Operation Marquis. Rio accuses Costa and Marcelo of “hypocrisy” and of “shaking off responsibility”

The regime is “sick” and justice reform is a priority. This Monday Rui Rio rejected “riding the political climate” that took place following the instructional decision on the alleged corruption crimes committed by José Sócrates, but it was very harsh in the messages he left – especially to António Costa and Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa … Read more

SIC Notícias | Operation Marquis. Judge says law does not oblige to declare illicit earnings

Ivo Rosa dropped the three charges of qualified tax fraud against José Sócrates. The judge found no evidence of the crimes and, if they existed, they had already prescribed it. In addition, the defendant could not incriminate himself, nor did he have an obligation to declare the unlawful income to the tax authorities, he considers. … Read more

Sócrates accuses Costa of lack of political comradeship, because the staff “never existed” | Operation Marquis

The “betrayal” of the PS leadership that led to his departure from the party, the arguments against the charges brought against him by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the apartment in Paris, the TGV case and the relationship with Ricardo Salgado. José Sócrates describes everything in the book Just Now Started, which should be published in … Read more

Bonds fall, tomorrow’s liquidity supply auction is heavy-BoJ’s operation reduction concerns also curb upside-Bloomberg

Pedestrians cast shadows on the ground while crossing a road in the Shimbashi District of Tokyo, Japan, on Monday, March 22, 2021. Japan ended the state of emergency in the Tokyo region Sunday, just days before the torch relay begins on March 25 for the virus-delayed Tokyo Olympics, now scheduled to start in July. Photographer: … Read more

Camelia shocked with a bunch of intimate confessions about her new look and Kovid

A few days ago, the singer Kamelia managed to shock everyone with her new look. It turned out that she owes her new appearance due to a nose job she underwent. Now the executive acknowledged the correction. She also talks about her most intimate secrets, elections and politics. He also commented on her relationship with … Read more

Zombie Survival’s new work “The Day Before” reveals the scavenging operation of “A truck of Coke can only pick up one can” | 4Gamers

In the open world zombie survival MMO new work “The Day Before”, which was first exposed this year, FNTASTIC once again gave IGN an exclusive 13-minute game promotion video, which contains more than 11 minutes of real machine gameplay, and it broke 100% in less than two days. Ten thousand views show that this game … Read more

Iran is putting new uranium centrifuges into operation

In the nuclear accord was agreed that Iran may only enrich uranium to a limited extent, for scientific and economic purposes only. In return, international sanctions against Iran were lifted. The agreement was signed by Iran, the US, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia and China. Then President Trump canceled the deal in 2018because he … Read more

Hold on, Which way! Kúdel’s defender ended up in the hospital after an operation by Bale

The name of the Slavist defender Ondřej Kudely is probably one of the most inflected names in Czech football at present. Now the chairman of the board of Slavia football, Jaroslav Tvrdík, shared a stopper’s photograph on his Twitter account, taken shortly after the operation he had to undergo. Slavist Ondřej Kúdela during a fateful … Read more

The Responsible Driver Operation will take place in July 2021

This year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Safe Driver Week (“Safe Driver Week” in English Canada and the United States) will take place from July 11 to 17 and will focus on excess. of speed. During this week, law enforcement personnel will be on the lookout for commercial vehicle and passenger vehicle drivers engaging … Read more

PRO TV – A father filmed his son when he woke up after a heart operation. The first words moved the internet

Trevor Sullivan is a 15-year-old teenager who fought for his life and successfully underwent a heart transplant. To prove how ambitious he is and that he is a real fighter, his father decided to film him when he woke up from anesthesia. So far, the video has garnered over a million views on Facebook and … Read more