“Who rules Russia?”: a video of Vladimir Putin in Mariupol revives rumors about the presence of lookalikes

A video, circulating on Russian social media, claims Russian President Vladimir Putin is using stunt doubles to get himself replaced on trips he doesn’t want to take. • Read also: Ukraine intends to “very soon take advantage” of Russian fatigue in Bakhmout • Read also: Putin’s arrest would be a ‘declaration of war’ • Read … Read more

Martin Ødegaard breaks the silence – the message about the romance rumors with Helene Spilling

Martin Ødegaard (24) has been one of our biggest sports stars since he was only a teenager. He made his debut in the top division in Norway as a 15-year-old, and was bought by the Spanish big club Real Madrid a few months later. He has since then made great strides, having been loaned out … Read more

Eh, how! “J Jetrin” cancels attending the press conference Do netizens keep an eye on rumors? | Daily News

It can be said that it is becoming an issue that many people pay attention to. and watched a lot For the current rumors of a famous singer couple in the 90s divorcing their wives, causing many people to focus on Famous singers such as “J Jetrin” and “Pin Ketmanee” are the most watched right … Read more

Song Ga-in, marriage with Kim Ho-joong + remarks about pregnancy rumors: Sports Donga

Singer Song Ga-in was angry at the fake news that recently surfaced on YouTube and urged legal regulations. The agency, Pocket Doll Studio, said, “Recently, false information has been circulated through YouTube. The news of their marriage is groundless.” “Not only Song Ga-in, but many celebrities are suffering serious damage due to fake news that … Read more

Dave Morissette BETRAYED by TVA Sports

– OUCH… – Dave Morissette had a terrible night yesterday. – Imagine… – TVA Sports had initially hired him to compete in the Antechamber. – Not only did he get SHOT like NEVER trying to COMPETE with RDS… – But he was even taken off his show “Dave Morissette live”. – Yesterday, we celebrated the … Read more

King Charles III is not Prince Harry’s biological father? These rumors are loud again, all because of one photo – Super Express

King Charles III is not Prince Harry’s biological father? These rumors are loud again, all because of one photo These rumors about Prince Harry have been circulating since the moment he was born. Is King Charles the real father of his younger son? Or maybe one of Princess Diana’s lovers fathered the red-haired Harry? JJames … Read more

Despite breakup rumors, Geneviève Guilbault and Mathieu Lacombe walked the red carpet together

Geneviève Guilbault et Mathieu Lacombe together walked the red carpet of the 24th edition of the The Olivier GalaSunday night. Despite the persistent rumors of a breakup that run about them in the artistic community, the lovers stood together during the evening, all smiles, in front of the photographers and the media. Moreover, the Minister … Read more

The agency makes an urgent statement!! Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin divorce rumors Only 6 months after marriage

Recently, VAST Entertainment Hyun Bin’s agency told News1, “It’s fake news. Nowadays we suffer with fake news from YouTube. In addition to video Fake news about Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin has also been spread repeatedly. online countless times The agency added that “We are responding to the reports. If we want to retaliate … Read more

Jean-Charles Lajoie’s salary NAILED the TVA helicopter to the ground

– It GRUNTS in the offices of TVA Nouvelles…. – Employees feel like it’s TVA Sports’ fault if Quebecor FIRED members of their team. – And above all CUT THEIR MEANS to make GOOD news TV. – Some employees, angry at having seen colleagues fired, believe that the problems at TVA Sports are made the … Read more