France expresses its rejection of possible concessions to the UK

Brussels. States of the European Union (EU), especially France and the Netherlands, expressed concern yesterday, December 1, about possible concessions not agreed internally to achieve a post-Brexit agreement with the United Kingdom, at a time when the negotiations begin their phase more delicate. European and British teams intensified talks in London, although European sources did … Read more

Today we Santa Fe express a massive rejection of abortion

In the Capital, they mobilized to the Plaza de la Legislatura while in Rosario, three caravans left from different parts of the city to congregate at the Monument to the Flag. From there, provincial deputy Nicolás Mayoraz affirms that such adherence is due to the fact that, according to surveys, the rejection of abortion is … Read more

Covid-19: Rejection of the proposal to charge the vaccine to strata 5 and 6 – Congress – Politics

One of the key projects that Congress is processing at this time is the so-called ‘Vaccine Law’, which establishes mechanisms to facilitate access to the covid-19 vaccine. However, a paragraph introduced in the presentation for the third debate sparked controversy. The paragraph that caused concern and indicates that strata 5 and 6 would have to … Read more

Business closure insurance does not pay? Don’t just accept rejection!

Insurance companies often earn their money by rejecting legitimate claims and refusing to provide benefits. This is particularly evident at the moment in the far-reaching debates about business closure insurance in the hotel and catering industry. Therefore, after the damage is often before the dispute with the insurance company. Lawyers specializing in insurance law take … Read more

EU.- TUE lawyer believes that obstacles to judicial independence in Poland do not justify automatic rejection of Euro-orders

EU.- TUE lawyer believes that obstacles to judicial independence in Poland do not justify automatic rejection of Euro-orders BRUSSELS, Nov. 12, 2020 (Europa Press) – The Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union Manuel Campos Sánchez-Bordona has concluded this Thursday that the serious problems affecting judicial independence in Poland do not … Read more

Biden: Trump’s refusal will have no consequences on the transition

US President-elect Joe Biden calls Trump’s refusal to help the transition of power “shameful” and assures that this will not hinder the process. “I just think it’s embarrassing, to be very frank. It won’t help the president’s legacy”Biden said Tuesday at his first press conference since his victory in the November 3 presidential election was … Read more

Biden vows to get to work, despite Trump’s rejection – En Español

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE – Promising “we’re going to get to work right away,” US presidential election winner Joe Biden on Tuesday began engaging in the various challenges facing the nation, downplaying the fear of that President Donald Trump’s refusal to acknowledge his victory could undermine national security.

Johnson suffers a severe setback with the rejection of a law that breaks the Brexit agreement

Prime Minister Boris Johnson suffered a severe setback in the House of Lords when an Internal Market law was rejected by a large majority that contains clauses that would allow the agreement with the European Union (EU) on the border to be broken unilaterally in Ireland, after Brexit. In one of the biggest government defeats … Read more

Sony intended to make PlayStation 5 games even more expensive, but they stopped due to community rejection

Sony comes to the new generation of consoles with a controversial price increase on its PlayStation 5 titles that increase to 79.99 euros in Europe and up to 69.99 dollars in the United States, a significant rise compared to previous labels that It can be between 5 and 10 euros or dollars depending on the … Read more

Trump Rejection Puts Arizona Within Shots Of Democrats | USA elections

Peg Bohnert says that the friends she goes out with have decided to vote for Democrat Joe Biden, like her, next Tuesday. There is another that doesn’t, he says, but they don’t talk about it. Bohnert is 73 years old, a widow and lives in a nice neighborhood in Scottsdale, a wealthy neighborhood in North … Read more