What is Fair & Good and why have they filed for insolvency law?

The low-cost supermarket chain Justo & Bueno asked the Superintendency of Companies for admission to the special insolvency law, which is established by Decree 560 of 2020, and that turns out to be a lifesaver for companies with economic difficulties in the framework of the pandemic caused by covid-19. In that sense, The company would … Read more

Businessman Mička filed for insolvency. He owes at least 120 million

At the end of April, entrepreneur in the fashion business Michal Mička filed for insolvency with a proposal for debt relief, in which he calculated his personal debts at at least 120 million crowns. Other potential liabilities may accrue to him as a guarantor for the debts of companies in his C2H group. The news … Read more

Michal Mička filed for insolvency. He owes at least 120 million

It is barely a month since entrepreneur Michal Mička filed for bankruptcy with his companies C2H Retail Holding and C2H Financial, through which he controlled the Czech clothing brands Pietro Filipi and Kara. Now a similar fate awaits himself. The insolvency petition, together with the debt relief proposal, which Mička talked about in an interview … Read more

Entrepreneurs from the regions are likely to lose hundreds of millions. Entrepreneur Mička and his key company – Deník N – are heading for insolvency

Traditional brand, background in department stores and, above all, an annual yield of at least six percent. This is exactly what people who have decided to invest in the C2H group in recent years have heard. It was founded and controlled by businessman Michal Mička. He reached the top floors of Czech business after successfully … Read more

Another group of Michal Mička is in insolvency after the Kara and Pietro Filipi chains

According to documents in the register, dozens of creditors have already registered claims exceeding CZK 82 million. However, the daily N states that there can be hundreds of creditors of the group and C2H Equity has also issued bonds worth one billion crowns. According to the server, Mička did not comment on the situation. “We … Read more

Pawlowski sent Herget’s brickyard into insolvency, the court was against

“Cihelna Entertainment Complex did not pay the rent, which was reduced to an absolute minimum. It also did not pay for services related to the operation and management of the building, which are fixed and the pandemic has no effect on their amount, “describes the reasons for filing for insolvency, the lawyer of Immovision Prague … Read more

Greensill Capital, David Cameron’s finance company, initiates insolvency proceedings to avoid bankruptcy

3/03/2021 – 12:31 Updated: 13:11 – 03/03/21 Greensill Capital, the financial firm advised by former British Prime Minister David Cameron, is in the process of filing for bankruptcy in the UK, with the aim of avoiding bankruptcy following Credit Suisse’s decision to freeze $ 10 billion in mutual funds that they were tied to credit … Read more

Lucas Flöther, insolvency administrator: “Questioned with Teckentrup Condor’s toilet paper order”

Lucas Flöther is the best-known bankruptcy and restructuring expert in German aviation. In the interview he talks about Air Berlin, Condor and moving moments. Your first major aviation mandate was the bankruptcy of Air Berlin, and that concerns you to this day. In December 2020, a court in London thwarted their attempt to bring a … Read more

Pietro Filipi and Kara went bankrupt. It owes 722 million

In the case of Pietro Filipi and Pietro Filipi stores, insolvency applications landed at the Municipal Court in Prague. The Kara chain based in Trutnov will be dealt with by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové. The announcement of formal insolvency with the retail part of Miček’s holding has been expected since the end of … Read more

Smartwings are asking for a billion for CSA. Without it, airlines should face insolvency

The Smartwings aviation group is asking the state for help of 1.1 billion crowns for a subsidiary of Czech Airlines (ČSA). According to CSA owners, insolvency proceedings are awaiting state aid, as the company is not entitled to assistance from the Covid Plus program. The server published the information on Thursday Message list. Airlines are … Read more