GP La Marseillaise – Cosnefroy, De Lie… the 45th of the GP La Marseillaise

Test opening of the FDJ French Cup 2023la 45th edition of Marseille La Marseillaise Cycling Grand Prix will, as usual, launch the cycling season on tricolor soil. This Sunday, January 29, v20 teams, including six World Tour teams, will be at the start of an event on steep roads between Septemes-les-Vallons et Marseille (167.8 kilometers). … Read more

Chinese people are not afraid of the ban on setting off fireworks, the police lie down and cause heated discussions (Video) | Chinese New Year | Fireworks | CCP ban

[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, January 24, 2023]The CCP expressly prohibits the New Yearset off fireworksFirecrackers, but the public did not buy it. A video posted on the Internet showed that a large number of people gathered in a certain place to set off fireworks in a square. A policeman stood in front of … Read more

‘It’s all a lie’; Actress Sonam Bajwa dismisses rumors that she is in love with Shubman Gill; ‘Sara’ as discussion

Indian Punjabi actress and model Sonam Bajwa has dismissed rumors that she is in love with cricketer Shubman Gill. “Ye sara ka sara jhoot hai” (It’s all a lie), Sonam wrote on Twitter. It is also noteworthy that Sonam’s reply was with Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan. With this, people spread the news that Gill … Read more

Christian Lie: This is how 2023 can be better than its reputation

Should the inflation figures continue to move in the right direction, the central bank in the USA will already be able to reach the interest rate peak in the first half of the year. For investors, this will be the first step in the direction of desired interest rate cuts. Is the biggest negative effect … Read more

Tesla and the lie supervised by Elon Musk that comes to light

A report made by Bloombergafter having access to internal emails of the Tesla companyconfirmed that Elon Muskoverestimated the capabilities of Autopilot, the driver assistance system from the car manufacturer. According to the same e-mails, the executive director himself was responsible for dictate the opening tagline that was present in a 2016 video that claimed Tesla’s … Read more

The police delay, the killer’s psychiatric treatment, the lie of the tumor: because Martina Scialdone could have been saved

In the papers in the hands of the investigators of the lung cancer that would have affection Constantine Bonaiutthere is no trace. The killer of Martina Scialdone he was not terminally ill. However, he suffered from ailments of the organ in question. But also of psychological issues, psychological problems not better identified. Based on these, … Read more

Hard times lie ahead for the people of Great Britain. All because of the weather – o2

According to the Mirror, as a result of heavy snowfall in England, the water level has risen. Among other things, the River Severn, which flows through the West Midlands town of Bewdley, flooded – the local children’s park has practically disappeared. On the other hand Flooding in England. Is this just the beginning of a … Read more

Arnaud De Lie: “I have expectations myself”, Victor Campenaerts: “I want to win the spring race” | cycling

Arnaud DeLie (20) entered the pro peloton like a rocket with 9 victories in his first year. “I’m super motivated for this season,” he laughed during the Lotto-Dstny media day in Spain. “Yes, there are many expectations for me, but I also cherish them myself. I still want to win a lot. The first goal … Read more

Jana Peterková must pay a quarter of a million crowns for lying about the death of senior citizens — ČT24 — Czech Television

In January of last year, the municipal court in Prague imposed a fine on the woman without authority and the obligation to apologize for the claims of the home for the elderly. According to iROZHLAS, he issued a so-called default judgment in the matter – Peterková did not come to the meeting. The court then … Read more