A nephrologist from Reunion invents an automated computer assistant specializing in the diagnosis of transplant rejection

Our main challenge was to establish a consortium bringing together experts in transplantation, nephrology, anatomopathology but also in data sciences, epidemiology, biostatistics, computer programming and artificial intelligence, capable of developing this computer system and recruiting patients worldwide. in order to test whether it was able to correctly diagnose rejections, he adds. The results are final, … Read more

A nephrologist from Réunion invents an automated assistant specializing in the diagnosis of transplant rejection

In a recent study published on May 4, 2023 in the journal Nature Medicine, the team of Professor Alexandre Loupy, a nephrologist from Réunion, announces that it has created an automated computer assistant which corrects the diagnosis of transplant rejection and makes it possible to better orient the management. patients. We publish below the press … Read more

An algorithm improves the diagnosis of kidney transplant rejection

During a kidney transplant in urology, in Nice, in April 2018. BSIP / UNIVERSAL IMAGES GROUP VIA GETTY What relationship is there between the study of satellites and kidney transplant rejection diagnoses? Data science. Daniel Yoo, busy as a datascientist doing machine learning on satellite positioning for the South Korean Air Force until 2018, is … Read more

Is Lee Yeon-bok’s K-school meal caught? Renewed ratings due to rejection (Korean Food Plate)

JTBC ‘Korean Food Plate’ Chef Lee Yeon-bok’s pork belly kimchi fried rice was rejected. In JTBC’s ‘Korean Meals’, which aired on the 6th, the meal service team came together to promote the charm of K-meal to Jefferson Elementary School students in Orange County, California. In the midst of this, among children who are not good … Read more

Surprise Mostafa Mohamed decision from Okan Buruk! Rejection from Galatasaray to Nantes – Galatasaray

Continuing the championship race in the Super League, Galatasaray continues to work on the new season’s squad. As well as the reinforcements to be made to the staff of the yellow-red people, the situation of the players at hand is also wondered. HE IS NOT HAPPY WITH BARIS Barış Alper Yılmaz, who extended his contract … Read more

Of work, Bombardieri: “It’s not a clear rejection. The precariousness is increasing but there are resources on the wedge. The text is needed for an evaluation”

“It is not a clear rejection, in the meantime there are resources on cutting the tax wedge but we are worried because it is until December. s then if funds are not found, the measure goes away. We have had no answers on contract increases and on a number of topics. there is no answer … Read more

Watch.. Al-Faraj’s response to a fan who claimed that Korean clubs surpassed Al-Hilal in the number of Asian championships

Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Walid Al-Faraj surprised a fan who claimed that Korean clubs had surpassed Al-Hilal in the number of Asian championships. Al-Faraj denied, through his program Action with Walid Malouma, the follower, sarcastically, and said: The Korean clubs excel in the number of Asian championships, but Al-Hilal is the most achieved. He explained … Read more

Chronology of Muhammadiyah’s Rejection of Eid Prayers at the Rajapolah Tasikmalaya Grand Mosque

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TASIKMALAYA — A number of documents related to the process of permitting the holding of Eid prayers for Muhammadiyah members at the Rajapolah Malikul Falaah Grand Mosque, Rajapolah District, Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java, have been widely circulated on social media. In that document, the implementation of the Id prayer at Rajapolah Malikul Falaah Grand … Read more

WhatsAppPlus | what are rejection messages for and when should you use them | Program | apk | Trick | Functions | Tools | calls | DEPOR-PLAY

Even though it’s a copy”not official” from WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Plus It has a greater number of functions that not even the application belonging to Meta has implemented in its messaging services. As you remember, the light blue program is not considered an app, but an APK file, the same one that you must install … Read more