The president of a technology company fired hundreds of workers during a Zoom communication

Enjoy CEO Ron Johnson sacked hundreds of UK and Canadian workers in a Zoom meeting Ron Johnson, CEO of tech support and delivery company Enjoy and former Apple retail store pioneer, fired hundreds of Enjoy workers in a Zoom meeting, according to a video of the meeting obtained by Motherboard, from Vice News. Johnson is … Read more

“Kan Wiphakorn” weeps, misses her child, prepares to share hundreds of thousands from the fan club “Sek Loso”

I saw it and was quite sad. For those who are mothers deliriously calling for children like “Kan Wiphakorn“Wife of a famous rocker”Sek Loso” that if you remember, having family problems with children until there is a story about the theater to the court as a lawsuit to follow which recently on the “Mae Kan” … Read more

Developer of free game engine Unity laid off hundreds of employees

Unity, the company behind the popular game engine of the same name, which is also used in other technology areas, recently laid off hundreds of employees. First, the information appeared on the Kotaku portal, and then it was confirmed by the company itself. Image Source: Unity Created in the mid-2000s, the Unity product is now … Read more

Oil fund bears hundreds of millions of debt, carries diesel 11 baht, indicates the real price 46 baht / liter

The oil fund is a negative hundred million baht. Yam suggested easing subsidies for energy prices to one-third from half, but still focused on helping more vulnerable groups. There is still hope for clear loan negotiations in mid-July. 29 Jun 2022 – News report from the Office of Policy and Strategy The Office of the … Read more

Hundreds of new bacteria are awakening in Tibet

The breakage of a Himalayan glacier in 2021 caused a landslide that resulted in dozens of deaths and injuries. Now the threat is another.Photo: AP Images (AP) A team of researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences set out to collect water samples from glaciers that are melting in Tibet as a result of global … Read more

Military report reveals alarming conditions for British soldiers, hundreds of commanders fail fitness tests

LONDON, – Ministry of Defense English admits reports of hundreds of British Army commanders having failed the test fitness. Data shows that in the last four years, nearly 300 senior officers failed to pass the Soldier Conditioning Review, which is conducted every two years. Also read: Russia Alludes to Possible World War 3, Warns … Read more

Sri Lanka is bankrupt, but hundreds of Indonesian citizens choose to stay there rather than return to Indonesia

Tuesday, 28 June 2022 – 05:42 WIB Indonesian Ambassador to Sri Lanka Dewi Gustina Tobing with the staff of the Indonesian Embassy in Colombo and Indonesian citizens in Sri Lanka. Photo: ANTARA/HO-KBRI Colombo, COLOMBO – Indonesian Ambassador to Sri Lanka Dewi Gustina Tobing said Indonesian citizens (WNI) residing in Sri Lanka agreed that evacuation … Read more

Hundreds of Ukrainian Mercenaries Escape Chased by Russian Troops

Monday, 27 June 2022 – 18:10 WIB VIVA – Armed confrontation between forces military Russia which is supported by the separatist Luhask People’s Republic (LPR) in the Severodonetsk region, heating up. The latest news emerged, the Russian military units and the LPR succeeded in repelling hundreds mercenaries Ukraine. VIVA Military reported in previous news, thousands … Read more

A grandstand collapses during the bullfight: at least four dead and hundreds injured in Colombia. The impressive images – Video

At least four dead and hundreds of injured, of which 60 serious. A wooden grandstand collapsed during one running a The spinalin Colombia central. The incident occurred during a corraleja, an event during which members of the public are encouraged to enter the arena and challenge the bulls, on Sunday around 12 and involved at … Read more

This electric bicycle has a 400 W motor and a range of 100 km. Hundreds of Slovaks have already ordered it!

Summer is definitely here, which is an absolutely ideal time to pull out bicycles and scooters. There are more and more of them in Slovakia, which means that more and more people want to drive comfortably. At present, an electric moped has been given a very attractive discount Niubility B14which hides one surprise after another. … Read more