Zeynep, who was not vaccinated because she was afraid: I couldn’t sleep every day thinking about death

“I always say, ‘If people see patients in intensive care, they follow all the rules’. It is a really troublesome process in intensive care. A person who is not vaccinated regrets that he has not been vaccinated. This patient has been suffering for 25 days. Of course, we have similar patients, but the disease is … Read more

Repsol Honda imitates the shape of a Ducati motorcycle, this is Jack Miller’s comment: Okezone Sports

MISANO – Number of participating teams MotoGP take part in the test session which took place at the Misano Circuit. The trial session this time was used to test the new motorbike that will be used for next season. Some interesting things happened in the test session at the Misano Circuit. One of them is … Read more

Donia Batma’s body shape raises controversy in her latest appearance..inconsistent and strange!

The Moroccan artist createdDonia ButmaWide confusion among the followers after she published two pictures that showed the curves of her body, which seemed detailed and resembled the details of the body of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, especially in terms of the buttocks. Donia wore a short summer skirt and white shirt, and drew attention … Read more

Kozel wants to resurrect Stocha: He hasn’t played since May, but we know what he could do when he was in shape

Liberec coach Luboš Kozel. Radek Petrášek, ČTK How was Stoch’s engagement in Liberec born? We wanted to strengthen the post of wing and offensive midfielder. We were still working on it in the transfer window, unfortunately one thing didn’t work out (according to information from Sport.cz Šimon Falta from Pilsen, editor’s note). It was decided … Read more

Make a fence in the shape of a Koi Fish Pond, the owner is sincere if the theft

Poor – Make koi pond shaped house fence in front of the house, did not make Farid Prima alias Jeje (35) nervous, afraid of being stolen. Jeje sincerely if the coin fish is stolen. From detikcom’s observation, Jeje’s house is in the corner of a housing complex, making the koi pond almost semicircular. The total … Read more

A zodiac sign is in excellent shape today

© Daily horoscope for 21.09.2021 prepared by Svetlana Tilkova-Alena ARIES Work actively, be as active as possible and do not refuse offers of help, as long as they are not malicious. You will successfully handle all your responsibilities. The changes and the trips are successful. Get rich with new knowledge. Do not turn down lucrative … Read more

“The new face of nuclear energy takes shape in Turin” – Corriere.it

Turin, a city open to the good atom. In the midst of an electoral campaign a little sleepy, tinted here and there with green proposals, solar roofs on the roofs, electric columns and cycle paths, entrepreneur scientist Stefano Buono takes care of dropping the bomb: fourth generation nuclear power plants will develop under the Mole. … Read more

Scientist: Warming Climate Is Making Animals Change Shape

NKRIKU, Jakarta – Climate change is not only a problem for humans, but animals must also adapt. Some “warm-blooded” animals change shape especially with larger beaks, legs and ears to better regulate their body temperature as the planet gets warmer. Bird researcher from Deakin University, Australia, Sara Ryding, explains the changes in a review published … Read more

Researchers see evidence piling up: different climate also changes shape of animals

In birds and rabbits, heat-dissipating appendages such as ears, beaks and wings have increased in size. (image epa / Focke Strangmann) Amsterdam It was known that animals in warm areas often have larger ‘appendages’ to dissipate heat more easily – think of the desert mice with remarkably large ears. Now the evidence is mounting that … Read more