Mathematicians discover a new 13-sided shape called a “hat”

For some people, tiles are seldom thought of unless it’s time for a home renovation, but for mathematicians they present a lot of mystery – and a clever team has come up with a particularly challenging puzzle. The researchers identified a shape that was previously only theoretical: a 13-sided configuration called a “cap” that can … Read more

Has Large Dagger Fang Teeth, Makes The Eye Shape Of This Ancient Marsupial So Weird

The ancient marsupial from South America known scientifically as Thylacosmilus atrox had large, sharp dagger teeth. Photo/Live Science MENDOZA – An ancient marsupial from South America known scientifically as Thylacosmilus atrox gigi large and sharp dagger fangs. Sabertooth ancient marsupial that has extinct it also has strange eyes unlike other mammalian predators. Other carnivores, such … Read more

Do you know the Shape Training training method?

Among the popular training methods, Shape Training is becoming more and more popular. Is this training method effective? How does it work? In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about Shape Training. What is Shape Training? Shape Training is a training method that aims to improve physical fitness and general health. … Read more

ATP – Indian Wells > Mannarino, beaten by Sinner: “I think it was bad from start to finish for both players. It felt like he wasn’t in great shape, he can play much better than that …”

Defeated in straight sets by Jannik Sinner at 3e tour du Masters 1000 d’Indian Wells (7–6[7]6–4), Adrian Mannarino harbored some regrets as he was unimpressed with the 13e world player. “I think it was bad from start to finish, for both players. There were practically only unforced errors. It was hooked, you had to succeed … Read more

Not the Same as Now, What did the Egyptian pyramids look like when they were built?

According to the National Museum of Scotland, workers used around 6.1 tons of limestone during the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Great Pyramid, also called the Khufu Pyramid because it was built during the reign of the pharaoh Khufu (2551 BC to 2528 BC), is the largest and oldest pyramid in Giza. … Read more

Chanel once again brought the “princess braid” to the flyover, and the 3 points allow you to perfectly control this classic hairstyle with any face shape!

Photos by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images In the recent Chanel fashion show, in addition to paying attention to the clothes and handbags on the models, hairstyles are also a highlight. This time at the 2023 autumn and winter fashion show, Chanel once again arranged for models to appear with “princess braid” hairstyles, showing an … Read more