A Palestinian “armed” was killed near the Israeli settlement of Kedumim

A Palestinian gunman was killed near a settlement in the town of Kedumim by security officers, on Saturday night, according to Israeli media. The newspaper reportedTimes of IsraelThe gunman was carrying a handgun, and surveillance cameras detected him approaching the northern neighborhood of Kedumim at around 11:50 p.m. Saturday. And the Israeli army spokesman, Avichai … Read more

Israeli Ambassador to Germany: We help Kyiv more than is known

Photo: DW Israel forced to act quietly, explained Ron Prosor Ron Prosor called for understanding of the reserved position taken by Israel on this issue. Israel is supporting Ukraine in the war against Russia on a larger scale than the public knows. This was stated by the Israeli Ambassador to Germany Ron Prosor in an … Read more

Saudi Arabia to Immediately Open Casino, Attract Israeli Tourists and Investors

Jakarta – Arab Saudi said to have begun to open its doors to tourists and investors from Israel. One of the collaborations that was made was to build a casino. Currently, Saudi Arabia does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. However, the cooperation that will be developed has been initiated since 2016. Regarding tourism, Saudi … Read more

Jenin Camp: Fears of an escalation of violence after a bloody Israeli raid

Tom Bateman BBC – Jerusalem January 27, 2023 image copyright EPA photo comment, Palestinians throw stones amid clashes with Israeli forces during a raid in Jenin This is the deadliest attack by Israel on the Jenin refugee camp in nearly two decades. The attack left nine Palestinians dead when Israeli forces reportedly cordoned off buildings … Read more

Exclusive. Algerian security reports fear the deployment of Israeli drones on the border with Morocco

Wind of panic in Algiers. During the last meeting of the High Security Council on January 18 in Algiers, the Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune received a whole presentation on information cross-checked by all the security apparatuses of the Algerian army concerning the high threat of a massive deployment of Israeli drones at the border with … Read more

NYT, Pentagon sends weapons from Israeli warehouses to Ukraine – Last Hour

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, JANUARY 17 – The Pentagon is sending American weapons stored in Israel to Ukraine. The New York Times reports it citing some sources. With US stockpiles dwindling and arms makers unable to keep up with Ukrainian operations, the Pentagon is turning to two alternatives to fill demand, namely its warehouse in … Read more

Large-scale protests against new Israeli government

Thousands of people took to the streets in Tel Aviv against Prime Minister Netanyahu’s extreme right-wing national and religious coalition. She plans delicate reforms. Tel Aviv. Thousands of people protested against Prime Minister Benjamin’s new government in the Israeli metropolis of Tel Aviv over the weekend Netanyahu demonstrated with ultra-right coalition partners. According to the … Read more

Thousands of people demonstrated in Tel Aviv against the new Israeli government

The demonstration, where people carried slogans describing Netanyahu’s government as “dangerous, corrupt and racist”, was also attended by some members of parliament, such as the head of the Labor Party, Merav Michaeliová. Among other things, she wrote on Twitter that people will fight for “democracy in their country”. “We will not allow you to turn … Read more

Israeli Minister Visits Al-Aqsa, Vice President Ma’ruf: Must Be Warned!

Jakarta – Israel’s Minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, visits the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex. vice President Ma’ruf Amin asked Israel to comply with international agreements. “Indonesia has clearly supported Palestine and the solution is that Two State Solution, Two State Solution. And also to comply with various international agreements,” said Ma’ruf in Bogor, as in … Read more

Why Was the Israeli Minister’s Visit to the Al Aqsa Mosque Condemned by the World?

KOMPAS.com – Far right politician Israel Itamar Ben-Gvir has visited the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem some time ago. Ben-Gvir’s visit on Salasa (3/1/2023) comes just days after he assumed the post of Israel’s Minister of National Security. Under the historic status quo, non-Muslims can visit the site at certain times, but are not permitted … Read more