FIL Guadalajara 2022: An (incomplete) x-ray to discover what Latin America is reading

The Guadalajara Book Fair is these days –and until December 4– the largest meeting of editors, writers and readers in the world in Spanish, a good thermometer to find out what is being read on the continent. EL PAÍS has spoken with professionals from the sector to find out what books, what authors, what genres … Read more

The first sentence of mandatory reading: can you guess which novel we are quoting from? – Child

There were those who were happy to read the compulsory readings for primary school, and later for secondary school, while others preferred only to skim through the abridged version the night before the thesis. It was also not rare that we curiously picked up a novel years after it was required reading. Either way, these … Read more

beware of the temptation of fraud during the index reading, “there are alerts in our systems if consumption goes outside the norm”

In these times of expensive energy, consumers could be tempted to give false figures during the annual reading of their meter. Example, while we would have consumed 4,000 kWh of electricity, we withdrew 500 from the meter reading that we give to the distributor. By acting in this way, which is theft, let us specify, … Read more

Shocking new study: You’ll be throwing your Teflon pan in the trash after reading this Business

Using and washing Teflon-coated non-stick pots and pans gradually wears off the coating, which can cause problems when cooking. However, it is difficult to determine how much plastic is released into the environment. The new study analyzes microplastics (smaller than 5 millimeters or 0.2 inches) and nanoplastics (millions of times smaller) and concludes that we … Read more

Reading is the medicine for relaxation in the busy life of doctor Tim Ewoldt

For a long time, Tim Ewoldt (31) was too busy to read. He studied Medicine in Maastricht and worked for a few years in hospitals in Limburg. Three and a half years ago, he started his PhD at Erasmus MC. At the same time, he started training in Clinical Pharmacology. There was no reading. Until … Read more

Belgians Benson and Zaroury lead Burnley to victory against Reading

Burnley snatched a last minute victory against Reading on Saturday on the eighteenth day of the Championship: 2-1. At the end of the first half, the score was still 0-0 at Turf Moor, but Tom Ince (56th) changed that on behalf of the away team before the hour mark. Manuel Benson (66th), replaced by Vincent … Read more

ZTE Peru recommends four applications to encourage children’s reading – PressPerú

Lima.- Mobile devices have become a useful tool to promote the habit of reading among the little ones at home, with the help of various applications that we have just a click away, and that will make this activity more entertaining and friendly. For this reason, within the framework of the international month of the … Read more

get used to “reading” your life

<!––> The Pope greeted the faithful in St. Peter’s Square at the beginning of the general audience – Ansa Continuing the cycle of catechesis on Discernmentin the general audience Pope Francis centered his meditation on the theme “The elements of discernment. The book of one’s life”. “Our life is the most precious book that has … Read more

Pocketbook Era 64 GB – Nice reading tablet with a beautiful screen

Two years ago, we tested the PowerBook InkPad X, with a large 10.3-inch screen. It could easily have been the ultimate reading tablet, with the large and bright screen, had it not been for one significant drawback. The reading board was excruciatingly slow. All responses took time. One had to wait several seconds for the … Read more

The Importance of Reading Nutritional Values ​​on Packaging, Preventing Diabetes and Stroke : Okezone health

MINISTRY Health (Kemenkes) revealed how to read the nutritional value on the packaging. Moreover, consuming too much packaged food and drinks, sometimes unconsciously can trigger various diseases. Reading the nutritional value on the packaging as a preventive measure for diseases, such as hypertension, stroke to a heart attack. Where the nutritional adequacy rate (RDA) provides … Read more