When Colonel Priyanto confessed that he had no intention to kill and was called sleeping when his members hit Handi-Salsabila… Page all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Colonel Infantry Priyanto, the defendant who hit and dumped a couple Handi Saputra (17) and Salsabila (14), has submitted his duplicate. Priyanto and his legal counsel responded to the prosecutor’s replica in a trial held at the High Military Court II Jakarta, Tuesday (24/5/2022). Doubt the visa results Priyanto doubted the post-mortem … Read more

Five bullets from a motorcycle. The Iranian colonel wanted to kill the Israelis, now he’s dead

Hasan Sajjad Chodajr, a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards belonging to the elite Kuds unit responsible for foreign operations, was killed in the assassination in Tehran on Sunday. This was stated by the Reuters agency with reference to the information of the semi-state news agency Tasnim. The chancellor has served in Syria in the … Read more

Tomorrow belongs to us spoilers: Vanessa ready to kill Victoire, Stanislas threatens Camille, what awaits you next week (summaries + DNA video from May 23 to 27)

Tomorrow belongs to us spoilers and summaries in advance from May 23 to 27, 2022 – It’s Saturday and the weekend is just beginning. As always, it’s time for fans of the daily series “Tomorrow belongs to us” to find out more about what awaits them. In effect, Stars-Actu.fr lets you find out more with … Read more

[Premier League]Manchester City scored 3 goals in 5 minutes and won the six-time king, Liverpool still 1 point to kill the wolf

[Sports Road News]The Premier League will stage a Shake Day on Sunday (22nd), and the championship battle will once again be a classic. Manchester City, who had a 1-point lead before the game, were unexpectedly two goals behind Aston Villa, but scored 3 goals in 5 minutes from the 76th minute. Liverpool defeated Wolves 3-1 … Read more

Russian Soldier Sentenced to Life in Prison: I’m Sorry To Kill Civilians All

KYIV, KOMPAS.com – A Ukrainian state prosecutor asked a court on Thursday (19/5/2022) to sentence a person to life imprisonment Russian army. This soldier was accused of killing an unarmed civilian. Reported Reutersthe trial of charges was held in the first war crimes tribunal related to the Russian invasion which began on February 24. Read … Read more

Iveta Vítová is unlucky for a man: The executive wanted to kill himself,…

Iveta Vítová with her husband Zdroj: Profimedia Iveta Vítová is unlucky for men. In the past, the former miss had to deal with threats of suicide from her ex Radovan Hynek, and even the marriage to Jaroslav Vít did not have a happy ending. The model announced on her birthday that a completely new life … Read more

The contents of the WhatsApp chat that made grandmother dark eyes kill her early life

Friday, 20 May 2022 – 12:50 WIB VIVA – Case murder sadistic Dini Nurdiani (26) was carried out by the perpetrator who was a woman named Neneng Umaya 24). The perpetrator has now been detained at the Bekasi City Metro Police. Quoted from tvOnenews.comthis crime is based on motive jealous because Dini Nurdiani had an … Read more

Shooting and swine flu: Boss Starka is fighting for his life for the third time, allegedly wanted to kill him Krejčíř

This was the first time a well-known businessman escaped a gravedigger from a shovel. On Saturday, May 7, 2005, electricity turned off at Starka’s home in Příbram, several times that day. When he went to the transformer station in front of the house, the shooting started. The attacker hid behind a car and fired a … Read more

Wild boar alarm, the Local Health Authority enlists hunters to kill them: “Swine fever risk”

TREVISO – The Local Health Authority of the Marca “enlists” hunters to kill wild boars. It is no longer just a question of damage in the fields. Now the spectrum of the swine fever virus is lengthening. «In our province 150 thousand pigs are raised. In particular, 300 industrial farms are located right in the … Read more