Are you looking for a cheap family car? This is the TOP 5 viewed ‘tickets’ up to 20,000 euros – Counseling – Auto

Prices of new cars are rising sharply. And with them the prices of the used ones. In addition, there is a shortage of cars. Nevertheless, there are ideal family and affordable models in car bazaars, which somehow miss the interest of customers. These are the top five. Photo: Škoda-Auto Skoda Fabia Combi – 2015 What … Read more

Opel parent company Stellantis resigns from the lobby association Acea

Stellantis wants to get out of the European lobby association That withdraw. The Opel parent company announced this on Monday evening. Stellantis, the second largest automaker in Europe behind Volkswagen and which emerged from the merger of Peugeot-Citroën and Fiat-Chrysler in early 2021, announced its decision rather casually in a written corporate statement. The exit … Read more

Luxurious and splendid need.. Opel Corsa 2022 hatchback prices and specifications

The car belongsاوبل“Corsa model 2022 to the category of hatchback cars, which is offered by the German giant within a bouquet of different models and models 2022 in the Egyptian market, and the car is available through two categories of equipment with a package of technologies and means to support the driver of the vehicle. … Read more

For the fourth time, Opel raises the prices of its cars in Egypt

02:37 PM Sunday 12 June 2022 Increasing the prices of Opel cars in Egypt Books – Muhammad Jamal: Al-Mansour Automotive Company, the exclusive agent of the German Opel brand in Egypt, announced the increase in the prices of Crossland and Corsa during this June in the local market. The price list announced by the agent … Read more

Opel Grandland 1,2 Turbo – facelift by Astra – Car tests – Car

Opel has upgraded its larger SUV Grandland. He wiped out the letter X, but added more style and connectivity. However, the three-cylinder is not very pleasing with the consumption. Prefer the manual instead. Photo: Ľuboš Pilc Opel Grandland X – test 2022 Grandland “borrowed” the front visor of the Ople Vizor, the Opel Compass motif … Read more

Tested: this Opel mini car drives great (up to 45 km/h)

Bright Review The Opel Rocks-e is the first Opel that you can drive when you are 16 years old. The Rocks-e is a microcar and therefore limited to 45 kilometers per hour. This micro-car is surprisingly spacious: you have enough space for two passengers, a travel trolley and your daily groceries. Bright drove it through … Read more

Used Opel Grandland test: what the manufacturer’s largest SUV deserves

This incest should come as no surprise – the still small Crossland (you can find an overview here) was developed in collaboration withPSA Peugeot Citroën“And finally got it so that in 2017 the French bought almost 90 years of Americans.”General MotorsOwned (1929-2017) German Opel. Of course, the 4.5 m long car is not a flagship, … Read more

From OPEL TO PORSCHE: The biggest novelties of 2022 tested to their limit

It was on the Bridgestone oval track, near Rome, that we had the privilege of testing the biggest novelties of 2022. Olaf Itrich PostedMay 26, 2022, 10:00 p.m. Most car manufacturers and tire manufacturers have their own test tracks so that they can test new products from every angle. We had the privilege of attending … Read more

Latest EuroNCAP Tests – Opel Astra / Peugeot 308 Reaches Maximum (+ VIDEO)

Increasing safety requirements place ever higher demands on manufacturers. For this reason, the five-star Opel Astra / Peugeot 308 developed on a single platform did not achieve the coveted five-star mark in the latest EuroNCAP tests. Kia EV6, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Volvo C40 Recharge and Volkswagen Multivan received the highest rating from safety experts, while Mercedes … Read more