Hundreds of ODGJ Patients in Cimahi Are Targeted for COVID-19 Vaccines

CIMAHI – A total of 792 patients with Mental Disorders (ODGJ) in Cimahi City were targeted for COVID-19 vaccine injections. They fall into the category of targeting the general public and vulnerable. Based on data led by the Office of Social Affairs, Population Control and Family Planning, Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (DinsosP2KBP) Cimahi City, … Read more

Sydney, hundreds of soldiers in the streets to enforce the lockdown. Confinement at least until 28 August

Lockdown prolonged at least until August 28 and cases that continue to increase, with the delta variant which has caused nearly 3,000 cases and 9 deaths since June. And after the weekend protests against the new weeks of confinement to contain the spread of the pandemic, a Sydney mounts the controversy for the arrival of … Read more

Italy is battling hundreds of wildfires / Article

Italy’s emergency services continue to fight hundreds of wildfires in various parts of the country. Assistance has been requested from the Calabria region in the south of the country, from Lazio, where Rome is located, and from the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Both the plane and the firefighters on the ground fight with the … Read more

Revolutionary Discovery: Hundreds of millions of years old fossils can change the way we look at evolution

Almost inaccessible areas of northwestern Canada may still have sheltered evidence of the life of the very first animals on Earth. These are sea sponges, simple aquatic animals that are professionally called sponges. According to Canadian geologist Elizabeth Turner, who traveled to the area and obtained fossils, the first animals that inhabited our planet lived … Read more

PLTU Retired, Coal Consumption Drops Hundreds of Million Tons

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT PLN (Persero) has a plan to retire coal-based Steam Power Plants (PLTU) to pursue a carbon neutral target by 2060. The plan to retire the PLTU starting in 2030 is 1 Giga Watt (GW) for the first phase of the PLTU Subcritical. This plan is targeted to continue until in … Read more

‘Green pass’ effect, kilometric lines with heat for hundreds of Foggia people: hours of waiting for the anti Covid vaccine

The “Green Pass” effect is felt on the vaccination hub at the Fiera in Foggia. Impressive files from this morning, with waiting times of several hours for the injection. Hundreds of people in line are braving the heat, record in the hottest city in Italy. Lucky the calls Astrazeneca, the only ones to have the … Read more

Hundreds of US Soldiers Killed by Suicide, Defense Minister Biting His Finger – U.S. Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, expressed concern about the spike in cases commit suicide in between the US army. This spotlight came when he made a visit to the Eielson air base in Alaska. The number of soldiers committing suicide continues to rise, with a 2018 report saying 326 soldiers died by … Read more

A huge hail fell in the north of Italy. Hundreds of cars were damaged, traffic jams formed on the highways. Photo

On social media, people compare the size of the hail with fruit and tennis balls. Hundreds of vehicles were hit by hail on the A1 highway, which connects north and south Italy, between Parma and Piacenza. They received significant damage, there were numerous accidents, traffic was stopped for several hours. Also, a number of roads … Read more

hundreds of cars destroyed between Fidenza and Fiorenzuola

A violent hailstorm in Emilia Romagna between Fidenza and Fiorenzuola hit the cars in transit on the A1. They have been cin fact, the cars forced to stop, and to be destroyed by hail, were entranced. Bad weather created serious traffic problems and the motorway was temporarily closed. There were also some rear-end collisions. Many … Read more

Azis Syamsuddin Gives Hundreds of Millions of Money to KPK Investigators, the Pretext of Debt

VIVA – Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Azis Syamsuddin testify in a bribery case Mayor of Tanjungbalai, Muhammad Syahrial, Monday, July 26 2021. Azis, who was presented online, admitted that he had given a loan of Rp. 200 million to former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigator Stepanus Robinson Pattuju. “Not asking but borrowing, … Read more