Al-Manar Sports website » Kuwaiti Al-Awadi withdraws from facing an Israeli player

Kuwaiti tennis player, Muhammad Al-Awadi, withdrew from facing a player from the Zionist entity in the semi-finals of the International Professional Championship, under the age of 14, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Muhammad Al-Awadi succeeded in winning and advancing to the semi-finals. As soon as he learned of the confrontation of a player from the … Read more

Israeli artist blasts Arabs in the Emirates for ‘forgetting Palestine’

A song in Arabic, presented on an Israeli television channel by activist artist Noam Shuster-Eliassi, pokes fun at the warm relations between Israel and “the Arabs who have millions” and who “forget Palestine”. In the Arab world, we rub our eyes. “It’s really important for me to send a message of love and peace to … Read more

The Israeli army reveals the fact that a missile was launched from Lebanon towards the country

successfully registered!Please go to the link attached in the body of the e-mail send backالجيش-الإسرائيلي-يكشف-حقيقة-إطلاق-صاروخ-من-لبنان-باتجاه-البلاد-1056711410.html The Israeli army reveals the fact that a missile was launched from Lebanon towards the country The Israeli army reveals the fact that a missile was launched from Lebanon towards the country The Israeli army revealed, at dawn today, … Read more

Israeli study shows that fourth dose of anti-COVID vaccine cannot block omicron | WORLD

Updated on 01/17/2022 03:07 pm A fourth injection of the COVID-19 vaccine raises antibodies to even higher levels than the third, but is probably not enough to prevent omicron infections, according to a preliminary study from Israel. The vaccines caused an increase in the number of antibodies “even a little higher than what we had … Read more

Israeli study: fourth dose of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines ‘partially’ effective against omicron

The fourth dose of Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines is only ‘partially’ effective against the coronavirus omicron, a study in Israel said on Monday, January 17th. Doctors at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv began a fourth dose of coronavirus vaccine in December, vaccinating 154 hospital staff with Pfizer and 120 other volunteers with … Read more

Israeli researchers have presented the results of a fourth dose of the vaccine: a dilemma arises

Two weeks after a study involving 154 medics was launched at Tel Aviv’s Sheba Medical Center, the researchers found that vaccines antibody levels rise successfully. However, even levels of antibodies considered appropriate provide only partial protection against omicrons coronavirus varieties, says researcher Gili Regev-Yochay, who led the study. In the case of previous strains, proven … Read more

Israeli study shows low effect of fourth vaccine dose

Although a fourth dose of vaccine produces a little more antibodies in the body, it “provides only partial protection” against the omicron variant, says Gili Regev-Yochay, who heads the infection department at Sheba Hospital in Tel Aviv. 150 people who two weeks ago received a fourth dose of vaccine from Pfizer-Biontech, and 120 who a … Read more

Index – Domestic – New Israeli live virus vaccine is being tested in Hungary

Israel is the first European country to test a coronavirus vaccine in Hungary that contains a genetically modified virus and grows spike proteins on its surface. Manufacturers expect Israeli vaccine called BriLife to be better than Pfizer or Moderna vaccine Health guide. The portal reports that individuals vaccinated with this will receive the vesicular stomatitis … Read more

Mubadala to invest $100m in Israeli technology companies

The Wall Street Journal revealed that MubadalaEmirati invested nearly 100 million dollar in a comp head the money The adventurer in the strip technology Israel, according to people familiar with the investments. These investments are aimed at financing start-up companies capable of rapid growth and huge profits in the future. Business is growing between UAE … Read more

Truecaller acquires Israeli CallHero | The business world

CallHero has developed a technology that, with the help of a digital assistant, automatically answers and analyzes incoming calls. The company’s solution is offered to both companies and consumers in the United States. The purchase price amounts to 4.5 million dollars, of which 2.6 million is paid in cash and 1.9 million through newly issued … Read more