Jumps, pushups, lunges – training like the Marines helps your body and mind. What is the bootcamp

Moving at high intensity defines and shapes the muscles, makes you lose kilos, helps a good mood and … is within everyone’s reach. Advice from the expert Training in the park like the marines? Possible undertaking. Just rely on the program Bootcamp. Born in the United States, inspired by the training of the American military, … Read more

Jegal Chinese Movement in the South China Sea, the US Starts Activating ‘Sea Chains’ with Missile Strength that Spans from Japan to Indonesia

Sosok.ID – It looks like a plan United States of America (US) to limit space China of South China Sea more visible. The ‘sea chain’ strategy is said to be one way United States of America (US) interrupts military movements China of South China Sea. The US began to activate their “marine litoral regiment” which … Read more

Amphibian Tank Sinks During Training, 8 Missing Marines Considered Dead, Search Stopped

Photo dated February 19, 2014 showing AAV-7 amphibious tanks during US-Japanese military training at Camp Pendleton, California. (Source: (AFP / JOE KLAMAR)) CALIFORNIA, COMPASS TV – A total of 8 members The marines United States of America considered dead because until now it has not been found or is still missing while using training amphibious … Read more

Considered Dead, the Search for 8 Marines in the Amphibian Tank that Drowned was Stopped

WASHINGTON DC, KOMPAS.com – The US military said they had stopped searching for 8 members The marines which is lost when a amphibious tank drowning, with their status considered was killed. The military personnel reportedly boarded a combat vehicle that sank in deep waters off the southern coast of California during training on Thursday (07/30/2020). … Read more

Eight missing US Marines believed to have died in accident NOW

On Sunday, the United States Navy discontinued its search for seven Marines and the skipper of a sunken amphibious assault vehicle. The Navy assumes they are no longer alive. The Navy says there is “only a very small chance” that the missing seven Marines and the skipper are still alive. After a search of more … Read more

1 US Marines Killed and 8 Others Missing in “Tragic Incident”

CALIFORNIA, KOMPAS.com – One person United States of America ( AS) died, two others were injured, and eight others disappeared after an incident that involved combat vehicle (ranpur) amphibious. This was confirmed by Marine Corps US on Friday (7/31/2020). Corps Marines AS added the incident occurred off the coast of Southern California on Thursday (7/30/2020). … Read more