Ethics investigation: Louisette Langlois’ lawyer recommends a reprimand

The sanction of the mayoress of Chandler Louisette Langlois will be known in the coming weeks, following her investigation into ethics and professional conduct before the administrative tribunal of the Commission municipale du Québec. Louisette Langlois’ lawyer, Me Charles Caza, recommended that the judge impose a reprimand on her client, without however specifying whether this … Read more

The heads of both Riga polling stations have received an oral reprimand for the unstamped envelopes – in Riga

Juris Kokins, the chairman of the Riga City Electoral Commission, told the heads of the commissions of both polling stations of the Riga City Council in which unstamped envelopes were found during the “administrative conversation”. He answered the question whether there were any plans to impose sanctions on the heads of both districts. Kokin explained … Read more

OSS punches the RAA after a reprimand. Fired. Him. “I didn’t want to, I repented”. –

Doctors and nurses kicked and punched in the emergency room in Mantua. A Social Health Worker punched a Care Manager after a reprimand. Denounced and fired for just cause. A US 32-year-old Italian and former drug addict, was reported after verbally assaulting and punching a Responsible for welfare activities (RAA) and after insulting a nurse … Read more

Officials have received a reprimand for the use of airline loyalty program points for private purposes – in Latvia – News

Airline loyalty program points for many Latvian government officials who regularly go on business trips abroad had become a “pleasant, moreover, unlisted addition to other salaries,” the newspaper writes. family members “. Until last year, almost all Latvian state institutions had an informal opinion that the loyalty points obtained during service missions are the personal … Read more