Sicily, Musumeci against the Interior Ministry: “Remove migrants from hot-spots, health is my responsibility”

Do we risk the institutional clash between the State and the Sicily Region on migrants?Absolutely not. Everyone has their own skills, it’s just a matter of asserting them, replies the governor of the island Nello Musumeci.Exactly, the competence. She signs an order to close the hot-spots, the reception centers in 24 hours, and from the … Read more

Coronavirus, Musumeci orders the closure of spaces for migrants in Sicily

“Sicily cannot continue to suffer this invasion of migrants. In a few hours the order with which I order the evacuation of all the existing hotspots and reception centers will be on my table. An airlift is activated immediately and the Sicily from these shameful structures, starting with Lampedusa “. This was announced by the … Read more

Migrant emergency in Sicily, Musumeci: “I close all hotspots and reception centers in the Region”

22 August 2020 21:32 The governor: “In a few hours I will sign the ordinance, an air bridge must be activated to free the Region from these shameful structures” “Unprecedented underestimation by the government” “The European and national rules have been torn apart”, thundered the governor in light of the high number of coronavirus positive … Read more

Sicily: Disappearance of little Gioele: human remains discovered

On Wednesday, a trunk and a piece of femur were discovered by a volunteer who was helping to find a 4-year-old boy. The area where the research was carried out, in Sicily. AFP Human remains belonging most likely to Gioele, a 4-year-old boy whose mysterious disappearance since August 3 in Sicily has held Italy in … Read more

A surge in infections in Sicily, Razza: “Expected increase but we cannot afford another lockdown”

Nine regions with Rt, the coronavirus transmission index, above 1, down from 12 last week, and three with zero value. Unfortunately, to worry more than the other regions, it is Sicily with the highest index, 1.41, with a surge in contagions of new positives. Second the latest bulletin, in fact, there are 42 new cases … Read more

Coronavirus, there is alarm in Sicily for return trips from Malta: positive in Ragusa and Syracuse

Now there is an alarm for return trips from abroad to Sicily. Especially from Malta. The news arriving from other parts of Italy of tourists returning from Malta and positive to the swab, are putting the emergency room of the three hospitals in Ragusa under pressure, so much so as to push the manager of … Read more

Sicily was washed away by a devastating storm! It has rained the most water in hundreds of years

Floods that the people of Palermo do not remember. Within a few tens of minutes, the streets of the largest city in Sicily found themselves under water. Hundreds of people remained blocked in their cars and other means of transport due to an unexpected influx of rain. The water trapped them on the roads and … Read more