The Government of Mexico deploys more than 3,800 Army and National Guard personnel in Zacatecas to contain the wave of violence

Published: 25 nov 2021 13:30 GMT This security plan, which includes actions in neighboring states, is expected to last for a month, given the alarming figures of 1,267 murders so far in 2021. Since this Thursday, 3,800 Army and National Guard personnel, as well as three helicopter gunships, are deployed in the Mexican state of … Read more

Failed Robbery of Cigarette Warehouse Security Guard Dies, This is What the Police Say

FAILED THE SECURITY ROBBING Cigarette Warehouse Die, This is what the police say TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM – A touching moment occurred when the Surakarta Police Chief Police Commissioner Ade Safri Simanjuntak give an award to the wife of a security guard. Known by the security guard on behalf of Suripto die as a result of dispelling robbers … Read more

Chronology of the sadistic robbery that killed the Solo Cigarette Warehouse security guard

Solo – Robbery and the murder of PT Japan Tbk’s cigarette warehouse security guard Solo, Central Java, Suripto (33) was finally revealed. The perpetrator of RS MM alias S (21) was finally arrested in Wonogiri. The following is a complete chronology of the case. Monday, November 15, 2021 01.30 WIB Victim Suripto was on night … Read more

Motorcyclists form a guard of honor during an impressive farewell to the crashed Elvis | Eindhoven

Several motorcycle clubs visited the funeral on Saturday afternoon. The drivers formed a guard of honor for the Eindhoven Elvis with their motorcycles. As a final tribute to the teenager, they gasped a few times near Rosspad and Byrdstraat. Elvis was buried in a private circle at the Oude Toren in Eindhoven, calculated on his … Read more

“The Hero Girl”… Pictures of the Iranian guard in the streets of Tehran

Supporting photos of Iran’s women’s national team goalkeeper, Zahra Kodayi, are raised in the streets of the Iranian capital, Tehran. Design for the Iranian newspaper “Jam Jam” to support goalkeeper Zahra Kodayi The streets of the Iranian capital, Tehran, were filled with pictures of support for the goalkeeper of the Iranian women’s team, Zahra Kodayi, … Read more

The driver of the car that hit the Viral Security Guard in Medan makes a report back to the police

Medan – security A viral man who was hit and stuck on the hood of a car in Medan made a report to the police. The driver of the car that hit the security guard also made a report back. The driver reported that he felt he was a victim of abuse. He reported being … Read more

Four wounded after the head guard of the car in Rabi, the woman was taken by helicopter

The vehicles collided on Wednesday shortly before 3 pm on road II / 169 in the cadastre of the village of Rabí. “A 55-year-old driver drove a Volkswagen Touareg in the direction of Rabí. The investigation so far shows that the driver has so far, for unknown reasons, drove in the opposite direction on the … Read more

Coast Guard China chases Philippine boats with water cannons, Manila furious: ‘Watch out and get out’

A derelict Philippine Navy ship in the South China Sea.Image AP It is the most serious incident in years between the two countries in the South China Sea. The two Philippine boats were blocked by the Chinese coast guard and had to withdraw. They were on their way to a so-called atoll, a type of … Read more

The broadcast of November 17: How does the border guard in Poland work? // Mortgage lenders on the housing market // ‘Council of State complicit in discrimination’ // Treingate van Segers

Border Guard response to Belarus conflict The migrant crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus continues. Migrants want to cross the border from Belarus to EU country Poland. The situation at the border is complex. How do the Polish border guards deal with this? Correspondent Saskia Dekkers speaks on behalf of news hour with … Read more

The Egyptian Football Association responds to the criticism of “Body Guard” Mohamed Salah

Cairo: «The Gulf» The Egyptian Football Association responded to the criticism of the star of the “Pharaohs”, Mohamed Salah, after the presence of “Body Guard” accompanying him, wherever he went on the field during the match with Gabon in the World Cup qualifiers 2022. Mohamed Salah was criticized by Egyptian fans, considering that the presence … Read more