Estonia lifts restrictions on flights to Riga, Helsinki, Frankfurt, London, Warsaw and Copenhagen

Estonian the government has decided to lift restrictions on flights to airports important to Estonia – Riga, Helsinki, Frankfurt, London, Warsaw and Copenhagen – for several months, but to maintain the current restrictions for other destinations, which stipulate that the number of newly discovered Covid-19 cases in the destination country within 14 days must be … Read more

The EU Trade Commissioner has resigned, violating Covid-19 restrictions

Resigned European Union (EU) Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan, who had been accused of violating restrictions in Ireland because of the Covid-19 crisis, told his head of office, Peter Pauer, on Wednesday night. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Hogan received a reprimand for attending a social event in his native Ireland last week, in … Read more

plasma treatment authorized in the United States; restrictions are increasing around the world

US President Donald Trump at a press conference on Covid-19 treatment in Washington, DC on August 23, 2020. ERIN SCOTT / REUTERS The health situation linked to the Covid-19 epidemic continues to deteriorate around the world, prompting many capitals to toughen their devices in the hope of warding off the specter of a second wave. … Read more

This website tells you if you can travel between two places and what restrictions derived from the pandemic affect you

Covid Entry Check is a website that promises to provide us the latest information on entry or exit requirements for a country in the midst of this global pandemic. If we can travel, if we must quarantine … and more.

Because in addition to providing us with the most essential information, this portal developed by it also provides us with relevant risk levels with information such as the new cases of covid-19 detected and the active cases during the last week both at the origin and at the destination.

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Second wave of the pandemic increases fear in the world

Closing of beaches and nightclubs, mandatory masks, prohibition of mass gatherings: Restrictions tighten in several countries as fears grow of a second wave of the pandemic of Covid-19 and cases increase in Europe and Asia to levels of the first outbreak. The figures do not stop growing. Since it appeared in China in December, the … Read more

Coronavirus worldwide – +++ 800,000 corona deaths worldwide +++ 332 cases: Drastic restrictions in South Korea

4:30 p.m. According to US scientists, since the beginning of the corona pandemic, 800,000 people have died after being infected with the virus. That came out on Saturday from data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. This means that the death toll has risen by 100,000 within two and a half weeks since August … Read more

Martorano assured that “we are in a state of alert” and that “if COVID-19 cases continue to increase, we could go back to phase 3: What would be the restrictions?

The Minister of Health explained in a press conference that today the province of Santa Fe is in Preventive and Compulsory Social Distancing, but indicated that if the curve continues to increase “we would have to change a previous phase, which is isolation.” See what restrictions phase 3 would imply. Sonia Martorano Coronavirus in Santa … Read more

Coronavirus in Ireland. The government is reintroducing restrictions

The Irish government restored some of the restrictions previously lifted to contain the coronavirus epidemic on Tuesday (August 18). This is the result of the rapidly increasing number of infections for two weeks. Picture Fig. illustrative /Niall Carson/PA Images /Getty Images First of all, the maximum size for gatherings has been reduced: in the open … Read more

More stocks? The effects of dollar restrictions on everyday life

The Central Bank restricted access to the official market to companies that had declared assets “originated in the formation of foreign assets”; According to analysts, companies will have to resort to the parallel market, and that will have an impact on prices He exchange stocks long ago became a trap, say the economists. With measures … Read more