Samsung fined IDR 148 billion because the ad is considered a lie

Jakarta – It’s not surprising that many companies try to advertise their products as best they can, or even overdo it. One of them was also done by Samsungbut unfortunately the South Korean company had to pay dearly for its advertisements which were deemed misleading to the public. In 2019, Samsung Australia was brought to … Read more

Your whole life was a lie, one of his daughters told Silvestre

The story of Macarena Rodríguez, daughter of Silvestre “I really, dad, hope you are happy because as you say, ‘you have everything’ -his Facebook letter is read verbatim-. You have your lady, your princess and your new album. Now you’re a soldier, now you love, now you sing to a decent woman, now you’re happy. … Read more

Lie of the Season: Syria beat the United States in basketball

Although al-Assad’s Syria is against sports normalization with its enemies, and its media celebrates Arab athletes who refuse to participate in sporting events in which Americans, Israelis and others participate, the false news published by the official media, quoting the General Sports Federation, was the victory of the Syrian team over the United States team. … Read more

‘The bull’ Arnaud De Lie before the National: “The label of favorite? It’s a bonus”

Originally from the province of Luxembourg, Arnaud De Lie is a pure Ardennais. A boy attached to his roots. A runner nicknamed the “Bull” of Lescheret. “My father is a farmer. Since I started cycling, you could see that I was a little bigger than the others” says Arnaud De Lie. “We quickly made the … Read more

New Viral Facts Grandpa is Paid with Play Money, Turns out to be a Lie about the Foreman, Here’s His Confession

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Latest facts from viral grandfather is paid to use play money in Regency Onion Bones West (Tubaba), Lampung, was revealed. The grandfather’s confession about the toy money the foreman gave him was a lie. The facts are known after the police Onion Bones do the deepening. Including interrogating the 72-year-old grandfather named Sunardi. … Read more

Does the cause of Parkinson’s lie in our gut? More research is possible thanks to donations. — University Fund — Ghent University

More and more people are developing Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative disease that causes nerve cells in the brain to slowly die. Although we mostly know as a disease of old age – the risk of the disease increases with age – it often affects younger people under the age of fifty. There are still a … Read more

Mafe Walker. They deny that he speaks alien; so she fabricated her lie

Mafe Walker, the woman who went viral for assuring that she spoke alien, was apparently denied. Through Several tweets showed what are the tools that the woman supposedly uses and with which she claims to connect to the intergalactic. Through the Twitter account of the user @arycarangi it was reported that in reality the woman … Read more

When to buy or sell bitcoin? The key may lie in the strategy of these whales

Key facts: Calculated sales of thousands of BTC can cause short-term price drops. When they spot a local low, the whales often buy BTC to trigger the rally. The large holders or holders of bitcoin (BTC) have the power to change the trend of that market with timely purchases or sales, says a recent Whalemap … Read more

Motorists in Bekasi Lie about Accidents for Insurance Claims of IDR 3 billion

Jakarta – Metro Police Bekasi held a reconstruction of cases of false reports about accident with the suspects Dena Surya, Asep Rian Setiawan, Abdil Mulki, and Wahyu (still at large). The suspects allegedly lied about the accident in order to claim insurance. In this reconstruction, Abdil Mulki demonstrates how he had an accident. Abdil threw … Read more

The ‘crack’ Arnaud De Lie settles Nizzolo and Cavendish to pocket the Arrow of Heist

The first professional season ofArnaud DeLie was already great. And it grows richer week by week. After his victory at the GP Marcel Kint last weekthe young 20-year-old rider did it again on the Flèche de Heist to win his 5th success of the season. Earlier in the season, he had also won the Trofeo … Read more