Microsoft fixed the problem of falling performance in games on Windows 11

In September of this year, Microsoft released Windows 11 22H2 – a functional update for your operating system. Shortly thereafter, users began complaining about slow gaming performance, and the software giant was forced to acknowledge the problem. Now, the developers have released a preview version of the update KB5020044, which will solve the problem with … Read more

Fixed deposit ─ 5% article: Dah Sing Bank up to 5.3% minimum 6 Bank 5% or above – Hong Kong Economic Times – Financial Management – Interest rate strategy

“Fixed margins are good” analyzes the best fixed deposits of margin banks from different angles, remember to click at the end of the article to bury other articles! “Good Time Deposit” helps you find the best 5% option. Bank fixed deposit, 5% option will come one after another.So far, 6 banks have joined this“5% club”.The … Read more

Win11 game performance bug finally fixed: Microsoft restores 22H2 version update for affected devices | XFastest News

Earlier this month, a large number of users reported that under the Win11 22H2 system, using NVIDIA graphics cards will cause problems such as game performance degradation, unstable frame rate, and abnormally low CPU usage, some even less than 5%. Microsoft said that this is because of a software bug, which caused some games and … Read more

DBS promotes 1-week fixed deposit with 10% interest rate of 500,000 yuan to earn 959 yuan quickly

DBS Bank Near the end of the year, the capital situation in Hong Kong is further tense. The one-month Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate (HIBOR) linked to mortgages is approaching 4%. The competition among banks for fixed deposits is also becoming more intense. Yesterday, a rare 10% high interest rate appeared! DBS Bank announced that … Read more

Shocking news. The match of the Polish national team may have been fixed Polish national team

The Polish U-21 team won a friendly against Turkey in Croatia on Monday 3:2. It was the team’s first victory since coach Michał Probierz took over. According to Mateusz Miga from the editorial office TVP sports the match could be fixed. He provided evidence of this on the site The Poles, however, were not … Read more

Windows Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Have Been Hacked and Not Fully Fixed by Microsoft!Beware of Malicious Phishing Attacks- Free Electronic News 3C Technology

(Photo/Reuters) Foreign mediaIlsoftwareAccording to reports, Microsoft released a routine security update patch for the Windows system in early November, patching a zero-day vulnerability numbered “CVE-2022-41091”. Before the vulnerability was patched, it had been hacked Launch a wave of large-scale phishing attacks to spread the Qbot malware to invade the computer device of the hacker. In … Read more

Common fixed term or UVA fixed term?: reveal which is appropriate

The traditional fixed term is once again attractive after the new official inflation data was released, which indicates that a 6.3% price increase was registered throughout October. That is, a percentage similar to the interest rate of a 30-day placement. Therefore, the challenge now is know if this situation will continue in the coming months, … Read more

The developers have fixed one of the most annoying “bugs” in Modern Warfare II

Last week’s update caused an unexpected error. Modern Warfare II officially debuted on October 28, but the first season had to wait a few weeks. Fortunately, Season 01 arrived on November 16, along with Warzone 2.0 and DMZ modes, so farming could begin. The developers touched on several things, refined some of the weapons, and … Read more

A fixed deposit is a good way to make a fixed deposit ─ If you have 100,000 yuan, would you like to make a fixed-term deposit? 12 banks 4.5% or more for 3 months up to 4.6% (updated on November 18) – Hong Kong Economic Times – Financial Management – Interest Raiders

This article was updated on November 18, 2022. “Fixed margins are good” analyzes the best fixed deposits of margin banks from different angles, remember to click to bury other articles at the end of the article! The bank’s high-interest time deposits are sometimes just a headline attraction, often with a lot of conditions attached, for … Read more

Issues with lagging animations are fixed with iOS 16.2

Ever since iOS 16 was launched a few months ago, many users have complained about lagging animations when switching between different apps. The lagging animations have been at their worst on models with a so-called Promotion screen, i.e. the four Pro models of Iphone 13 and Iphone 14. Fortunately, Apple’s developers now seem to have … Read more