Trouble-free operation of the ‘leptin’ hormone protects against hunger and overeating

Making evaluations on the effect of the leptin hormone, which has been discovered in recent years, on weight control, Prof. Dr. Onur Yaprak reported that the role of leptin resistance, also called satiety hormone, in obesity has been understood by studies, and that the smooth functioning of the hormone protects people from hunger and overeating. … Read more

Drugs: ‘Hermano’ operation, 19 people arrested by the CC – Calabria

Dda Reggio Calabria investigation, amazing from South America (ANSA) – REGGIO CALABRIA, JUN 28 – The ‘Hermano’ drug operation conducted by the Carabinieri of the Reggio Calabria Provincial Command under the coordination of the Reggio anti-mafia district directorate started at dawn and led to the arrest of 19 people. The military carried out a precautionary … Read more

YIT puts into operation the first building of Silva House :: Dienas Bizness

The construction company and real estate developer “YIT LATVIJA” puts into operation the first building of the four-building complex “Silvas nami” on Dzelzavas Street, Riga, next to Biķernieku Forest. The apartments in it have already been sold out, and almost all the apartments in the second building have been sold out or reserved. However, the … Read more

Vaccination operation for children from 5 to 11 years will be announced – El Sol de Parral

Welfare will broadcast a special program of “Transforming Chihuahua”, about the vaccination operation for children from five to 11 years of age. From this moment I want to receive the news to my cell phone The Social Communication coordinator will speak with experts from the health sector about the care that should be taken for … Read more

A 19 year old goes out with his board in the lake but does not return to shore (PHOTO): ongoing operation of divers and aquatic rescue. The area monitored by helicopter and drones

BOLZANO Inflatables, divers and underwater rescuers in action in South Tyrol. A search for a 19-year-old is underway. The alert went off in the late afternoon of today, Sunday 26 June, at the great lake of Monticolo for a boy of Andriano who would have gone out into the waters with the sup board without … Read more

The operation of the state is more expensive, a quarter of all employees work for it. In the EU, the Czechia is below average

Compared to other European Union countries, the Czechia ranks worse than the number of employees in the private and public sectors. A higher percentage of workers work in state and local authorities and entities in the Nordic EU countries or in France, while the lowest are in Germany, the Netherlands or Italy. This follows from … Read more

active noise cancellation, up to 30 hours of operation and IP54 for 200 euros

Huawei introduced the flagship Freebuds Pro 2 wireless headphones. The novelty is equipped with dual speakers and a three-stage active noise cancellation (ANC) system with an efficiency of up to 47 dB. However, the main draw of the Freebuds Pro 2 is their long battery life. Image Source: Huawei Freebuds Pro 2 was developed by … Read more

They filter the exact date of the start of Amazon operation in Chile, Amazon Prime and its delivery courier | Economy

In documents to which BioBioChile had access, April 30 is established as the exact date on which will begin operations, with local distribution of products. Similarly, 6 months later the Amazon Prime program will be launched, and the distribution of products will be carried out by Chilexpress. At the beginning of this week, a … Read more