Nissan introduces the new Versa Sportech-X

One of the most attractive sedans in the compact segment is the Nissan Versa. Marketed in different countries around the world, it is one of the alternatives for those who are looking for design and good trunk space. While in Argentina it has a good reputation, now in Thailand they launched a new variant called … Read more

Nissan Versa receives Turbo engine in its new Sportech-X version

While in Latin America the Nissan Versa maintains its sober and familiar style, in Asia it takes another turn in its new Sportech-X edition. Nissan’s latest development in Southeast Asia could generate special interest in Latin America. Its about Nissan Versa Sportech-Xa special version that differs from the others by including a sports aesthetic kit, … Read more

TV AUTO NEWS TESTS: How does the Nissan Ariya drive and what is e Power? (+VIDEO)

This time, the special correspondent of TV Autozinu and car enthusiast Oskars Krampāns will evaluate the capabilities of the 100% electric crossover Nissan Ariya and test the Nissan e Power system in operation, or the system where the internal combustion engine and the electric motor are present, but they do not work together. Nissan Ariya … Read more

All New Nissan Magnite 2022, Will Destroy the Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky Markets

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Shocking news comes from a four-wheeled automotive manufacturer Nissanwhich launched its newest product with the type SUV. Which appears with a minimalist design, sporty and elegant. This car is Nissan Magnet 2022. Nissan Magnet 2022 is an update of Nissan March that was once marketed in the country, but this … Read more

Nissan Maxima leaves, anniversary of UAZ-3160 and other industry events – Autoreview

Sedan Nissan Maxima prepares to retire: the company has notified its suppliers and partners that the production of the model will be discontinued in mid-2023. The sedan will not have a direct successor, although it is possible that the Maxima name will later be used for an electric car. The history of the model began … Read more

Nissan launches a mini SUV equipped with a turbo, Toyota Raize and KIA Sonet Hot and cold, here are the details

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Nissan launched its newest Mini SUV, the All new Nissan Magnite, where the latest SUV from the Japanese company is equipped with Turbo. After being launched at the end of 2020 yesterday under the name Datsun Magnite, now Nissan launched the latest version of the SUV with the name Nissan … Read more

Glenn despairs – cannot find parts for his dream car

Anyone who has dabbled a bit with vintage cars knows that finding parts can sometimes be very challenging. Not least this applies to the bodywork, which means that the dream car can be left standing for a while if it suffers major bodywork damage. It is precisely this that is Glenn Bjærum’s big headache at … Read more

Nissan Officially Launches X-Trail 2022, Check Specifications, Toyota & Mitsubishi Move Out First!

iNSulteng – World competition automotive keep on squirming. This time it’s turn Nissan released a new model. Year 2022 this Nissan issued an X-Trail that looks not inferior to Toyota Indonesia. Read Also: Honda Officially Launches Motor Matic Priced 8 Million, Moves Yamaha Fazzio Market? Want to know what sophistication is Nissan X-Trail 2022?, Here’s … Read more

Nissan Officially Launches X-Trail 2022! Here are the specifications, Toyota & Mitsubishi are eliminated

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mindt – Don’t want to lose with Toyota and Mitsubishi, Nissan immediately launched their newest car, the X-Trail 2022. X-Trail 2022 is one type of car owned Nissan in the SUV segment, the same as Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero. No wonder with the emergence Nissan X-Trail 2022 in the Automotive market, … Read more