An Opel fits into a facade at the exit of a roundabout (Charleroi)

An impressive accident occurred early in the night. A young man got behind the wheel of his car in a house. During the night from Friday to Saturday, around 2:45 am, an Opel located at the roundabout of the crossroads formed by the chaussée de Ransart and the avenue Caporal Alain Debatty in Gilly, made … Read more

Electric cars for less than 30,000 euros with incentives: range in km. Data, photos and prices

In the electric cars the main factor to consider is the autonomy of the batteries. For all the well-known reasons, above all the scarcity of the columns and the very long times for recharging. Naturally, placing the discourse in the context of a wide diffusion, the price element is also decisive. Remembering that the battery … Read more

The strongest Mokka is the electric one. Opel Mokka-e is a commodity for those who choose with their eyes

City Opel can run on diesel, petrol and electricity, it only depends on the customer which drive he chooses. The new generation of Mokka wants to impress at first sight, the bow is supposed to resemble the visor of a motorcycle helmet and we are said to see it on all future Opels that will … Read more

The new Opel Astra is emerging. It arrives like an oilman and a station wagon

Opel is already preparing a new generation of Astras. Its arrival is approaching, and so the brand begins to release the first official information about the upcoming news. The Opel Astra is celebrating 30 years this year, and it was in 1991 that its first generation went on sale, replacing the previous Kadett. Its sixth … Read more

We drove: Opel Mokka

We can hardly find a classic Opel ticket in the new Mokka. Due to the definite features, the dashboard has a pretty peugeot feel, which is not a problem at all. Strange recognition, but this car has an Opel smell, that was my first thought when I sat in it. It can be tied to … Read more

Car: Amperes, Party, Manta: We drove the new Opel Mokka-e electric car

Recreational car. Electric car. If at least one of these two is added by a manufacturer for a new model, you can almost smell success, and if you possibly both, it’s almost the 2021 automotive nirvana itself. The Opel Mokka-e a compact fashion SUV with a purely electric powertrain, which in principle thus meets the … Read more

Car news: Opel Mokka radically changes the look and content

Otherwise, if the previous Mocha still came from the General Motors era, while the new one was already created under the auspices of the French concern PSA. And you can’t say that meeting Peugeot and Citroen Mokkai is bad – on the contrary! “The design of the new Moka, which even has a special name, … Read more

TV AUTO NEWS TEST: Opel Mokka starts all over again (+ VIDEO)

Who doesn’t know such a car Opel Mokka? In our latitudes, this is the most important Opel model. It turns out that Mokka has experienced only one generation of models so far, while the others had two or three. It could not continue, so Opel built a completely new Mokka, and it is not at … Read more

Opel Mokka: We have rehearsed the ‘electric’ and gasoline versions – Rehearsal

It’s a real step forward in Opel’s future, with the Mokka being the brand’s spearhead Germanic. THE That Machine have been behind the wheel of crossover in the streets of Lisbon and on the winding roads of the Serra de Monsanto, and the first impressions are frankly positive. In the brief comparative test were the … Read more