Coach Uhrin ended up in Dinamo Bucharest again after three months

Czech football coach Dušan Uhrin Jr. ends up on the Dinama Bucharest bench after only three months. According to the daily Gazeta Sporturilor, the reason is the financial problems of the Romanian club, which is heading for insolvency. Dušan Uhrin Jr. in the archive image. Vlastimil Vacek, Right This repeats the situation from last spring, … Read more


She is now repaying 5 million in insolvency and was facing further penalties in January. In a very open interview for the daily Aha! she described how she was doing now. And also how she coped with the betrayal of the former partner Petr Kracik (63), who left her and two children due to Tereza … Read more

Fashion chain Adler is about to be saved

Good news for fashion retailer Adler: The company has a new owner – the logistics company Zeitfracht. It has already made a name for itself with the takeover of insolvent companies. The insolvent Adler Modemärkte AG has found a new owner. According to Adler, the Berlin logistics group Zeitfracht is ready to take over the … Read more

Wirecard insolvency administrator is making headway with breaking up

Wirecard’s first subsidiary in Brazil was sold in favor of a creditor. The UK business is about to be taken over by a competitor. In any case, the shareholders go away empty-handed. Aschheim / Munich. Wirecard insolvency administrator Michael Jaffe is making first progress in breaking up the German payment processor, which collapsed in an … Read more

Wirecard should fly out of the Dax in August

The end of Wirecard as a Dax group is fixed: Deutsche Börse is changing its criteria for removing a company from the leading index. The insolvent company is expected to drop out of the index in August. The exclusion of Wirecard from the German stock index (Dax) is getting a lot closer: On Wednesday evening … Read more

The case of Chomutov? Ridicule, I’m not hiding angry! We live in the absurditan, he is broken down

Can you describe how the negotiations went? Two or three weeks ago, I was asked by Mr. Badinka (the head of the Chomutov Pirates) if we could meet. He asked me if I could be a mediator between the registered association (the company runs senior hockey in Chomutov and Badinka is the chairman of the … Read more

Is ex-board member Jan Marsalek a secret agent?

Next episode in the Wirecard crime thriller: According to reports, Wirecard’s ex-CEO Jan Marsalek is said to have contacts with Russia. He compares himself to “secret agents”. Would there be a Netflix series called “Wirecard“, it would captivate millions of viewers within a very short time. Too good, too exciting, and above all too complex, … Read more

Bárt’s EMTC fulfills the signs of investment fraud, claims the insolvency administrator

According to Brož, the EMTC bond program fulfills the features of the so-called Ponzi scheme, where existing bonds were repeatedly settled from money obtained from the next bond issue. One of the currently largest bond cases in the Czech Republic, when the EMTC group and its managing director Tomáš Bárta owes its creditors almost a … Read more

Wirecard AG: Ex-chief brown of the group in the insolvency engine – Handelsblatt

Wirecard AG: Ex-chief brown of the group in the insolvency, Handelsblatt engine After the course slip and share sales: Braun’s share of Wirecard under 3 percent, manager magazin slips Braun’s share of Wirecard falls to less than three percent of the F. A. Z. – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Wirecard: This is the last Chance – … Read more

Avianca files for bankruptcy: 100-year-old airline faces corona bankruptcy

Avianca has been flying since 1919, and now one of the world’s oldest airlines is threatened by the corona pandemic. Income has fallen by more than 80 percent, says the CEO and speaks of the “biggest challenge in 100-year history”. The Colombian airline Avianca has filed for bankruptcy due to the massive drop in sales … Read more