“I will kill you like Naira.” A video of an Egyptian assaulting his ex-wife ignites communication

During the past few hours, a video clip of a man assaulting his ex-wife with a knife spread on social media in Egypt, which sparked widespread controversy. The victim, Asmaa Muhammad, recounted the details of her ex-husband’s assault on her to force her to return to his wife, saying that she had separated from her … Read more

Media, Putin wants to kill Lukashenko for Belarusian troops – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 26 – The Kremlin has taken a decision on a radical “solution” to the problem of dragging Belarus into the war in Ukraine: eliminating President Alexander Lukashenko, or in any case forcing him to collaborate with a failed attack: he writes the US study center Robert Lansing Institute, which cites sources … Read more

the robot-policeman with a license to kill arrives in San Francisco – Corriere.it

The radio-controlled medium can be used in difficult situations. Protest the civil rights association The San Francisco police may soon have a robot authorized to kill. For now it is a draft approved in commission but which will have to be ratified by a final vote. Strong protests from the civil rights association. The agents … Read more

New virus in bats. Similar pathogens kill 1 in 3 people

NaturalWorldLover Mops condylurus Pathogens similar to those found in bats in Tanzania and DR Congo can kill up to a third of the people they infect. Scientists have discovered a new virus that affects tailless insectivorous bats (Mops condylurus) caught in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. At issue is the vírus Kiwira, a … Read more

Ukraine killed Iranians who helped Russians with drones: ‘If they collaborate, we must kill them’ | Abroad

In October, Israeli media reported that ten Iranian advisers had been killed in attacks by the Ukrainian army in Crimea. In a conversation with The Guardian on Thursday, Danilov confirmed that Iranians had been killed on the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia since 2014, but he did not say how many people were involved. According … Read more

San Francisco police want to be able to deploy robots that can kill people – IT Pro – News

A number of issues: The crime rate in the US, especially in certain areas, is not comparable to here. This is largely due to poverty, the penal policy and the enormous possession of weapons. As a result, there are a lot of people who are prepared to violence much earlier and much more extreme (because … Read more

World Cup 2022|Sun Xingmin wears a mask to kill South Korea and Uruguay in a fast horse battle

Uruguay, the black horse of South America in this year’s World Cup, will challenge the “Tai Chi Tiger” South Korea (24/11 21:00). Since the end of last year, Uruguay has replaced the old coach Tabaris by Diego Alonso. The team’s record has rebounded. At present, the front line has “old and young” strikers Suarez, Cavani … Read more

They enter the house to kill a man and when they can’t find him, they stab his wife

Juarez City.- A woman was attacked with knives in a house in the Cerradas del Sur subdivision, during the early hours of the morning, in an event where municipal police from the Valle District arrested two people as likely perpetrators of the attack, in addition to two others who tried to avoid the arrest of … Read more

What does 74-year-old Nastenka from Morozko look like, who decided that beauty injections will kill her from old age

Natalya married the composer Viktor Lebedev and lived with him for 10 years. All these years the couple lived in different cities. The only son was born in the marriage. The reason for the divorce was that Natalya, once visiting her husband in St. Petersburg, found him with another woman. But, according to the artist … Read more