Meeting the father again after decades of no news, Ali: It’s like finding a gold nugget – Surti (65) and her children were shocked and moved when they saw and heard the voices of their husband and father, Muhadi (72). How not, Muhadi who is a resident from Ngadisoko, Durenan District, TrenggalekEast Java finally communicated with the family, after decades of disappearance and no news. Even the family thought Muhadi … Read more

British PM, Canadian PM to European Union President mocks Putin at the G7 Meeting, Triggers a heated situation

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – G7 leaders joke about legendary photos Vladimir Putin in their meeting in Bavaria, Sunday (26/6/2022). The mockery of Putin’s photo comes amid rumors the Russian leader approved the shipment of nuclear-capable missiles to Belarus to attack Kyiv. British PM Boris Johnson joked about the ‘naked horseback’ stunt to show that they are tougher … Read more

Minister of Economics Indriksone participates in the meeting of EU energy ministers – Latvia – News – TVNET

The meeting will also discuss progress reports on the review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the regulation on reducing methane emissions in the energy sector. The meeting will also provide an opportunity for EU energy ministers to exchange views on the energy situation in the context of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. … Read more

Catania, Pelligra lands in the city: meeting with the fans at Massimino

The neopatron arrives in the city with a full program: meeting with the institutions and a jump to the stadium for the Rossazzurro pride day. And then… The attempt to relaunch football in Catania passes through projects and money brought as a dowry by the group of Ross Pelligra, the Australian Sicilian entrepreneur who will … Read more

Nintendo will bring a face-to-face meeting on the theme of third-party Switch games on the evening of June 28

Switch Lite Not long ago the oldAnnounce, will be hosting a small face-to-face meeting on our side on June 28th at 9pm. This event is mainly to introduce new third-party games on the Switch platform, so players don’t have to look forward to Mario,The Legend of Zelda、“Pokémon”Waiting for the relevant content of the first-party works.The … Read more

Inflation and rate hike put the US economy in the face of a hurricane

head approved Federal Reserve BoardJerome Powell, that raising the Federal Reserve interest rates It won’t solve two of the biggest problems facing American families right now: rising gas and commodity prices and strategy. During a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren Powell urged a cautious but cautious proceeding with interest rate hikes and … Read more

No meeting. Review of Daugavpils Theater performance “Life on the Fridge Door” / Article

“When the road branches off We will be together “ (A. Kuipere) In the offer of performances in recent years in Latvia, productions that would be shown to both teenagers and adults and that would focus on family relationships are rare. Earlier this year at the Valmiera Drama Theater, staged by the new director Henry … Read more

PDIP Reveals Reasons for Ganjar Pranowo to Read the Recommendation of the National Working Meeting for the Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates

Writer : Prayogi Haro JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Secretary General of the PDI-P Hasto Kristiyanto revealed the reason why Ganjar Pranowo, the Governor of Central Java, was appointed as the reader of the recommendations of the party’s National Working Meeting. He said the appointment of Ganjar Pranowo as a reader of the recommendation of the party’s … Read more

Champions Day D-1. Meeting at the top in the Prix René Ballière (Gr.I), Sunday at Vincennes.

No less than nine of the ten candidates for the edition of the René Balliere Prizeone of the five Grs.I scheduled for Sunday at Vincennes, on the occasion of the Champions Day, were at the start of the last Prix d’Amérique (Gr.I). To start with GALIUS (804-photo)second in the main event on the last Sunday … Read more