Parents should get involved in reading

The time that children dedicated to video game It has grown exorbitantly in the last year. A report by the consulting firm Newzoo indicates that their world consumption increased by 65% ​​in 2020. To reduce the hours they spend doing this activity, one of the alternatives is foment his taste for books and the reading. … Read more

“During confinement I have come across reading because I didn’t know what to do” | Madrid

Colombian Sergio Rojas, 19, cannot stop reading the thriller police set in Madrid The gypsy bride, by Carmen Mola, while she takes care of her nephew in the Temple of Debod. “During confinement I have come across reading because I didn’t know what to do,” says Rojas. He reads for pure entertainment, but also for … Read more

Salamanca encourages reading and supports bookstores during the health crisis

The distribution of books continues through the program to promote reading that the Salamanca City Council has recently launched. A program that also seeks to support one of the sectors affected by the economic crisis derived from the coronavirus, that of local bookstores. The City Council has acquired a total of 2,868 books from the … Read more

The artist Angélica Àvila, author of the novel Museo voraz, answers the READING questionnaire. – Sunday Readings

1. What books have you chosen for this quarantine period?Of those that I have read in these quarantines, the ones I liked the most were Space Invaders, of Nona Fernández; The beauty of the husband, by Anne Carson, and Muses, by Jean-Luc Nancy. 2. If you could invite a literary character over for coffee, who … Read more

The government admits it doesn’t have a buzzer, Roy Suryo: I smile to myself reading it – Telematics Roy Suryo declared himself “smile“while reading the statement Fadjroel Rachman who say the government does not have buzzer. Yet according to Roy Suryo, a social media activist Denny Siregar has admitted himself is one BuzzerRp. Roy Suryo expressed this through his personal Twitter account. In his tweet, he shared a number of … Read more

Cinema, reading and the exhibition of Txirbil on the cultural agenda

The wood carving association will open tomorrow a sample of the work of its partners in the house of culture The cinema continues in Latxartegi with limited capacity and restrictions such as the prohibition of eating during the sessions. Tomorrow we enter the second week of February, the one in which the colors and joy … Read more

Why Reading Books Helps Exercise Your Brain

The exercise of reading implies attention, so it differs little if it is read on paper or on an electronic device. (Shutterstock)The reading from books counts as exercise for brain and even improves emotional intelligence, according to different studies. Since by the pandemic of COVID-19 Much of the world’s population spends a lot of time … Read more

How to activate the reading mode on Xiaomi to reduce blue light

Activate the Reading Mode on your Xiaomi so you can enjoy all the books that you want. Written by Hector Romero at Xiaomi Last updated on 01/30/2021 at 14:39 Thanks to technology, more and more people are using their smartphones to read their favorite books. Although it is not compared to the experience of reading … Read more

The science fiction that I recommend reading for people who stayed in Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke

I love reading and I love science fiction. I usually intersperse genres when I read but sometimes I realize that I have fallen into the pot of science fiction and the latest novels are monogenre. And is that the variety of science fiction stories out there is overwhelming. And yet there are people who have not yet left Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke.

First of all I have to say that I really like both authors. They both wrote during the golden age of science fiction. Asimov was very prolific, but the series of books on Robots and the Foundation (14.95 euros) stand out. Arthur C. Clarke was also a genius and my favorite is ‘Cita con Rama’ (9.45 euros) despite being most famous for the 2001 saga (14.20 euros).

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Mexico is a reading country, but books are very expensive Until a few years ago, self-improvement books were the ones that were most in demand among Mexicans, however now, people of all ages are looking for texts from entrepreneurs to start their own business, said Max Méndez, promoter of the book fair, that will be until the end of the month in the park … Read more