Portaltic.-Twitter Flock will limit the visibility of tweets to a group of contacts made by the user

MADRID, 21 Ene. (Portaltic/EP) – Twitter works in various functions so that users can control the visibility of ‘tweets’ that publish, as with Flock, a list to create a group of trusted contacts. Flock is one of the novelties on which the platform is working. This is a list to which the user can add … Read more

“Everything indicates that this is the absolute lower limit”: many officers suffer from psychological complaints

Safety Almost all police officers have been exposed to serious incidents at one time or another. — © Nicolas Landemard More than one in seven police officers has post-traumatic complaints, according to a survey of nearly 2,000 Flemish officers. Matthias Verbergt Thursday 20 January 2022 at 08:00

Snapchat: Limit Friend Suggestions Should Protect Minors

Snapchat says it wants to better protect underage users of the platform with the introduction of new features. For example, friend suggestions for children aged 13 to 17 are now limited. Only if someone is already known by several friends, he or she is suggested as a potential friend via the Quick Add function. In … Read more

Levandowski reaches the 300-goal goal limit in the German Bundesliga with a hat-trick

Levandovskis scored the first goal in the ninth minute of the game, but in the 25th minute Korentēns Toliso already scored 2: 0. Levandowski stood out twice more in the second half, sending the ball into the goal in the 62nd and 74th minute. Levandovsky has now scored in 15 of Bayern’s 19 games at … Read more

The sky is not the limit | James Webb is ready, news from Mars and more

In the world of astronomy, the second week of the year was marked by news about space exploration. News of missions to Mars has arrived, but not all very exciting. Perseverance, for example, had difficulties with a sample collection and its instrument may be clogged. On the other hand, James Webb is doing very well, … Read more

Covid: Ómicron puts the Mexican health system to the limit

The omicron variant maintains its unstoppable expansion in Mexico without giving up a day, confirming that the country is advancing heading to the top of the curve as is the case in the rest of the world. In less than a week the country recorded three daily infection records, a trend similar to Europe or … Read more

Must be quarantined when they come to Norway – Clear Speech

The Korona situation still provides strict rules for entry to Norway. The government comes up with a new rule. People traveling to Norway from Romania must be quarantined. The change takes place from midnight on Monday 17 January. This is announced by the Ministry of Health and Care Services. The rules on quarantine are adjusted … Read more

He falls off a slope, his Alaskan Malamute warms him for 13 hours until help arrives: “ There is no limit to friendship and love between man and dog ”

VOLARICE. The image of North, an 8-year-old Alaskan Malamute and his owner, the first above the second around you lying on a stretcher. An image that tells of a misadventure that took place in the mountains, in Croatia, and of the extraordinary relationship that can develop between a dog and his best friend. To spread … Read more

The sexy comedy RPG “Seven Pirates of the Limit” will be released in the spring of 2022 for the Switch version, which will be the first Chinese culture “Boundary”

Independent distribution producer Eastasiasoft today announced theExtreme Raised Flag Seven Pirates HThe digital and physical versions of the game will be available on Nintendo Switch in spring 2022. This work is an independent work of Idea Factory’s “Extreme Raised Flag” series. It will include DLC that was previously only released on PS Vista in Japan, … Read more