Herrera reveals his opinion on Mbappe’s rejection of Real Madrid … UAE

Press B – Emirates Watch Herrera reveal his opinion on Mbappe’s rejection of Real Madrid and now watch the details. Sport 360- Ander Herrera, the Paris Saint-Germain star, spoke about why his colleague Kylian Mbappe preferred to stay at the club despite Real Madrid’s interest. Mbappe had shocked everyone with his decision to extend the … Read more

The shocking job offer: one euro per hour as a contract. And the rejection goes viral on TikTok

One euro and sixteen cents an hour. Presumably in black. This is the compensation that a 22-year-old from Naples was offered as salary for a contract work of 9/10 hours a day from Monday to Saturday. The young girl has kindly declined the offer, but the trader accused her of being a slacker. “You young … Read more

Barcelona renews rejection of Manchester United’s bid for De Jong

Barcelona rejects, once again, Manchester United’s offer to sign Frenkie de Jong, and sets the minimum starting point for negotiating the transfer of the Dutch midfielder. Frenkie de Jong in a Barcelona shirt The Spanish newspaper, Marca, confirmed today, Thursday, that Barcelona had rejected a second offer from Manchester United, for the English club to … Read more

Rejection video creators speak: they used 2 scripted testimonials and self-financed it | Society

The brothers and producers behind Andino Films, Cristóbal and Sebastián Zegers, referred to the controversy generated by their video and campaign for the Rejection in the next plebiscite for the exit of the new constitution. The creators admitted that some testimonials were fictional and scripted. Christopher and Sebastian Zegersthey are the brothers behind the production … Read more

Microsoft accidentally disabled hardware requirements for Windows 11, Some PCs not meeting the requirements were offered the update without the usual rejection message

Since October 5 of last year, users can have access to version 11 of the Windows operating system. However, Windows 11 will not install on computers that do not have a recent processor equipped with a TPM. Microsoft accidentally disabled hardware requirements for Windows 11. At least that’s what some users’ tweets claim. A survey … Read more

Hernán Larraín Matte: “Rejection is an act of responsibility in the face of a text that is very bad”

He says it loud and convinced: “Call me a good guy, a sellout, but if I went back to the first day of the Convention, I would once again try to persuade of the need to prevent the constitutional text from becoming a revenge as it is.” Hernan Larrain Matte (Evópoli) is frustrated and recognizes … Read more

Warren Buffett reveals the secret of his rejection of “Bitcoin” .. “If you offer me all of them for $ 25, I will not accept it.”

Bitcoin has gained acceptance in the world of traditional finance and investment in recent years, but the veteran billionaire Warren Buffett He remains skeptical about the most prominent cryptocurrency. Buffett said at the annual meeting of shareholders in Berkshire Hathaway on Saturday, that Bitcoin “is not originally a product nor does it produce anything tangible.” … Read more

Bolsonaro says that Chile “has problems” and that President Boric has a 50% rejection rate | International

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, spoke this Thursday that President Gabriel Boric has a “50% rejection” despite the fact that he has not been in government for even 2 months and that this reflected that Chile “is in trouble.” The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, criticized Argentina and Chile this Thursday, assuring in the case … Read more

Karol G: the truth behind her rejection of the collaboration with Becky G in Sin Pijama | Celebs from Colombia nnda nnlt | FAME

“Without pajamas”, theme performed by Becky G y Natti Natasha, is one of the most popular urban music anthems internationally and has caused much controversy. The song keeps a story that few know and that is that initially Karol G She was going to be the artist who would collaborate on this project, but at … Read more