After years of standing, the rare Porsche was completely engulfed by vegetation. The rescued car is waiting for sale

Have you ever seen a car that has become part of the vegetation? There were even several in one backyard in Wales. The land belongs to an interesting guy named Rein Adamson. After 2000, this car enthusiast alternated and drove various interesting cars. When one broke down, he put him in the yard and started … Read more

The Porsche LMDh driven with Fred Mako

CLOCLO31 15 jan. 2022 • 14:01 The apparent difference between the known (Toyota) or half-revealed (Peugeot) LMHs and this first LMDh mainly concerns the front end and this is perhaps related to the different hybridization system imposed by the regulations. Worried about the continuation of Fred Mako’s career at Porsche, it’s good to see him … Read more

Porsche chooses interesting colors, and each of them has its own story – Garage – Car

The unique Porsche colors and their names have not been chosen at random and have been carefully researched. “Some people remember songs or smells. I remember the colors, ”says Daniela Milošević, a Porsche designer who develops new car paints on a daily basis at the Development Center in Weissach. No matter what new project Daniela … Read more

From the bottom to Pikes Peak. Porsche overcame the largest cant of all electric cars

The success was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records, as the route was monitored by sealed GPS devices along with an analog altimeter. The team started the car from 540.8 meters below sea level in Eagle Mine, Michigan, a nickel and copper mining complex, and reached Pikes Peak in Colorado at 4302 meters … Read more

Porsche, goodbye to the Artemis project: the electric flagship will take place in Leipzig

The Porsche would have decided to leave the Artemis project, the program for the development of a new electric flagship together with the Audi and Bentley brands and the related production in the Hanover plant of VW Commercial Vehicles: the news was reported by the specialized magazine Automobilwoche, adding that the House of Zuffenhausen, for … Read more

Porsche will start producing custom engines for the Singer brand, which is building the classic 911

The restored cars still use mainly flat six-cylinder Porsche engines, but this agreement means that Porsche Motorsport will assemble custom engines for Singer, according to its own specifications. Singer believes that car owners could tell the difference if old and new engines were directly compared, but in addition, this report suggests at least Porsche’s tacit … Read more

Porsche will build engines for the Singer, in addition to their specifications

The world-famous car fitter Singer has signed an agreement with Porsche, which thus clearly accepts his creations. Carmakers tend to have diverse relationships with the modifiers of their models, especially the classic ones. However, Porsche has obviously started to accept modified Singer cars, for which it should start supplying newly assembled refurbished engines. Of course, … Read more

Porsche Panamera: a new version in preparation

Our scoop hunter surprised a Panamera second generation in test with fairly light camouflage. This is intriguing because the sedan of Porsche has already undergone a restyling, launched in September 2020. Two options seem possible vis-à-vis this prototype: it could be a new sporty Turbo GT variant, a variation launched a few months ago on … Read more

Porsche was more important to him. Now Kobayashi is one step away from the unique, he may soon be an idol

Again after three years it was his Tour. Ryoya Kobayashi has clearly dominated the prestigious jumping series and will be a hot favorite on the bridges in Beijing. At the age of twenty-five, he had done enough, even though he hadn’t given everything to jumping before. And in February, he will finally want to succeed … Read more

Model and actress Porsche McGregor-Sims dies aged 27

The British model died from aggressive cervical cancer that was not detected in time. Porsche “Pops” McGregor-Sims, model, actress, died at the age of 27 after being diagnosed with uterine cancer the day before. The young woman had presented several symptoms for several months: bleeding and abdominal pain. But her gynecologist did not consider it … Read more