The liquidator wants to sell Sberbank as a whole

The domestic Sberbank, which lost its banking license as a result of the war in Ukraine and the connection to Russia, may not be cut. Liquidator Jiřina Lužová would like to sell it as a whole. “I want to do everything we can to satisfy the claims of all creditors as soon as possible and … Read more

ST: Confiscation of criminal assets in insolvency proceedings does not violate the principle of legal equality with respect to the creditor

The confiscation of criminally acquired property in insolvency proceedings does not violate the principle of legal equality in relation to the creditor, the Constitutional Court (ST) ruled on Monday, considering a case initiated by the liquidator AS “Trasta komercbanka” and its creditor. As it was clarified in court, initially two cases were initiated in the … Read more

The Icelandic supermarket chain in the Czech Republic has succumbed to Brexit. He filed for insolvency

ICL Czech, which operates the stores of the British chain Iceland in the Czech Republic, has filed for insolvency. Spokesman Petr Langmaier declined to comment on a direct question from Aktuálně.cz. According to the insolvency proposal, the reason is a coronavirus pandemic, which also affected food sales and Brexit, which, among other things, significantly increased … Read more

The operator of Iceland stores in the Czech Republic is ending. He filed for insolvency

ICL Czech has outstanding receivables from 135 creditors, to whom it owes a total of approximately 38.4 million crowns, states insolvency petition. The company has obligations with, for example, the Czech Social Security Administration, the Tax Office of the Capital City of Prague or ČSOB. According to the justification in the insolvency petition, two things … Read more

The Czech furniture manufacturer MB Domus is insolvent

The Czech furniture manufacturer MB Domus from Hranice in the Přerov region has filed for insolvency. The company, whose customers include the large chains XXXLutz, Möbelix and Asko – nábytek, owes almost 154 million crowns. This follows from the insolvency petition, which was pointed out by the server. According to him, the Czech furniture … Read more

Becker was partially found guilty of obstructing insolvency proceedings

The six-time grand slam winner was tried for a declared personal bankruptcy in 2017 related to a loan of 3.5 million euros from the private bank Arbuthnot Latham. The court in London found Becker, 44, to be guilty, among other things, of failing to provide an entire inventory and conceal debt. The three-time Wimbledon champion … Read more

Russia’s insolvency now looks inevitable, experts say

After a rather dramatic week, Russia’s first external insolvency in the last century now seems inevitable, Bloomberg writes. Content will continue after the ad Advertising First, the US Treasury suspended dollar debt payments from Russian accounts with US banks, tightening restrictions on the country. After the payments were blocked, Russia violated the terms of two … Read more

Insolvency is not happening yet. Russia has repaid another debt

Moscow has not yet met the expectations of many analysts and investors, who predict early insolvency in Russia due to severe economic sanctions on the part of Western countries. Russia is currently repaying its foreign debts, averting the threat of insolvency that last occurred during the Bolshevik revolution more than 100 years ago, when the … Read more