The Indian Jawa has a new version of the 42 model. It impresses with its color combination

Indian Jawa has expanded its offer with a new version of the 42 model. The motorcycle is called the Jawa 42 Sports Stripe Cosmic Carbon and it tries to attract attention mainly with an interesting combination of colors. It is dominated by grey-green, complemented by matte black parts. On the fuel tank and the rear … Read more

BMKG: West Java Early Warning Potential for Heavy Rain, Let’s Check the Area! – Update of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) released early warning West Java. Monday, January 30, 2023. In related information early warning extreme weather delivered BMKG to the people of West Java. Reported by Portaltebo, Through the official Twitter account BMKGa number of areas in West Java province which will potentially experience … Read more

Irianto Absent to Compete Due to Health Problems – Persib Bandung and West Java Sport Online News

Completing the transfer process from Persija Jakarta on Thursday (26/1/2023), Rezaldi Hehanusa immediately left for Bandung and joined training for the first time with his new club Persib. Rezaldi has attended training under the direction of Luis Milla, Saturday (28/1/2023), at the Siliwangi Stadium, to prepare for the 2022-2023 League 1 continued matches. He received … Read more

Legitimate! List of fuel prices reduced by IDR 2,150 throughout Indonesia, these are prices in East Java and Jogja as of January 24, 2023

TRIBUNJATENG.COM – Here’s the price BBM pertamina throughout Indonesia as of Tuesday 24 January 2023 including in East Java (East Java) and DI Yogyakarta. Starting January 3, 2023 the Government has adjusted a number of prices BBM complete non-subsidized in all regions in Indonesia, including in East Java and Jogja. The following is a price … Read more

Chasing Static – PlayStation 5

A story worth telling. Developed by Headware Games and released in synergy with Ratalaika Games, Chasing Static is a first-person adventure categorized as a psychological horror movie. In Chasing Static we play as Chris and the prologue is nothing but black screen dialogue. We learn here that the protagonist is in mourning: his father has … Read more

Becoming the Poorest Province in Java, DIY Government: Yogyakarta Residents Like to Save and Invest Page all

YOGYAKARTA, – The Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY) government said that its citizens prefer saving and investing rather than spending, addressing their status as the poorest province in Java. Regional Secretary (Sekda) DIY, Kadarmanta Baskara Aji said, in looking at poverty in DIY, it should not only be based on monthly expenses, but also based … Read more

Bank Jatim Opens Latest Vacancies in 2023 for High School/Vocational High School Graduates, Placement in East Java! – The following is information job vacancy newest at PT. East Java Regional Development Bank Tbk (East Java Bank) who are in need of new employees for placement in East Java. PT East Java Regional Development Bank Tbk (East Java Bank) opens opportunities for young and outstanding talents to occupy positions as Jatimers Internship … Read more

KPK Issues Summons Letters for 8 People in the East Java DPRD, Who Are They?

Surabaya ( – The KPK has sent summons letters for eight people in the East Java DPRD. They were asked to appear before KPK investigators in Surabaya to undergo an examination. Obtained information from a reliable source, the eight people consist of four members of the leadership of the East Java DPRD (Kusnadi, Anwar … Read more

NeverAwake – PlayStation 5 –

The nightmares of memories. Shoot’em ups were one of the first genres to appear in the gaming world, with a simple yet effective concept to appeal to a large portion of the audience. Its success spawned other subgenres with their own characteristics, and one of them is known today as bullet hell. NeverAwake’s narrative is … Read more

BUMN Number 1 Indonesia, PT Telkomsel Open Lockers, Placement in Java, Record and See How to Register Here

CLICK EDUCATION – Company BUMN the number 1 communication field in Indonesia PT Telkomsel open again locker nih. Telkomsel summoned the nation’s best sons and daughters to fill in locker which is being opened in January 2023. Don’t waste this great opportunity, enter immediately and prepare files to follow locker Telkomsel this. Applicants will have … Read more