I refused to work with Muhammad Ramadan.. I am the dream girl of a generation

The Egyptian actress, Wafaa Makki, revealed her refusal to participate in the movie “Ali Zero”, starring Nelly Karim and Mohamed Ramadan. She explained during her interview with the media, Yasmine Ezz, on the “Kalam Al Nass” program on MBC Egypt, yesterday evening, Thursday, that she refused to participate in the film because of the poor … Read more

A new slap to Muhammad Ramadan… and the “boycott” campaign is expanding “Arabia”

Two days after the Syrian Artists Syndicate denied the artist’s statements Mohamed Ramadan Regarding his performance of a concert in Damascus on October 6, the Qatari Ministry of Culture also denied what Ramadan announced about holding a concert in Qatar on the twenty-fifth of November. And after Ramadan published, through his personal accounts on social … Read more

After insisting on the challenge, he witnessed the expulsion of Mohamed Ramadan from a cafe in Alexandria

After insisting on defying the campaign demanding the cancellation of his concert and announcing his visit to Alexandria Governorate without guards, he was exposed to artist mohamed ramadan An embarrassing situation after he was expelled from a café in the Ibrahimiya district of the governorate, whose children are still apparently determined to “You are not … Read more

Wafaa Amer on the bold scene with Muhammad Ramadan: “How did it leak?”

The Egyptian actress, Wafaa Amer, revealed the details of the leaked scene between her and the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, from the series “Nesr of Upper Egypt”, which was broadcast during the Ramadan drama 3 years ago, wondering how it was leaked. Do you regret? When the Egyptian broadcaster Amr El-Leithi was asked during his program … Read more

Still 19 years old, this is the reason why Shin Tae-yong didn’t call Ramadan Sananta to the Indonesian U-20 National Team

Instagram/@psm_makassar PSM Makassar player Ramadhan Sananta celebrates after scoring a goal against Persebaya Surabaya in the ninth match of Liga 1 2022-2023, at BJ Habibie Stadium, Parepare, Saturday (10/9/2022).

Nahed El Sebaei attacks Muhammad Ramadan: “Your films dared to kill in the streets.”

The artist, Nahid El Sebaei, the granddaughter of the late artist Farid Shawky, responded to the artist’s comparison of Mohamed Ramadan to her late grandfather, through her page on the Instagram photo-sharing site. Al-Sibai wrote: “If you do not know who Farid Shawqi is, you do not have to go back to the history books, … Read more

I will not participate in a series that brings together Wael Ramadan and Sulaf Fawakherji

The Palestinian actress residing in the United States, Farah Bseisu, revealed that she will not participate in a dramatic work in which the two Syrian stars, Wael Ramadan, and his ex-wife, Solaf Fawakherji, are present. Bseiso added that this decision was taken after she participated in the “Cleopatra” series, which was shown in November 2010, … Read more

After she predicted the death of George Al-Rassi, the queen of expectations, Laila Abdel Latif, shocked everyone with a shocking and unprecedented expectation!! This is what will happen to Muhammad Ramadan!!

2022/09/07 It’s 09:30 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite The famous Lebanese fortune-teller, Laila Abdel Latif, returned to the top of the search engines after re-circulating shocking predictions for her. While hosting a TV program with the Lebanese broadcaster “Nishan” last year, the Lebanese fortune-teller “Laila Abdel-Taif” predicted the death of the late artist “George … Read more

The month of fasting.. Find out the date of the holy month of Ramadan for the year 1444 AH 2023 AD

Many are wondering about the date of Ramadan 2023, which was revealed by the astronomical calculations prepared by the National Institute for Astronomical Research, which revealed that the astronomer Ramadan 1444 AH, his first astronomical day will be on Thursday 23/3/2023 AD. The crescent of the month of Ramadan is born immediately after the conjugation … Read more

(Strong observation, will he know)?.. This child in the arms of Cinderella Soad Hosni became a famous artist.. When he grew up, he insulted Muhammad Ramadan and the leader Adel Imam was rehabilitated..! !

2022/09/03 It’s 04:50 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite Activists circulated a rare picture of the artist Karim Abdel Aziz from childhood, while he is in the arms of Soad Hosni. Egyptian artist Karim Abdel Aziz recalled his first artwork with Egyptian artist Adel Imam and artist Soad Hosni, when he was three years old. … Read more