer will save a lot of … Read more

Blocking €8 billion for Ukraine: Zelensky’s reaction

Photo: Ukraine expects 8 billion euros from the EU The head of state expressed hope that this is a mistake of one country, which will be corrected. The delay in macro-financial assistance promised to Ukraine in the amount of 8 billion euros is either a crime or a mistake. This was stated by President … Read more

Banco Santander fixed term, new rate: how much do you earn with $80,000

Traditional fixed terms offer a new interest rate for a few days. How much can be earned in 30 days by placing 80,000 pesos By Mariano Jaimovich 01/08/2022 – 19,17hs The rises in interest rates at the end of last month, generates that savers have a calculator in hand to know how much they can … Read more

Dollar, fixed term, shares and the 5 keys of the week

With the arrival of Sergio Massa to the National Cabinet as Minister of Economy, Production and Agriculture, these are the 5 variables that must be monitored By Christian A. Buteler 01/08/2022 – 06,58hs Since “Keys of the Week” We will try to bring the data to be taken into account in the week that begins, … Read more

Announcement on the addition of Taixin Wealth Fund Sales Co., Ltd. as an agency agency for some funds under China Securities Construction Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., the opening of regular fixed investment business and the development of preferential fee rates_Subscription_Fund_Taixin

Original title: Announcement on the addition of Taixin Wealth Fund Sales Co., Ltd. as a sales agency for some funds under China Securities Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. According to the securities investment fund sales service agreement signed by China Securities Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and Taixin Wealth Fund Sales Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred … Read more

Until when will Abdeslam Ahizoune continue to monopolize fixed Internet access in Morocco?

aA It was late in the evening of Monday July 25 that Maroc Telecom published a press release. The information, laconic, was intended to inform the general public that the National Telecoms Regulatory Agency (ANRT), had just sanctioned it with a heavy fine, by inflicting on it a record amount of penalty payments of 2, … Read more