Ministry of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform

Minister for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Abdullah Azwar Anas. JAKARTA – Recruitment for 2023 State Civil Apparatus Candidates (CASN) is being prepared in line with the CASN selection process for the fiscal year 2022 will be completed, considering that this process is still ongoing. Minister for Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Abdullah … Read more

When Will KIB Announce the Candidates for President and Vice President in 2024?

Jakarta – Plt Ketum PPP Mardiono revealed the party in United Indonesia Coalition (KIB) will hold a meeting this week to finalize the presidential and vice presidential candidates they will carry in 2024. So when will KIB announce the presidential and vice presidential candidates? Deputy Head of the Golkar Party, Melchias Marcus Mekeng, said that … Read more

Going back to her hometown and forgetting to turn off the gas “dry burning pan” She went home 6 days later and was frightened | International | CTWANT

Many people will be reminded to remember to turn off the gas and lights when they go out, not only to save unnecessary electricity bills, but also to avoid safety hazards. However, a woman from Hunan Province in mainland China returned to her hometown for the New Year on the 20th. When she returned home … Read more

Deputy Head of PAN Rayu Gerindra-PKB Joins KIB: Janur Kuning Hasn’t Curved

Jakarta – vice chairman PAN Yandri Susanto responded to the statement made by Ketum Gerindra Prabowo Subianto who was open to other parties joining his coalition. Yandri turned around to invite Gerindra and PKB to join the United Indonesia Coalition (KIB). “Yes, if you want, Gerindra PKB will join KIB. We welcome really,” said Yandri … Read more

Rakshit Shetty to ‘Dalapati 67’ cast list?; Lokesh film at Pan Indian level

Fans are waiting for the updates of Vijay-Lokesh Kanakraj movie ‘Dalapati 67’. Many rumors are active in the social media about the plot and star cast of the film. Now there are reports that Kannada actor Rakshit Shetty will be a part of the film. The crew is preparing the film on a pan-Indian level. … Read more

Ganjar’s Response If Not Supported by PDIP Goes Forward in the 2024 Presidential Election – The Governor of Central Java (Central Java) Ganjar Pranowo responded to the potential of not being supported by the PDI Perjuangan (PDIP) to run for the upcoming 2024 presidential election (pilpres). According to him, this matter was fully handed over to PDIP Chairperson (Ketum) Megawati Soekarnoputri. “Yes, that’s PDI Perjuangan business, Bu Mega … Read more

Rafael Fernández sent a notarized letter to Karla Tarazona for affirming that she did not pay for the divorce and asks her to correct herself | D’morning | Pan American TV | Videos | show business

Rafael Fernandez denied to Karla Tarazona. The businessman wants the TV host to rectify that she had not paid the 1,400 soles that corresponded to her to divorce her. The one known as the ‘King of the eggs’ had to go through legal channels and told The Republic that he sent a notarized letter to … Read more

HEADLINE: Ummah Party Officially Participates in 2024 Election, Political Party Contest Is Tighter?

However, how much the Ummat Party can win the PAN vote depends on Amien Rais. As a Muhammadiyah figure and former founder of PAN, Amien Rais’ influence at the grassroots level cannot be underestimated. The former chairman of the RI MPR was able to enter Muhammadiyah bases and embrace PAN figures and veterans to fight … Read more

Political Safari, Puan Will Sowan to PAN After the PDIP Anniversary

Jakarta – Chairman of the PDI Perjuangan DPP (PDIP) as well as Speaker of the DPR Mrs. Empress the appeal to a number of political parties has not yet been completed regarding their political tour assigned by the Ketum Megawati Soekarnoputri. PDIP DPP chairman Bambang Wuryanto or Bambang Pacul leaked the political parties which Puan … Read more

‘Bird flu vaccines against H9N2 are not yet sufficient’ |

In practice, most vaccination programs against the H9N2 variant of bird flu appear to be ineffective in poultry. This is the conclusion of doctoral candidate Xue Pan after research with which he hopes to obtain his doctorate at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) next Wednesday. While other virus strains plague Dutch poultry farming, the H9N2 … Read more