There were details of the hospitalization of actor Vladimir Steklov

73-year-old People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Steklov was hospitalized after fainted. At the same time, Vladimir Alexandrovich’s temperature rose to 39. Steklov’s wife has the same manifestations of the disease. How transfers MK, “the artist and his family are most likely sick with coronavirus.” At the same time, the wife of Vladimir Alexandrovich is still … Read more

Attempts to control the big fire near Tvarditsa continue (VIDEO) – Incidents – Bulgaria – NOVA News

A helicopter also joined the fire Sleepless night in the area of ​​Tvarditsa due to the big forest fire that has been raging since yesterday. With the help of volunteers, a military plane and chain equipment, firefighters continue to try to locate the fire. A large forest fire broke out near Tvarditsa (VIDEO) Late last … Read more

GISMETEO: At what rpm will the motor fail the fastest? – Auto

There are many opinions about the number of revolutions favorable for the engine, but a single answer has not yet been found. Specialists of the publication “RG“Talked about the indicators on the tachometer, capable of” sentencing “the power unit the fastest. © First of all, you should not drive so that the position of … Read more

The second day of the Sea Festival is without major incidents, but it is still not possible to celebrate in peace

The second day of the Sea Festival, full of many exciting events and entertainment, passed without major incidents. True, it is still not possible to celebrate in complete calm and peace. On Saturday, one crime was committed in the territory of the festival – on Danės Street, where the festive fair operates, a wallet was … Read more

Black Stone, Silver Framed, Experienced A Number Of Incidents, This Is Its History

SERAMBINEWS.COM, MEKKAH – Rock Hajar Aswad is a stone placed in an oval -shaped silver frame in the southeast corner of the Kaaba, Masjidil Haram, Saudi Arabia. It is located about 1.5 meters above the ground. Only eight pieces Hajar Aswad that can be seen, and the largest is the size of a date palm. … Read more

Eid al-Adha: special greetings, protocols, jokes and incidents in light of the restrictions of the Corona outbreak

20 July 2021 Today, Tuesday, Muslims around the world celebrate the first day of Eid al-Adha, the second that falls in light of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, so it is “exceptional”, and the feelings of those celebrating it are mixed between joy, anxiety and fear for their safety and those around them, while … Read more

Penalties do not reflect consequences of incidents

After the clash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, which led to the violent but fortunately without gravity The Dutchman left the track, passions were unleashed in the debates surrounding the incident. Besides the question of responsibility, that the commissioners chose to attribute mainly to the British, it is that of the size of the … Read more

Maria Maksakova compared her daughter with Lucifer // Look

Maria Maksakova continues to fight for the capital’s real estate and to sue her own children who have filed a lawsuit against the opera singer. On the eve of the new meeting, Maria commented on the situation in her family and spoke unflatteringly about the heirs. Maria Maksakova is experiencing a scandal in the family: … Read more

The pilot and passenger of the crashed An-28 remain in the hospital

Only two victims remain in hospitals as a result of the emergency landing of the An-28 aircraft near Tomsk. This is the pilot and one of the passengers. This was reported in the regional department of health. The pilot’s leg is broken. He will be operated on in the near future and a complex metal … Read more

A powerful tornado in Canada destroyed part of the city: Incidents: World:

A powerful tornado in the city of Barrie in the Canadian province of Ontario destroyed part of the city’s buildings. Eight local residents were injured, four of them were seriously injured, writes the local television channel CTV news. A video from the scene was published by a user Instagram Splenda Hearn. It is noted that … Read more