Jablonski: We have to fill the hole in the club, not spend money we don’t have

“It’s a very important day for the club. I checked before the conference and if I’m not mistaken, so far Korona has never had such a big sponsor and such an important brand as Enea – says the president of the Kielce club, Łukasz Jabłoński. On the first day of spring, Korona Kielce signed a … Read more

X7, a mysterious object about to be engulfed by our central black hole

This supermassive black hole is Sgr A*. The very first image of it was obtained last year thanks to a worldwide network of telescopes, the Event Horizon Telescope. It took five years to successfully make this shot, but in reality, we have been observing this black hole for much longer. For nearly 25 years, we … Read more

“Success follows the best.” Renārs Zeltiņš about victories, losses and the biggest hole in life / Article

In the broadcast record “Success in failure” collected conversations with well-known people about their not-so-easy path to success and encourages the listener that with work, perseverance and determination it is possible to achieve a lot. So what is luck and how big a role does it play in everyone’s life? There is no formula for … Read more

The Universe or a Giant Biological Scientist: The Black Hole is Responsible for Cleaning up Waste | Universe | Giant Creature | Scientist | Black Hole | Excretion | Waste

[Voice of Hope March 17, 2023](Editor: Guo Xiao) What is the universe, I believe this is not just a patent for scientists to study, ordinary people will also think about it when they have time. It’s just that compared with scientists, our statements and ideas don’t have much credibility, but this does not hinder our … Read more

Dangerous site in Visé? A car ends up in a construction hole, possibly due to a lack of signage

Amazing image from Visé, near Liège. “Lack of no-traffic plates, unsafe work“, Yassine wrote to us. The facts took place on Place Reine Astrid, “where we found the shell“, he specifies (it is currently being renovated). A car fell into a hole located on the construction site on Wednesday morning. The workers working on this … Read more

Aimed: a car advances on a construction site and ends its race in a hole

An accident of a particular kind occurred this Wednesday morning in Visé (province of Liège). Place de la Reine Astrid is currently under construction. As a result, the square is transformed into a huge building site. While workers would have removed signs, a car rushed into the site and ended up in a hole, as … Read more

A car falls into a hole in the building site of Place Reine Astrid, in Visé: the driver is safe!

Currently, the main square in the center of Visé, Reine Astrid, is undergoing major work that will completely transform it and make this place a more convivial place for the Cité de l’Oie. The construction site, as everywhere, causes inconvenience. ** ******** ***** *** ** **** ** *** ** ********* *** ************ ********** ****** **** … Read more

Babiš and Sobotka reached into the pension machine. The result is a giant hole

In a legislative emergency, despite four days of obstruction in the Chamber of Deputies and with deaf ears in the Senate, Petr Fiala’s government pushed through a law that limited the June valorization of pensions. Only by doing so did she prevent the pension account from falling into a deficit of 100 billion. The pension … Read more