US: Restrictions on Micron inconsistent with China commitments

Hector Retamal (AFP/„Scanpix“) nuotr. The United States on Monday criticized China for restricting sales of American chip giant Micron. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller expressed concern about these restrictions. “Overall, this action seems inconsistent with China’s claims that it is open for business and committed to a transparent regulatory framework,” Miller noted. The Commerce Department … Read more

The Saeima conceptually supports significant restrictions on alcohol advertising / Article

83 MPs voted for the draft law in the first reading, none were against. There was no debate on this issue at the Saeima session. The bill envisages banning the advertising of prices and discounts for beer and wine on television and radio, which is currently not prohibited, thereby reducing both the total consumption of … Read more

MFi dreams shattered? EU warns Apple not to set restrictions on iPhone 15 USB-C or ban sales- – Technology Focus- iPhone

The iPhone 15 series launched by Apple Inc. in the second half of this year is widely rumored to use USB-C, but it is also believed that Apple will join the MFi certification, otherwise the functions will be limited. However, there are reports that the EU has warned Apple not to limit the functionality of … Read more

Domestic biopharmaceutical industry ‘excited’ by strengthening Korea-US cooperation

‘Expectations’ in the bio industry after President Jang’s visit to the US MOU with the Korea Bio Association and the American Bio Association Cooperation with the US, such as exports and joint research, continues President Yoon Seok-yeol, who was on a state visit to the United States, speaks at the ‘Conversation with MIT Digital Bio’s … Read more

Prevent Cheap Tourists, Koster Discourse on Restrictions on Foreign Tourists

Badung – Governor of Bali I Wayan Koster plans to apply a quota for foreign tourists to visit the Island of the Gods. This is the aftermath of the rise of foreign tourists violating and acting naughty. “Well, now there is a new phenomenon, a number of tourists who are doing mischief, disorderly, most of … Read more

Important changes in prescriptions for psychotropic drugs. The minister introduces restrictions…

Major changes: • Prescriptions for psychotropic and narcotic drugs will have to be issued in electronic form. • To prescribe a psychotropic drug, the doctor will have to personally examine the patient (with one exception). • Before issuing a prescription for a psychotropic drug, the doctor will have to verify in the IKP what drugs … Read more

Minimize Jeju output restrictions with ‘Electric Vehicle Charging Plus DR’

KEPCO-DR-Charging Company expands Jeju Electric Vehicle Charging Plus DR Charging electric vehicles with surplus power… discounting rates and lowering output limits ▲ Commemorative photo taking place among participants of the MOU ceremony. [에너지신문] On the 3rd, KEPCO signed a business agreement with GridWiz, a DR (Demand Response) operator, and SK Electric Link, ChargeBee, Scalar Data, … Read more

Restrictions for senior drivers? Germany plans changes – DW – 04/26/2023

In Germany, there is a debate about seniors behind the wheel and whether they should be additionally checked for traffic safety reasons. The German Road Safety Council rejects proposals for a compulsory driving test for seniors. This action would be disproportionate, says the Road Safety Council: “For most people, driving a car means independence and … Read more

Police Will Release Trucks to Nearest Toll Exit After Restrictions Are Extended

Jakarta – Kakorlantas Police Inspector General Firman Santyabudi followed up on the extension of the rules for limiting the transportation of goods on toll roads during the return flow Eid 2023 until April 28, 2023. The police will later direct the transportation of goods or trucks to exit nearest toll. Firman said this was to … Read more

The demand for heat pumps is at a record high, and further restrictions on gas boilers will also support it

The ever-increasing demand for heat pumps in most countries of the European Union in connection with restrictions on natural gas supplies and transition to more ecological methods of heating it also increases the investment of their producers. The German giant Bosch, for example, plans to further expand its production capacity, which should increase in the … Read more