Death of a child in a canteen in Jujurieux in the Ain

A 9-year-old child died after having lunch in a school canteen in Jujurieux, near Ambérieu-en-Bugey, in Ain. The track of food allergy is preferred by firefighters. The child was in cardiac arrest when help arrived on the scene, around 1 p.m. on Thursday. The victim, known to have asthma problems, was first taken care of … Read more

the P4 laboratory in Lyon is developing a rapid diagnostic test

It will soon only take 15 minutes to know if a patient has contracted the Ebola virus. This test was developed by teams from the P4 laboratory in Lyon and validated by the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission. This test, of a format identical to that of a pregnancy test, “will be usable … Read more

this support he received from his partner

In 2019, Thierry Samitier was accused of sexual harassment by two actresses with whom he shared the poster for the play “Boeing Boeing”. While he released on June 10 a book called “Surprise” which is inspired by his story, the former actor of “Nos Chers Voisins” confided in “Ici Paris” on what he went through … Read more

NASA specifies what will replace the International Space Station after 2030

New NASA Director Bill Nelson has said that a commercial station will replace the International Space Station after 2030, while the ISS project partners have agreed to operate it until 2024. Source :… .

Bceao keeps the minimum interest rate and the marginal lending window interest rate unchanged

The Monetary Policy Committee (Cpm) of the Central Bank of West African States (Bceao) held, on Wednesday June 9, 2021, its second ordinary meeting for the year 2021, by videoconference, under the presidency of Mr. Tiémoko Meyliet Koné, Governor of the Central Bank, its statutory president. According to a press release, the Committee reviewed the … Read more

[AFP] Taishan EPR: a problem that falls badly for EDF but also for China

The problems encountered on an EPR in service in China do not fall well for the French energy group EDF, which hopes for new projects for its reactor but also for Chinese industry, say experts. The American channel CNN reported Monday a possible “leak” in the power station of Taishan, in the south of the … Read more

a ferry saves a 4-year-old girl who was drifting on a unicorn buoy

The little girl was swept away by the current 500 meters from the beach where she was with her mother. The Salaminomachos, a ferry that was close to the little girl, initiated the perilous rescue. PETROS KRITSONIS / PETROS KRITSONIS via REUTERS A 4-year-old girl was rescued by a ferry in Greece while she was … Read more

Apple strikes back at Fortnite publisher

The lawyers of the American giant presented their arguments to the Californian courts. By Le Figaro with AFP Apple persists and signs: Fortnite according to him deserves to be excluded from the App Store and his publisher, Epic Games, to lose his access to programming tools, since he has broken the terms of the contract … Read more

doctor Fauci operated on vocal cords

By Le Figaro with AFP The director of the American Institute of Infectious Diseases Anthony Fauci, the best known scientist in the White House cell on coronavirus, underwent surgery on the vocal cords on Thursday, August 20 and is resting at home, a spokeswoman confirmed from the institute to AFP. Anthony Fauci had a polyp … Read more