Absent from the Diet, Garthy complains to a dozing lawmaker “I can’t blame you” “Give up to a young guy”: J-CAST News[Full text]

On November 30, 2022, Yoshikazu Azumaya (51), a member of the House of Councilors of the NHK Party, gave a complaint to a sleeping Diet member on Instagram. According to various reports, Azumaya is currently staying in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is absent from the Diet. From Yoshikazu Azumaya’s Instagram (@gaasyy_ch) … Read more

Elon Musk does not give us a break, now he has declared war on Apple and accuses them of being dictators

The boss of the social network continues to ‘make friends’ wherever he goes. There is no doubt that one of the technological news of this 2022 has been the Twitter acquisition by Elon Musk, who after many months of tug of war has ended up becoming the CEO of the blue bird social network. The … Read more

Due to the riots in China, you will not be able to give an Apple iPhone 14 Pro for Christmas

The world’s largest iPhone plant, China’s Foxconn, will suffer from a larger-than-expected reduction in manufacturing after an upsurge in unrest in recent days. Last week, thousands of workers blocked entry to Foxconn and others quit after China tightened its covid lockdown. The biggest problem is that the interruptions occurred days before the Christmas and New … Read more

That’s why Andy Vajna didn’t like Ervin Nagy: he didn’t want to give him the lead role in Kincsem either – Hazai star

Big Ervin always felt that Andy Vajna she doesn’t like him. According to his own admission, behind their disagreement lay an earlier conflict. The 46-year-old actor and the world-famous producer were never in a situation where they could discuss the cause of the conflict. Ervin Nagy and Andy Vajna’s Kincsem conflict According to the Jászai … Read more

These are the zodiac signs that give love a SECOND chance before the end of November

There are times when people do not usually accept a separation so easily, for them it is very difficult to let go of a person with whom they shared great moments, which is why they always seek to give another chance to amor. Know what are the signs of zodiac that despite what has always … Read more

The Vatican is Shocked and Saddened, Asks China to Give an Explanation Immediately

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Vatican accused the Chinese authorities of violating a bilateral agreement on the appointment of bishops, on Saturday (26/11/2022) by installing him in a diocese not recognized by the Holy See. The statement said the Vatican had learned “with surprise and regret” that bishops from other districts had been appointed assistant … Read more

8 classic game remakes you need to give a chance | Games

Classic game remakes have been appearing more frequently in recent years. Aiming to capture veteran players through nostalgia and bring younger players to know famous names from decades ago, this update of graphics, sound and even gameplay usually pleases the public. Recently, more revamped games have been announced for the coming months, with Silent Hill … Read more

Everything indicates that the Epic Games Store is going to give us a good Christmas again: a free game every day – PC

Epic Games you know that his goal to dethrone a Steam it is not an easy task. Before a Valve that break records in players connected and an Epic Games that follows firm step with his strategy of giving free games every week, everything indicates that the panorama will continue to be like this for … Read more

The (un)healthy habits of actress Charlotte Vandermeersch. “I like to eat. That used to give me a lot of stress” | Nina

For her film ‘The Eight Mountains’, which she directed together with her husband Felix van Groeningen, Charlotte Vandermeersch (38) lived with her family in the Italian Alps for two years. She talks to journalist Roxanne Wellens about the search for balance: with her body, her motherhood and with her husband. “Felix and I are demanding … Read more

Belinda has a new cat and can’t believe she doesn’t give in to her charms

Singer Belinda He shared through his Instagram account the photos of his new petIt’s about a white kittenwhich apparently could be the long-haired Himalayan race, which he baptized as “Glen”. In the images we see the artist hugging the feline affectionately and next to them she wrote: “welcome to the family, Glen, thanks for existing”, … Read more